Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Get Things | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Get Things
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Get Things
Get Massaged From A Random Dream Character.
Get Naughty With A Random Anything.
Get Yourself A Guild Team And Teach Them Blood Bending.
Get The Portalgun.
Get Your Subconscious To Actively Try To Get You Lucid.
Get Your Self A Big Bunch Of Cash, And Throw It Out In A Crowded Street To See How All The Dc's React. Then Yell Out To Every One If They Picked Up The Cash, That It's Just Fake Money.
Get A Very Cool And Muscular Werewolf And Terrorize A Classic Medieval Town.
Get Dressed Up In An Absolutley Stupid Costume And Walk Through The Middle Of Times Square.
Get Into Jungle And Just Observe The Nature There.
Get Shot In A Big Crowd And Automatically Heal Yourself Infront Of Everyone.
Get Naughty With A Random Angel.
Get Shot Again And Again And Do Not Die.
Get A Lightsaber And Fight Off Some Stormtroopers.
Get High With A Dream Character.
Get A (Dream) Boombox, Play Caramelldansen, And See If Anything Special Happens.
Get Really Tiny And Drive A Hot Wheel Around Your House.
Get Inside Einstein's Head And Change The Speed Of Light.
Get A Manicure.
Get In A High Speed Police Chase.
Get Into A Kung Fu Fight With An Old Lady.
Get Kicked Off Of That Tv Show.
Get A Fleet Of Dragons And Ride Them Into The Clouds And Race Though The Clouds.
Get Really Small And Dig A Hole Into Food.
Get Away Dramatically And Matrix-like Unharmed.
Get Buff.
Get Yourself A Submarine And Search For Atlantis.
Get Inside Picasso's Bed And Sketch Him While He's Sleeping.
Get Inside The Cia Files On The Mlkjr And Jfk Assassinations And Find The Ways To Show The World That 9/11 Was An Inside Job.
Get The World To In Once More, With Feeling.
Get A Foot Rub.
Get Harley Quinn To Become Your Girlfriend.
Get One Of Your Friends To Make Up A Planet (In Real Life) Then Go There (In Your Dream).
Get Better At Something In Reallife By Doing It In A Dream.
Get Yourself And Your Friends Arrested To See What It's Like.
Get A Magic Pencil That When You Draw An Object It Turns Into That Actual Thing!
Get Wasted With A Bunch Of Elves, Play Russian Roulette With A Few Of Them.
Get Trapped In Lowes.
Get Chickenpox.
Get A High Powered Baguette Minigun And Take On An Army.
Get High Off Of Health Potions.
Get Harley Quinn To Break Up With Joker.
Get A Dc And Mutate Them Into Some Kind Of Awesome Creature.
Get Rich From The Mcdonald's Business At Stonehenge.
Get Into A Car And Make A Dc Drive You Somewhere Cool.
Get Into A Fight With A Grizzly Bear Whilst Naked And Covered In Honey.
Get Yourself Police Outfit And Chase Criminals.
Get A Job In 2080.
Get Mentored By The People You Admire Most.
Get Paid For Buying Stuff In A Convenient Store.
Get To Make A Perfume With A Smell That You Have Never Smelled Before.
Get Your Dream Journal And Ask A Dream Character To Read A Page Out Loud.
Get Plastic Surgery.
Get Some Free Diamonds.
Get Weapons From Halo And Blow Stuff Up.
Get A Nuclear Bomb To Blow You Up Then Watch Yourself Slowly Come Back Together.
Get My Mind To Be Inside The Internet And Irl Play On Xbol Live.
Get Ambushed By A Ghoul/Zombie.
Get A Car And Fill It Up With Nightmare Fuel.
Get Yourself Swallowed By A Monster, And While Inside Its Stomach, Turn Into Something Larger Than What Ate You.
Get A Remote Controlled Robot Spy That Can Fly And Shrink Itself.
Get A Newspaper Showing Some Of Your Previous Lucid Adventures.
Get Advanced Knee Replacements/long Fall Boots And Jump Into A Chasm.
Get Killed But Make A New Body.
Get Better At Chakra Control.
Get A Love Bow And Arrow And Try To Make Strangers Fall In Love On The Streets.
Get All The Superpowers. On A Moments Notice, You Think Of Any Superpower In The Abstract, You Got It.
Get The Dude From 1701 And Make Him Help You With 1708.
Get Kidnapped, Smuggled To Another Country, And Find Your Way Back Home.
Get Inside A Bud That Is About To Explode With New Abundance.
Get Smashed By Wheatley's Smashy Spike Plates.
Get Eaten Alive By A Dinosaur And Come Out Alive.
Get Inside Someones TV And Start Dancing.
Get Caught In Your Friends Room And See How It All Plays Out.
Get Away From A More Perfect Clone Of Yourself.
Get Stuck In An Elevator.
Get Naughty With A Random Demon.
Get Arrested For Slapping The Cop.
Get Baked Into A Pie.
Get A Fire Extinguisher And Drink From It.
Get Rid Of The Virus In Your Computer.
Get Your Dcs Drunk And See How They Act.
Get Erupted From A Volcano.
Get You And Your Friends Handcuffed Behind Their Backs.
Get On A Plane That's Heading For Atlantis.
Get Eaten By A Shark.
Get A Wii U And Play It!!!
Get Bigger Than The Planets And Eat Them.
Get A Little Dinosaur And Ride Him Around While Watching Dc's Reactions!
Get Struck By Lightning.
Get On Facebook And Start Trolling Everyone.
Get Inside A Heart Transplantation With Gratitude.
Get Lost In The Cave.
Get A Sludge Hammer, Get Into An Empty Mall, Destroy Everything.
Get Crazy Ultimate Powers And Become Emperor Of Anything You Set Eyes Upon.
Get Violin Lessons From A Great Violinist.
Get A Pet Lion.
Get Into An Epic Lucidity Battle With A Dc And Test Your Dream Control Abilities (E.g. The Dc You Fight Can Do Anything To Fight You, Like They Were A Lucid Dreamer.).
Get A Magical Staff And Allow It To Do Whatever It Wants And Watch What Happens.
Get Dragon Wings.
Get Sucked Into A Jet Engine.
Get Involved In A Stick Figure Fight.
Get A Portal Gun, Like In The Portal Games.
Get Inside A Mother Again And Feel What It's Like To Float Around In Intemporal Space With No Desires, No Intentions, No Fears, No Denials.
Get Inside A Tip, Like The Tip Of A Pen Writing A Will Or A Will Not, Or A Bill Of Rights For The Haves And Have Nots, Or Some Crazy Drug-induced Declaration Of Independent Thought. Military Intelligence? Contradiction In Terms (Groucho).
Get Yourself Drunk. See What Happens.
Get The Military To Attack You And Defeat Them In A War.
Get Very Small And Help The Speical Forces In Your Bed Fight Off The Never Ending Forces Of Dust Mites With Their Mini Awesome Weaponry Of Doom.
Get Sticky Spider-ish Fingers And Climb Huge Buildings.
Get A Peticure.
Get Inside The Energy Of A Honey Bee's Wings.
Get Inside An Ipod.
Get Bitten And Become A Zombie.
Get A Dc To Believe It's Them That's Lucid Dreaming And See What They Do.
Get So Drunk, That You Start Convulging.
Get Into A Dream-simulator That Creates Any Environment That You Want.
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