How to Have a Lucid Dream the Easy Way | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
How to Have a Lucid Dream the Easy Way
How to Have a Lucid Dream the Easy Way
Simply having awareness works very well. And I really mean awareness, all-day awareness.

Normally you go through the day thinking about where you need to go next, what you need to be doing, and are wondering what you should be eating and so on. You spend very little time actually being truly aware of your surroundings.

An easy way to make it easier to have lucid dreams is having and keeping a state of constant awareness. Make your day one big long reality check. Start to question everything around you at once. Quiet your mind, and just be aware of your state of consciousness.

This is what many natural lucid dreamers already do, unconsciously. They just already "know" when they are dreaming because they know it feels different. This might explain why naturals have a harder time explaining exactly how they get lucid. They don't actually get lucid, they are lucid all day and all night long.

You can say we human beings are always dreaming. Our minds keep interpreting what our senses are gathering, and try to make sense of what's around us. Is reality objective, or is it simply the interpretation we get in the end? We are truly unable to examine the objective world completely.

An easy way to remember, is having a Digital Timer that goes off every 10 minutes, reminding you to stay aware and do reality checks.
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