Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Find Things | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Find Things
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Find Things

Find A Book And Ask A Dream Character To Read A Page To You.
Find Tartarus.
Find A Coconut And Use All Of Your Five Sences On It.
Find A Gnome Puking Rainbows And Pooping Skittles.
Find A Termite Mound Or Ant Colony, And Climb Inside, See If You Can Find Your Way To The Queen.
Find The Meaning Of Life.
Find Your DJ In A Dream.
Find The Portal To Narnia.
Find The Last Digit Of Pi.
Find ET The Extra-Terrestrial.
Find Saito In Limbo.
Find Something Out And Recive The Nobel Price.
Find The One-eyed, One-horned, Giant Purple People Eater And Vanquish It.
Find A Cave That Has Been Titled Your Mind And Enter It.
Find An Old Cartoon And Live In It.
Find A Hidden Key.
Find The Tights Of The Apocalypse.
Find A Dodo Bird.
Find A Restaurant, Run In And Steal A Dc's Meal.
Find The Meaning Of Life And After Realising It's To Late To Change Your Life Kill Yourself.
Find Glitches.
Find Yourself And Ask Your Inner Self If Killing Your Clone Is Suicide Or Murder.
Find Your Friend And Hang Out With Them, Then Wake Up And Ask Them What They Dreamt About.
Find Two Dream Characters And Convince Them That They Are Married/Siblings.
Find Something Of Each Primary Color.
Find A Hidden Gem Of A Beach Somewhere.
Find Fox's Dad. (Starfox 64.)
Find A Way To Make World Peace.
Find An Enemy With No Weaknesses And Kill Him.
Find A Pair Of Seven-league Boots In A Drawer Somewhere.
Find The 7 Dragon Balls (Dragonball Anime).
Find What Happens After Death.
Find A Way To Not Incinerate Companion Cube.
Find A Book Named Lost Memories, Written By - (See Who Is The Writer), Then Check Out What It Has Inside.
Find A Model Boat Race And Unleash Your Ultimate Bad-ass Rocket-firing Model Boat On Them!
Find A Dream Guide.
Find A Dream Character Who Seems To Know More About You Than Yourself.
Find Someone That Isn't A Baby And Freerun With Them And Do Backflips And Stuff Without Being The Only One Doing Them.
Find Spectre From Big Fish.
Find A Giant Treasure Chest And Open It, Holding What You Find Inside Up High Like In Zelda With Your Own "New Item" Theme.
Find Question Block And Pop It.
Find A Kitten And Make It Your Companion For The Rest Of The Dream.
Find The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow.
Find/follow The Yellow Brick Road.
Find Yourself, And Ask If He/she Is Happy.
Find Your Own Body And Wake It Up.
Find Your Dream Guide And, Do Fun Stuff.
Find Stephen Laberge And Thank Him For The Book, Exploring The World Of Lucid Dreaming.
Find A Cure For Cancer.
Find The Super Star Powerup And Then Rammage Through City For 10 Seconds.
Find Any Survivors.
Find A Hidden Lock.
Find Your Way Out.
Find A Quiet Place In Nature And Meditate Inside Your Dream. Focus Your Thoughts On This: "What's Beyond The Lucid Dream World?".
Find A Guy Who Said It It Fun To Torture You And Beat Him Up.
Find A Computer, Go To, And Find This Page.
Find The End Of The Rainbow.
Find A Banana And Make It Taste Like Doritos.
Find Rufus, And Bill And Ted And Go On An Adventure With Them In The Phone Booth.
Find A Box. Go Inside The Box. Think.
Find Your iPod And Listen To It's Music To See If It Is The Same.
Find Waldo.
Find A Book And Read It In Your Dreams.
Find Atlantis.
Find The Chupacabras, Have It On Display And Charge $100 Dollars Per Person To Take A Look A It.
Find A Child And Amaze Him With Your Sand-castle Building Skills.
Find A Cure For Aids/hiv.
Find Your Demonic Parentage And Defeat Them.
Find Him In The Halloween Party On Bulbagarden Forums Xd.
Find The Fruit Of Eternal Life.
Find A Tutor For School.
Find Dc's Who Look Like Your Friends And Become Friends With Them.
Find Your House, Find Yourself Sleeping And Wake The Dream You Up.
Find A Poet And Ask Him/her To Tell You A Poem He/she Has Made.
Find A Magical Item. Craft It Physically Later.
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