Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Turn Into Things | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Turn Into Things
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Turn Into Things

Become Best Friends With Anypony You Want.
Become Morpheus And Control Peoples Dreams.
Become Extremely Small And Jump Around Inside Somebody's Brain.
Becoming Amazingly Good At Objective-c To Create Apps For Iphones.
Become The World's Leader.
Become James Bond.
Become Desmond And Enter The Animus And Play As Altaïr.
Become The Universe.
Become An Angel Made Of Snow.
Become The Character Jon In The Comics Watchmen.
Become Fire.
Become Galactus.
Become Darkness.
Become Harry Potter.
Become Your Favorite Childhood Superhero.
Become Part Of Or Own Your Favorite Music Band.
Become Filthy Rich And Famous.
Become Extremely Small And Hop Inside An Ant Hole.
Become Stronger Than The Incredible Hulk And Defeat Him.
Become Liquid. This Must Mess Up Your Proprioception.
Become Doctor Who And Have A Great Adventure Through Time And Space!
Become Extremely Small Along With An Empire Of Other People, Create A Colony And Live Off Of Raiding Ant Hills.
Become Your Pet.
Become The Captain On One Of The Star Trek Ships And Order Crew Members To Phase Other Crew Members. "That's An Order!"
Become Morgan Freeman.
Become Kami-sama.
Become Alex Mercer And Go Find A City, Then Kill Hundreds Of Dcs.
Become Taller.
Becoming A Female.
Become Goku And Fight Vegeta And Then Become An Ultra Super Saiyan And Do An Ultra Kamehameha What Would Happen Shocked.
Become Whatever Your School Mascot Is, For Me Its A Dragon.
Become Part Of An Italian Maffia Family.
Become Shadow The Hedgehog And Indulge In A Guilty Pleasure.
Become Tony Stark Only Smarter.
Become The Night Angel.
Become James Bond And Enter Into One Of His Films.
Become King Of A Society And Have Them Build A Giant Statue Of You!
Become The Main Character Of A Book.
Become Your Opposite Gender In A Gender Bent World.
Become Friends With The Thing/person That Came Out Of The Egg.
Become The Universe's Leader.
Become A Super NES Video Game Character And Play Out An Entire Level As Him.
Become The Weather.
Become Made Out Of Silly Putty And Mush My Body Up.
Become The Avatar.
Become The Earth.
Become Santa.
Become An Ideological Disease.
Become An Alien And Cause Mass Destruction With Your Ufo.
Become Invisible And, Unnoticed, Help People Who Are Feeling Invisible.
Become Pacman.
Become Icarus From Dragon Ball Z.
Become The Human Torch.
Become Really Big And Step On Stuff.
Become Invisible And Play Tricks On Your Friends. Look At Your Reflection In The Mirror. What Do You See?
Become Jason Bourne.
Become My Fursona.
Become Giant And Eat The Buildings To See What They Taste Like.
Become The Incredible Hulk (The Good One Btw).
Become Superman Prime.
Become Michael Jackson.
Become The Captian Of The Black Pearl.
Become Spiderman And Learn How To Webswing.
Become Carnage.

Become Three-dog. Steal Back Your Bandanna.
Become Link And Save Princess Zelda.
Become The Statue Of Liberty.
Become The Universe, 9th Person Perspective.
Become Electricity.
Become King Of Dv.
Become Any Shape Or Two Beings.
Become The Cheshire Cat From Alice In Wonderland And Cause All Kinds Of Mischief Throughout Wonderland.
Become Really Tiny And Go For A Ride On A Cockroach, Fly, Etc.
Become Your Favourite RPG Hero.
Become The Moon And Orbit Earth.
Become An Animal.
Become Invisible And Spy On People.
Become Rich And Famous And Have A Lot Of Cool Stuff.
Become General Zod.
Become One With The Universe.
Become One Of The Pieces In Wizards Chess.
Become Amazingly Good At Creating Games With Java.
Become Delsin Rowe And Go Through The Infamous: The Second Son Video Game. (While Being Infamous Twisted Evil.)
Become The Most Famous Person In The World.
Become An Assassin From Assassins Creed.
Become Rikku In Final Fantasy And Finish Her Story The Way It Should've Ended.
Become Water. Evaporate. Condensate. Precipitate.
Become One Of The Two Robots From The Cooperative Testing Iniative.
Become Tom Hanks.
Become The Opposite Gender.
Become Nicknamed Banana Man.
Become The Aim Man.
Become Death.
Become Your Country's Leader.
Become Tiny And Enter A Human Body.
Become Alice And Explore Wonderland.
Become Invisible And Untouchable Then Prank People I Know.
Become Superman And Lift The Empire State Building.
Become The Worlds Most Famous Person.
Become Megatron And Kill Starscream During One Of His Mutinys.
Become Something From Your Favorite Video/go Into Your Favorite Video Game.
Become Reality Itself And Then Kill Yourself, See What Happens.
Become Nothing (No Physical Body) But A Piece Of Consciousness.
Become The Hitman.
Become An Animal That Doesn't Exist.
Become Very Very Small To See The Atoms.
Become So Small That You Can Clothe Yourself In Flower Petals.
Become Stalin And Feel The Power.
Become Best Friends With The Mane Six.
Become Invisible,then Sneak Around In Someones House.
Become One Of The Members Of The Avengers And Save The World Cool.
Become Colorblind.
Become/ride In A Mech!
Become Lucid, Take Off All Your Clothes And Proceed To Walk Casually Around The Dream.
Become Tim Post!
Become Large Like In A Commercial And Traverse The City Without Causing Destruction.
Become Your Best Friend In A Dream Viewing You And See How They Feel About You.
Become Super Spiderman (Combines The Powers Of Spiderman And Superman).
Become An Autobot Or Decepticon And Fight On Cybertron In The Great War.
Become Your Dream.
Become The Shadow Of A Small Man The Size Of An Atom.
Become An Owl.
Become Best Friends With Your New Cat.
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