Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Change Things | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Change Things
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Change Things
Change People's Appearance.
Change Temperature Very Quickly.
Change The Weather.
Change Your Appearence.
Change Your Girlfriend Clothes In Just A Second.
Change Your Handedness Eg If You're Righthanded, Become Lefthanded!
Change Someone Elses Name Without Them Realising.
Change Your Voice.
Change Your Skin Color To Rainbow And Watch The Reactions Of Other People On The Street.
Change The Name Of Internet Explorer Into Dora The Explorer.
Change The Aggregate Phase Of Your Body.
Change The Name Of Microsoft Office Into Microscope Office.
Change Your Race, And Go To A Busy City Or Grocery Store Or School, See If You Are Treated Differently Or Not. (This One Is Intense, And Might Change Your Life).
Change Body With Your Wife.
Change The Dream Scene By Spinning Around.
Change The Flavor Of Rain At Will.
Change The Sky To Purple And Turn Trees Into Mushrooms And Blue Trees.
Change The Colour Of Your Eyes.
Change The Mascot Of Mcdonald.
Change A Waking Like/dislike Through Dreaming.
Change The Area Around The River Into A Beach.
Change To Be A Monster And Scare Everyone.
Change All Elements In The World To Their Opposite (Water Is Not Lava!).
Change The Weather Really Fast Back And Forth From Raining To Sunlight.
Change The Google Chrome Logo Into A Poke Ball.
Change Gender.
Change Your Body To Be Made Out Of Bottles And Become Recycle Man!!!
Change Yourself Into Water And Just Flow With A River.
Change Gravity And Keep Yourself From Floating Away To Space.
Change What You Dont Like About Yourself.
Change The Gravity.
Change Your Hair Color.
Change The Voices Around Me At A Musical Instrument, An Animal, A Smell, Etc.
Change Pepole's Voices To Low/high Voices And Laugh As They Speak.
Change The Light Level.
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