Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Create Things | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Create Things
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Create Things
Create A Swarm Of Nanobots And Marvel At Their Coordinated Movements, As You Control Their Collective Goals.
Create A Futuristic Kingdom (Say, 2104).
Create Earth In Seven Days, Followed By Adam And Eve...
Create A Planet, Including How Far It Is In Years, I Prefer Future, 3080 Maybe? Also Create Inhabitants, How They Look Walk And Such.
Create A Weapon.
Create An Army Of Balloon Animals, then Use Them To Take Over The World!!!
Create A New Human Gender.
Create Traversable Bridges Between Parallel Universes.
Create Your Own Language.
Create Another Version Of Yourself. Ask Him/her Questions. Be Surprised By The Answers.
Create A Series Of Reoccurring Dreams And Change Something Small Each Time To See What Happens.
Create Your Own Specie.
Create A World Where All The People's Skin Is Inside Out.
Create A Dream Portal To A New Realm And Explore.
Create A Virus And Give It To The Entire World.
Create The Newest Flavor Of Orbit Gum In A Laboratory.
Create Your Own Powers (Imagine A Base-fire Tornado Lightning) Xd.
Create Your Own Dream Home/world Image.
Create A New Beverage Or Food And Try To Sell It.
Create A Dream Camera And Record Yourself Everywhere You Go, Then Re-watch Before You Think You'll Wake Up.
Create Music And Remember It When You Wake Up, Get A Record Deal, And Become Famous.
Create A Beautiful Landscape And Hang There With Friends.
Create A Heat Shield To Protect U And Your Loved Ones.
Create A Highly Imaginative Dream World From Absolutely Nothing, Then Destroy It And Do It Again.
Create A Unique Sound Or Color You Have Never Heard/seen Before. You Can Try This With Other Senses At Well.
Create And Fall In Love With A Dream Character Or Dream Guide.
Create Your Own Galaxy (A Fire Based Galaxy? A Water Fortress Galaxy? Do You Play Super Mario Galaxy?).
Create Dream Characters.
Create A Dream Shop And Sell Objects Not Available Anywhere Else In The Dream World. Then Watch Dc Costumer Reactions To Object Being Sold At Shop.
Create Your Own Room Where Is Always Some Different Suprise Or "Tool" Or Anything. What Your Dream Wants You To Do?.
Create A Planet For This New Race.
Create One Object That A Dc Says They Really Want And Watch Their Reaction.
Create Your Own Creature And Use It To Kill Charles Darwin.
Create Someone With A Perfect Life, Then Ruin It Part By Part For Them.
Create A Theater Out Of The World.
Create Artwork Then Try To Recreate It In The Waking World.
Create Cities In Space.
Create A Place Where Sea Life Flys Around In Air.
Create Your Own Race And Have Them Overcome The Human Race.
Create Matter (Which In Waking Life Is Impossible).
Create A Self Inflicted False Awakening.
Create/find The Three Deathly Hallows.
Create A Habit In Your Dreams And See If It Gets Carried Out Into The Real World.
Create A Giant Army Of Cockroaches And Release Them To Go Hunt New York For Humans.
Create A New Lucid Dreaming Technique By Gathering The Knowledge And Steps From Dream Characters Nearby.
Create Wonders Of The World.
Create A City And Fold It In Half Wink.
Create A Complex Machine.
Create Your Own Race Of People - Aliens?
Create A Labyrinth And Get Lost In It.
Create Art!
Create A New Color.
Create The Ultra-catchy Super Hit And Listen To It.
Create A Universe And Destroy It.
Create A New Planet With New Lifeforms.
Create A Gang And Take Over At Least One City.
Create A Forcefield Around You, Becoming Invincible.
Create A Potion And See What Happens When You Drink It.
Create Any Kind Of Creature You Can Imagine.
Create Your Evil/negative Self And Ask Them What Bad Things They Do And Why. Very Interesting.
Create New Universes.
Create The Simpsons World, And Be Evil Ned Flanders.
Create A City And Destroy It With A Sonic Blast.
Create A Time Machine, Go 5 Minutes Into The Future, Make Any Weapon You Want Appear From Thin Air. Kill Yourself With It. Go Back In Time, And Wait 5 Minutes For Yourself To Kill You, Don't Wake Up, Instead Find Out What Happens When You Die.
Create Music You Can See.
Create A Tree.
Create A Portal Or Doorway To Another Location.
Create A Huge Luxury Airship And Fly Around The World.
Create Philosopher Stone.
Create Your Dream House And Live There.
Create The Perfect Video Game.
Create An Entire World Complete With Different Cultures And Races.
Create A New Category Of Life.
Create The Greatest Sculpture Ever Seen.
Create A Gun That Can Enlarge And Shrink Things.
Create Your Doppelganger.
Create A New Gender.
Create Your Own Castle And See What Is Was Like In Medieval Times.
Create A New Type Of Weather.
Create Your Own Artificial Intelligence And Try To Prevent It From Becoming Omnipotent.
Create Music Like Insanely Cool!
Create A New Invention.
Create Your Own Army Called Wilber's Force.
Create A Plague And Spread It Through The World.
Create A Tulpa While Lucid Dreaming.
Create A World From The Bottom Up.
Create Energy.
Create Black Holes.
Create A Wicked Guitar Solo.
Create Your Own Music.
Create Your Own Planet.
Create Your Own Sword/Gun With Your Mind.
Create A Computer To Load/save Dreams.
Create A Doornob That Isnt Attached To Anything. "Attach" It To The Universe. And Open A Door In The World.
Create Your Own Science Experiment.
Create Major Chaos!
Create Another Dream Within The Dream, Continuing For A Long Time, And Then Ponder If You Are Awake Or Dreaming.
Create Another Universe. Then Have The Two Universes Crash Into Eachother.
Create A 6th Sense.
Create A New Scientific Rule That Applies In Your Dream World - For Example, All Trees Attract Objects Like Gravity, Or Air Can Be Swam Through Like A Liquid.
Create A New Creature.
Create A Machine That Fuses Anything You Put In It And Play With It.
Create Two Dream Characters And Make Them Build A Village. Watch Or Help The Village To Grow Into A City!
Create New Pieces Of Technology.
Create A Society Of Dream Characters That Are Aware That It Is A Dream, See How Society Functions Under This Premise.
Create All The Inhabitants Of That City.
Create A Crime Fighting Companion.
Create Your Own World.
Create Your Own Dream Research Lab.
Create A Chicken That Makes Dragon Eggs.
Create A Massive Skeleton Army And Be A Necromancer.
Create A 1940's Mob, And Terrorize Small Villages, And Make Them Pay Debts.
Create Your Own Utopia.
Create Shapes By Moving Buildings While Flying.
Create A Video Game.
Create A Whole New Species And Help It Take Over The World.
Create A Beautiful Place That You Travel To Every Dream And Use As A Home Point Where You Can Travel To Any Location You Wish.
Create A Whole New Planet, And Build It Up From Scratch (Make Nature Grass Trees Then People, Houses Etc).
Create A Cake That Withstands Nuclear Strikes But It Edible.
Create The Worlds Most Amazing Fireworks.
Create A House Made Of Nothing But Doors.
Create Nanobots.
Creat A Farm That Grows Money.
Create An Entire New World With Characters And A Storyline.
Create A Mini-singularity Inside A Glass Bottle. Sell It For Billions.
Create A Meme For Reddit And See If It Is On There When You Wake Up.
Create Yourself As An Older And Smarter Person Who Knows More Tricks About Ld Than You Do. Fight Him And Try To Win (9/10 Times This Is Impossible Because Your Mind Knows This Being Has To Be Better Than You.).
Create A Really Cool Dream Sword That Will Always Be With You In Every Dream.
Create A Time Machine.
Create Cooking Recipes.
Create A Dream Character.
Create An Alien Species And Have Them Go To War With Earth. See Who Wins.
Create Every Detail Of Your Ultimate Happy Place; A Positive Environment Where You Can Go At Any Time, During Waking Life, Lucid Dreams And Meditation.
Create An Awesome Action Packed Story.
Create Aurora Borealis In The Sky.
Create Your Own Restaurant And Become A Trillionaire.
Create Music By Hopping Along The Horizon, Forming Each New Sound As You Make Contact With The Ground.
Create A Black Hole And Watch As Chaos Ensues.
Create 5 Different Universes (And Physics) In A Dream.
Create Your Own Dream Language!
Create A Pie Chart On A Computer Program (Like Excel), Then Pull It Out Of The Computer And Eat It.
Create A Mini-universe And Keep It In A Bottle, With A Mgnifying Glass So That You Can Look At The Inhabitants.
Create A Sonic Boom By Flexing Your Muscles.
Create A Desert, One Grain Of Sand At A Time.
Create Your Own Stickman (That Sounds Like Some Advertisement ).
Create Your Own Solar System.
Create An Instrument.
Create A Road That Goes Around The Circumcomference Of The Earth.
Create A Roller-coaster In Space.
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