Lucid Dream Methods: Counting Induced Lucid Dream | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Lucid Dream Methods: Counting Induced Lucid Dream
Lucid Dream Methods: Counting Induced Lucid Dream
Here's a method where you can use Counting to induce a lucid dream. First get six hours of sleep, then...

1. Lay down on your back, with both of your hands resting at your sides and your legs not being crossed.
2. Close your eyes, breathe deeply (inhale until your lungs are completely full, and then exhale until they are all the way empty). Do this until you are relaxed.
3. Once you are relaxed, and only when you become relaxed, start counting from 1, with one or two seconds between numbers.

4. Don't focus on the counting, just let it continue naturally.
5. Soon you will feel yourself falling asleep. If you do this correctly, the counting should continue going on in the background while you go into the dream world.
6. If this is a successful attempt, you should feel the transition from being awake to the dream world. You stay awake and aware, while your mind starts dreaming and the counting continues on its own.

Sometimes, you might lose awareness while you're doing this. Don't worry, the counting in the background can serve as a reality check making you aware again.
7. Hopefully you are now having a lucid dream! Now you can stop the counting and go dreaming!

Once you're ready to go to bed initially. It will work with a Wake-Back-to-Bed style, but it's targeted for the first few moments of sleep.
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