How to Lucid Dream Tonight | Your Lucid Dreaming guides on how to have a lucid dream tonight.
How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Welcome! Have you ever had a dream where you were aware you were dreaming? Lucid dreaming is where you dream and you are aware that you are dreaming. This is Lucid Dreaming!! Here's some questions to ask yourself before you start.

1. Do you remember your dreams at night? You should remember at least one dream a night.
2. Are your dreams vivid? The more vivid they are, the easier it is to turn them into lucid dreams.
3. How well are you at visualization? Some methods require some visualization skills.
4. What do you dream about? You can find out with a dream journal. What you dream about over and over is your dream sign.

Here's a lot of things you can do to increase the odds of having a Lucid Dream.

Let light generate lucid dreams with the Light Cue Induced Lucid Dreams method.

Try doing the Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD) when you go to bet, and/or when you do WBTB, or Wake back to bed.

View your hypnagogic hallucinations when you fall back to sleep.

Set an alarm every 90 minutes so you wake up during your most likely period of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) which can improve your dream recall.

Use a clock to induce lucid dreams.

Try some of these lucid dreaming tips.

Try doing Wake Back to Bed, by getting up early, after six hours of sleep, and staying up for 30 minutes to an hour with the light on, getting your mind awake.

Use your intentions to help generate lucid dreams, with Intention Induced Lucid Dreams.

Try the one body, no body, or twin bodies method.

Use these five steps to controlling your dreams.

Perform reality checks when ever you use the bathroom, then go to bed with a semi-full bladder and dream urination might induce lucidity.

If you're desperate, try this. Go to bed extra, extra thirsty and have a cup of water on the other side of the bedroom. You may dream of having an out-of-body experience going over to get the water.

Do the Cycle Adjustment Technique by rotating the time you wake up, for example, 7 AM, then 8 AM, then 7 AM, then 8 AM.

Use Gadgets to Initiated Lucid Dreams.

Use auto suggestions to generate lucid dreams.

Visualize your next lucid dream; how you want to become lucid, how you want it to feel and look like, and what you want to do first.

Try having a Writing Induced Lucid Dream.

Have a Wake Induced Lucid Dream, WILD Lucid Dream

Do a FILD (Finger Induced Lucid Dream) when you wake up: lie still and move your index and middle fingers a tiny bit like you're playing the piano. Do a reality check every few minutes until you find yourself in a lucid dream.

Don't even fall asleep. Simply go into a lucid dream awake using the Wake Induced Lucid Dream method!

Do you like to nap?? Have a Nap Induced Lucid Dream.

Use these 6 Steps to Lucid Dreaming.

Have a Lucid Dream the Easy Way.

Count yourself to a lucid dream with the Counting Induced Lucid Dream. method.

Simply having All-day Awareness can make it easier to have a lucid dream.

Having trouble sleeping? Try these Top 10 tips for better sleep.

Do some relaxation, using the 61-Point Relaxation method.

Learn how to have Dream Control and Experiments.

Use these lucid dream tips for Chaining Dreams.

Are there any Dangers of Lucid Dreaming?

Does Eating Cheese Give You Nightmares?

Use Lucid dreams for Dream Healing.

Figure out what your Dream Signs are.

Use False Awakenings to turn dreams into lucid dreams.

Want to have some REAL fun?? Learn How To Fly In Lucid Dreams.

Trouble falling to sleep?? Learn How to fall asleep in 10 minutes or less.

Learn How to create a lucid dreaming lifestyle.

You can now generate a lucid dream. Now learn how to go somewhere in a Lucid Dream and then learn how to make a Lucid Dream more vivid, and how to stop time in a Lucid Dream, or even learn how To time travel in your Lucid Dreams.

Use Hypnagogic Imagery to generate Lucid Dreams.

Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?

Have Mantras Induced Lucid Dreams (MILD).

Do Lucid Dreaming Reflection Intentions.

Have memory trouble? Do Prospective memory training.

Confront your nightmares through lucid dreams.

Lucid dreaming and meditation.

10 reasons why you must start meditating.

Make sure you are staying lucid when the lucid dream starts!

Use your ‘Chi Energy’ to Ground Yourself.

You start a lucid dream. Now learn to spin a new dream scene.

Try seeking the highest in a lucid dream.

Lucid Dreaming and the REM Rebound Effect

Meditation for Lucid Dreaming – Relaxation Techniques

Lucid Dreams and Telekinesis, moving things.

The Top 5 Benefits of Lucid Dreaming.

Understanding the Value of Will.

Once you're in a lucid dream, make sure you do some Lucid Dream Stabilization.

Have trouble doing visualization? Do some visualization training for lucid dreams.

No, it's not dangerous!! Sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming.

If you need it, you can also do Physical Healing in Lucid Dreams.

Use a Dream Mask to let you know you are dreaming.

Get a comfortable mattress - one that's not too hard or too soft - so you can get a good night's sleep.

Get rid of any sleep disorders which can disturb the quality of your REM sleep.

Listen to a hypnosis session when you go to sleep, placing targeted auto-suggestions in your unconscious mind.

Figure out your best sleep posture for lucid dreaming when doing WILDs (It's probably on your back, but you may be different).

Wear a digital watch and do a reality check when ever it chimes at a new the hour (Keep it next to you while you sleep and you might hear it in your dream).

Try to have an out-of-body experience. Stay still, get sleep paralysis, and then visualize yourself climbing a rope to get out of your body.

While in a lucid dream, ask the dream or a dream character to help you become lucid more.

Create lucid dreams by reading and watching lucid dream books and movies before bed. Think about lucid dreaming as much as you can.

Try to have false awakenings when you sleep in different locations or expect an unusual event when you'll wake up in the morning.

Count from 1 to 100 while you fall asleep: "1. I am dreaming. 2. I am dreaming. 3. I am dreaming..."

Give yourself more lie-ins practicing different lucid dreaming techniques.

Don't smoke [insert drugs] or drink alcohol as this inhibits your REM sleep.

Listen to Binaural Beats in the early morning when trying to Lucid Dream.

Learn all about Dream Yoga.

Have an Electrically Induced Lucid Dream (EILD). Use electronics, like light or audio from your cell phone, to make a dream lucid.

Give yourself Game Induced Lucid Dreams (GILDs). Play 3D, open-world, video games, for example, MMOs like World of Warcraft, or Grand Theft Auto. The more realistic the graphics, the better.

During wake-back-to-bed, visualize kinesthetic sensations like running through a field, floating on a cloud, or riding a bike, as you go to sleep.

Read about, and think about lucid dreaming when ever you can, especially at wake-back-to-bed.

Finally, if you want a lot of methods for lucid dreaming tonight, get books like Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming and Are You Dreaming?: Exploring Lucid Dreams: A Comprehensive Guide.
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