Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Be Something Else | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Be Something Else
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Be Something Else
Be A Candle, Light Yourself And Feel What It's Like To Melt, Become Smaller And Smaller, And Feed A Flame.
Be A Black Hole.
Be A Character In The Hangover.
Be A Bat.
Be An Ocular From The Alcatraz Series.
Be A Fighter Pilot In World War 2 In The Battle Of Britain.
Be A Dream Character Inside A Dream Character's Dream.
Be A Video Game. Character.
Be An Ant/Wasp/Bee Queen, And Control Your Hive.
Be An Orange.
Be A Werewolf, Then A Bunny, Then A Squirrel.
Be A Soldier In The Trojan War, Beat Everyone.
Be A Black Hole And See What You Suck In.
Be A Baby.
Be A Hobbit Believing It's An Elf.
Be A Jedi Knight!
Be A Chair.
Be An Ant And Explore A Grass Forest With Your Ant Friends.
Be A Death Knight.
Be A Vampire Hunter.
Be Alfa Male In Wolf Pack.
Be A Seal.
Be An Elephant.
Be A Rock.
Be A Transvestite Mermaid In The Phillipenes.
Be A Construction Worker And Break Everything And Blame It On Someone Else.
Be A Planet.
Be A Genius Contestant On Your Favorite Tv Game Show.
Be A Science Ninja.
Be A Vampire.
Be A Terrorist And Shoot Down Some Of Santa's Reindeer.
Be A Floor.
Be A Sentinel.
Be A Grim Reaper With Scythe And Take People's Lives.
Be A Deception (From Transformers) And Destroy Everything On Earth!
Be A Toy From A Preschool Class.
Be A Sperm Cell And Go Through There Epic Journey, Like Not As A Single Cell But As A Person In A Giants World.
Be A Horny Pony In A Field Of Horny Ponies.
Be A Brilliant Painter.
Be Two People At The Same Time.
Be A Firework.
Be A Flying Fish.
Be A Skeleton.
Be A Fire Breathing Dragon.
Be A Character In Inception.
Be A Coconut.
Be A Gangsta.
Be A Pokemon Trainer.
Be A Super Hero With Fire Powers, Act Out Things From Dc And Marvel.
Be A Worm.
Be A Boss.
Be A Lightning/electric Controlling Ghost(Or Just Lightning Thats Movable) And Control Machines And Robots.
Be A Water Breathing Dragon.
Be An Animal Going To A People Zoo.
Be An Atomic Bomb And Detonate Yourself.
Be A Lock.
Be A Snake And Eat A Rat.
Be A Ghost.
Be A Squid.
Be An Animated Character On Notebook Paper.
Be A Night Elf.
Be A Computer Virus..
Be A Dragon Made Of Cheese.
Be A Drink Someone Is Drinking.
Be A Suburban Daredevil.
Be A Computer..
Be An Octopus.
Be A General In A Great Historical Battle.
Be A Professional Sniper.
Be A Half Demon.
Be Adventurer And Dig That Treasure.
Be A Sperm And Race For Arriving The First One.
Be A Bomb.
Be A Pirate And Dig Your Treasure Chest On An Island.
Be An Air Bender.
Be A Cop And Arrest Innocent People.
Be A Supervilan.
Be A Superhero And Then Do That For A Few Months (Dream Time) And Reveal Your Secret Identity.
Be A Samurai.
Be A Kid Again.
Be A Cell.
Be A Friend Of Doug In The Hangover.
Be An Angel.
Be A Dream Character's Dream.
Be At Two Places At Once.
Be A Mosquito.
Be A Mage.
Be A Dream Character's Sidekick/apprentice.
Be An Avenger.
Be A Girl.
Be A Dragon And Terrorize A Village.
Be An Alchemist, Like In Fullmetal Alchemist!
Be A Sheriff And Fight Against Bandits.
Be Agent Smith.
Be A Character In Your Least Favourite Show. The One You Hate. Mess Everything Up.
Be Alone In The Universe.
Be A Monster.
Be An Orc.
Be An Ape.
Be A Normal Human Soldier In The Lord Of The Rings Battle, Huge Battle.
Be An Ant And Fight In An Ant War Red Against Black.
Be A Poster.
Be A 'high Class' Movie Director In Holywood And...produce Another Unreal Action Movie.
Be A Riot Police Officer And Stop Rioters Using Your Shield, Baton, Gun Whatever.
Be An Alien Who Drinks Brains.
Be A Character From A Movie.
Be A Hamster.
Be At The Cafe Scene On Inception (Movie).
Be A King And Rule Your Kingdom.
Be A Cyborg.
Be A Palm Tree.
Be A Skater Graffiti Artist Like In Jet Set Radio.
Be A Dinosaur.
Be A Dalek.
Be A Nerd.
Be A Surgeon.
Be An Enslaved Dragon And Revolt Against The Humans.
Be A Chess Piece With Giant Geniuses Playing Against Each Other. Be Dramatic When Someone Dies.
Be A Zombie.
Be A Vegetable.
Be A Ninja.
Be A Chicken.
Be A Warrior In A War.
Be An Emotion.
Be A Mermaid/merman.
Be A Necromancer And Put Ghosts At Peace.
Be A Car.
Be All Of Human Kind All At Once.
Be A Banana.
Be An Idiot And Swap A Gun For A Paint Gun.
Be A Sniper.
Be A Vampire And Bite Someone Twisted Evil.
Be An Ocean.
Be A Virus. And Spreads Over The World (As In Sickness, Not Computer Virus).
Be A Dinosaur And Eat People.
Be A Beef And Eat By People, After That Change To Back In The Person's Stomach!!!
Be A Predator And Hunt Aliens.
Be A Dentist For A Day Without Wearing Gloves.
Be A Rockstar.
Be A Swimming Pool.
Be An Astronaut On A Mission To Mars.
Be A Human Paintbrush And Throw Yourself Around In A Blank Area.
Be A Cop.
Be A Kid/Adult/Old Guy.
Be A Polar Bear And Create A New Universe.
Be A Mad Scientist, Create Your Own Stuff.
Be An Inanimate Object.
Be A Wizard And Cast Awesome Spells.
Be A Rolling Rock That Never Stops.
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