Lucid Dream Methods: All-day Awareness | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Lucid Dream Methods: All-day Awareness
Lucid Dream Methods: All-day Awareness
1. All day long, under all conditions, think continuously, be aware, that every thing is of the substance of dreams, (that your life experience is made by your mind) and be determined to realize their true nature.

2. That night, when you when you go to bed, firmly be determined that you'll be aware in the dream state, and notice it is not real, but is just a dream.

3. Because the things we dream about have usually concerned us recently, it's likely that if you spend enough time during the day thinking that everything is the substance of dreams, that eventually you'll have that thought when you're dreaming.

To make it easier for the all day realization to generate a lucid dream, teach your brain to ask the question: "Am I dreaming?" while you are in a normal non-lucid dream. Later on, after you have more experience, you might notice that even this question get's skipped and just randomly, you realize you are dreaming, with out doing anything. You do this by practicing the all-day awareness technique.

Through out the day, stop what you're doing and ask yourself a question "Wow, am I dreaming?" which jolts your attention and makes you stop doing what you are doing. For a while, actually entertain the idea, that you are really sure that you are in a dream or having a false awakening and try to feel the excitement in the pit of your stomach. Pretend, that you've had a lucid dream before that was indistinguishable from the waking life, so this moment just might also be a dream and you don't actually know for sure until you do a reality check. Really think of the answer. Don't just automatically think "Of course I'm not dreaming."

Look around and notice your surroundings. Look at your hands and count how many fingers you have. Do you have five? Do your hands look normal? Do a reality check. Try to push your thumb through your palm expecting it to go through. Is it going through? Plug your nose expecting to be able to breathe. Can you? Are you able to levitate? If not, tell yourself "Next time I'm dreaming, I will look at my hands and become aware that I am dreaming". Say this mantra a few times while looking at your hands. Soon this behavior should start showing up in your dreams, you will start asking yourself if you are dreaming, while you are in regular dream. This should make you lucid. Next do a few reality checks to make sure, and don't get too excited.
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