Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Turn Things Into Other Things | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Turn Things Into Other Things
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Turn Things Into Other Things
Turn The Tables Against An Opponent.
Turn The Elevator You Are In Into An Amusement Park's Ride.
Turn The World In To Minecraft.
Turn Water Into Wine.
Morph Into An Animal.
Turn Yourself Into Food.
Turn Yourself Into A Monster And Work At Monster's Inc.
Turn Tim Into A Zombie.
Transform Into A Sega Dreamcast And Play Yourself Through A Vanity Mirror Hanging From The Ceiling. Upside Down.
Turn All The Stars In The Universe Into Cornflakes.
Transform Into A Pigeon And Try To Crap On As Many Humans As Possible.
Turn Gravity Sideways, And Watch The Destruction.
Morph Into A Majestic Silver Gibbon, Swinging Through The Treetops With Ease And Grace.
Turn All Of Your Favorite Foods Into One Smoothie, Then Taste It.
Turn New York Into Chocolate And Eat It All.
Morph Into A Element Such As Water And Fight Fire!!
Turn Your Laptop Into A Psychic Laptop And Win The Lotto And Read Minds With It.
Transform Your Arm Into An Spear Of Energy.
Turn Your Body Into Water, Blood Or Some Corrosive Fluid, See What Happens.
Transform Water Into Wine.
Turn Yourself Into An Indestructible War-machine.
Turn Yourself Into Stone And Watch Your Environment For 1000 Years.
Turn All Your Toes Into Hot Dogs Using A Wand.
Turn The Dream World Upside Down And Run On The Ceiling.
Turn On Your Tv And Walk Into Your Favorite Tv Show.
Turn Your Hair Into Fire.
Turn Yourself Into A Blob Of Goo See What It Feels Like.
Turn Random People Into Pumkins.
Transform Into An Animal.
Transform Moon Into Cheese.
Turn Night Into Day.
Turn Into A Cat And Hunt Mice (Make The Mice Taste Like Chicken)..or You Could Hunt Birds.
Turn Arrow_of_eros Into A Goat.
Turn Into A Lizard And Bask In The Sun On A Rock.
Turn Yourself Into A Radio, And Amuse Someone.
Turn Gravity Sideways, Or Off!
Morph Yourself Into An Atom And Explore The Quantum World. The Rules Are Totally Different Here. What Bizarre New Energies Can You Experience?.
Turn Into A Zombie And Start A Zombie-apocalypse.
Transform It Into Obama.
Turn Zombiebrain Into Arrow_of_eros.
Transform Into The Hulk And Smash A City.
Turn Into Something Horrible And Go Hide In A Kids Closet.
Transform Into An Ant And Explore The Tunnels Of The Colony.
Turn Barack Obama Mexican.
Turn Electricity On And Off By Clapping Your Hands.
Morph Into Exotic Animals And Hunt Smaller Animals.
Turn Into A Fly And Fly Around.
Turn Into Old Spice Guy.
Transform Into A Pokemon And Be Captured By A Trainer.
Turn Into A Dragon And Burn Villages!
Turn Into Kungfu-panda.
Turn Into A Pill And Get Yourself To Swallow Yourself And Explore Your Digestive System.
Transform Into A Werewolf And Go Scare The Crap Out Of People.
Morph Into Some Kind Of Liquid.
Turn Everything Into Candy.
Transform The World Into Bbq And Then Eat It.
Turn The World Upside Down And Walk On Ceiling.
Turn Into A Zombie.
Turn Airsoft Guns Into Laser Guns (For Extra Amusement, Still Have Them Function Normally.).
Turn The Earth Inside Out.
Transform Into A Shadow And Prowl A City Street.
Turn A Whole Room Into A Ballpit. Dive Dive Dive!
Transform Yourself Into Pizza, Lie On The Floor And See If Anyone Tries To Eat You.
Turn Yourself And Everybody You Know Into Pokemon Trainers And Observe What Kind Of Pokemon They Have. Possibly Battle Them Too.
Turn Yourself Into Your Cat/Dog/Goat, And Make Yourself Pet You.
Turn All The Humams Into Tikis And Do Tiki Stuff.
Turn Your Fingers Into Chips, eat Them And Then Grow Them Again.
Turn Into A Dragon.
Turn Into A Flying Spaghetti Monster And Eat Yourself.
Turn To Alligator.
Turn Zombiebrain Into A Goat.
Turn Your Boss/Teacher/Family Into A Chicken(s) And See How They React.
Turn Yourself Inside Out.
Transform Into Mickey Mouse and Play With His Friends.
Turn Around The Sun As The Planets Do.
Transform Into An Fly And See Life Through Their Eyes.
Turn Yourself Into Bacon And Eat Yourself.
Turn A Dc Into An Animal. Get Their Reaction.
Turn Yourself Into A Speck.
Morph Your Surroundings, make Cities Fly.
Turn Your Hand Into A Cell Phone And Call Someone.
Turn Every Building In A City Upside Down, Then Go Exploring.
Transform Into Any Creature/object Of Your Choice, Then Kill Every Other Creature Of The Same Species/type.
Turn Into Your Pet.
Turn Your Hand Into Chocolate, Then Melt It.
Transform Into A Foot And Then Become Giant And Stomp The Planet.
Turn Snow Into Ice Cream.
Morph Into A Robot That Likes To Eat Pancakes.
Turn Arrow_of_eros Into A Zombie.
Morph Into An Animal And Have Sex With The Same Species.
Turn Your Block Into A Disco Scene, Knock On Everyones Door And Invite Them To Join The Party.
Turn Into A Flying Wolf.
Turn In To A Vampire.
Turn Things Into Sausages.
Transform Yourself In A Giant So Big That Galaxies Look Like The Size Of A Cookie.
Transform Into An Arrow, Shot Towards An Apple.
Turn Random Objects Different Colors.
Turn Yourself Into Chocholate And Eat Yourself - Or Have Others Eat You.
Turn The Earths Crust Into Glass An See The Convection Currents Underneath.
Turn A Ceiling Fan On And Hold On Tight.
Turn People Into Stone.
Turn Into The Opposite Gender.
Turn Your Dream Into A Horrid Nightmare, And Try To Survive As Long As Possible.
Turn Into Lightning And Destroy A House.
Turn Everything Into A Cartoon.
Transform Into A Planet And Devour Other Planets.
Transform Into A Robot, And Fight Another Robot.
Turn The World Into Anime.
Turn Into Your Favorite Animal.
Turn Into The Scariest Monster You Can Think Of And Scare People At Night.
Turn Your Bad Habits Into Flimsy Empty Plastic Water Bottles And Crush Them By Hand.
Morph Into A House Fly And Experience The World From Its Perspective. Jeff Goldblum's Been There.
Turn Lead Into Gold With A Single Thought.
Transform Into An Animal Of Your Choice.
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