Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreams | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreams
Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreams
The Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreams method trains you to increase your self awareness, so it's easier to recognize when you're dreaming.

1. Before you go to bed, be determined to wake up and remember dreams during each dream period during the night.
2. When you wake up from a dream, you want to try to remember as many details as possible from your dream as you can. If you are so tired that you're drifting back to sleep, arouse yourself awake and record it in your dream journal.
3. When you return to sleep, focus on your intent to remember to recognize that you are dreaming. Tell yourself "Next time I dream, I will remember that I am dreaming." Really try to feel that you actually do mean it. Change your thoughts to only having this idea. If you end up thinking about something else, just get rid of those thoughts and bring your mind back to your intention to remember.

4. While doing this, imagine being back in the dream that you just awoke from, though this time you recognize that you are dreaming. Find a dream sign and when you see it, think to yourself "I'm dreaming!" And continue your dream, now a lucid dream. For example, you might decide that you want to fly when you are lucid. In that case, visualize yourself taking off and flying once you come to the point it in your dream that you recognize that you are dreaming.
5. Keep doing the last two steps until your attention is set, and then fall asleep. If, while going back to sleep, you find yourself thinking of something else, repeat the process so the last thing in your mind before falling to sleep is your intention to be aware that you are dreaming, the next time you are dreaming.

If Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreams works, you'll fall asleep and then in a dream, you'll remember to notice that you're dreaming. If it takes you awhile to fall asleep, don't worry: The longer you stay awake, the higher the odds are that you'll have a lucid dream when you finally fall back to sleep. This is because the longer you're awake, the more you'll repeat this procedure, reinforce your intention to be lucid in a dream. Also, the wakefulness can activate your brain, making lucidity easier to get.
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