How to have a Wake Induced Lucid Dream – WILD Lucid Dream | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
How to have a Wake Induced Lucid Dream – WILD Lucid Dream
How to have a Wake Induced Lucid Dream – WILD Lucid Dream
Here's a very easy way to have a Wake Induced Lucid Dream, WILD.

First get a few hours of sleep, like six. Then when you are falling back to sleep, your brain starts turning off its logic center. Once you are close to falling asleep, your brain likes to think of random weird thoughts. It's like a dream, but not quite. You want to catch yourself thinking these weird nonsense thoughts each time they come up (It will usually stop you from falling asleep), your mind starts to get used to it, and then becomes more alert. Now let yourself fall asleep like you normally would. You should usually get audio hallucinations when you are about to fall asleep again, and this is where you can go into a lucid dream which is way more clear than a Dream Induced Lucid Dream. If that doesn't happen then you can also realize the weird stuff that happens in a normal dream and then become lucid. You need to stay calm as you do this. Get excited and you'll easily wake up.

After getting six hours of sleep, wake yourself, and don't move. Now, breath just a tiny bit louder than usual. Not too loud that it's impossible you to go back asleep, but just loud enough that you'll hear it. Focus on your breathing the whole time. Then do a reality check after about 30-40 seconds. This works best when you are really tired and can easily fall asleep.

Slight Physical Discomfort

For keeping your conscious awareness while attempting a Wake Induced Lucid Dream, slight physical discomfort is very helpful. This helps stop you from just falling to sleep. If you're in bed doing WILD and you are comfortable, then your chances of going to sleep and not remaining conscious are really high. The WILD method relies on a deep trance induction, and a lot of people who induce trances for other reasons rely on having slight physical discomfort — like sitting in a hard-backed chair, or the lotus position. Depending on your own preferences and how much discomfort you need for success, you can choose from these methods, arranged in order of discomfort:

Stacking pillows and then sit up in bed — the discomfort is not being in a normal sleeping position.
Lay down on a hard floor.
Lifting your forearm up, while the rest of your arm is resting on the bed.
Sitting in a hard chair.
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