Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Make Things | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Make Things
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Make Things

Make A Dc Say A Lame Joke And Laugh Hardly In Public, And Let Every Dc Laugh With You!
Make Fireworks Appear In Front Of Dream Characters To See Their Reaction.
Make The World Flat, And Jump Off The Edge.
Make A Giant Wad Of Gum And Stick People To It.
Make The Seven Days Past Fast In Your Lucid Dream.
Make Your Dream Characters Say,"Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia.".
Make It Erupt.
Make Everyone Ginger.
Make A Chimera (From Fma).
Make It Summer.
Make Cars And Planes Fall From The Sky.
Make A Perfume.
Make A Lego.-version Of You, Destroy It And Reconstruct It In Less Than 1 Minute.
Make Klingon The First Language Choice In All Schools Worldwide.
Make Mentioned Castle Disappear Into Nothingness Level By Level From The Top.
Make A Computer And Look Up This Forum Page.
Make It Rain Until The Whole Universe Is Flooded.
Make Your Own Gun.
Make The Whole World Echo.
Make Background Music!
Make Your Own Clone.
Make A Jet Powered Scooter And Zoom Across The Whole Of Time And Space.
Make A Swing Set Appear In Front Of You, Then Learn To Fly By Jumping Off Of It.
Make A City Made Of Ice.
Make A Army Of Robosites.
Make The Taste Of Somthing You Dont Like Taste Good.
Make Yourself Prettier.
Make A Device That Lets U Switch Bodies With People.
Make A Clone Of Yourself And Compliment Their Looks.
Make Your Dream Guide Give You Your First Pokemon.
Make Sky Blood Red.
Make A Little Kid Start Making Faces And Tell Him His Face Will Get Stuck Like That. Make His Face Get Stuck Like That And Watch Him Freak Out.
Make A Clubhouse.
Make Paper Melt.
Make A Banana Appear In Your Hand.
Make Yourself 20 Meters Tall And Be King Kong.
Make A Huge Ball Of Slime, Jump In Then Bounce Around The City In It.
Make A Rock Statue Shaped Like A Top Hat.
Make A Pumpkin Come Alive And Talk To It About It's Life.
Make It Rain, While Listening To The Beatles Song, Rain In My Dream's 360 Degree Sound System.
Make It Rain Golden Coins!
Make Up A Plaque That Is Really Horrible With Terrid Symptoms And Give It To A Bunch Of People. Make Sure You're Immune.
Make Lady Gaga A Man.
Make A New Universe Big Bang.
Make Reality A Black Ops Or Deadrising Zombie Mayhem Smile.
Make A New Creature All Your Own And Ask It It's Name.
Make A Gun That Shoots Snowballs And Fire It At People.
Make A New Invention And Become Famous!
Make Random People On The Street Explode With Your Mind.
Make Adolf Hitler's Dream Reality.
Make Up Your Own Instrument.
Make A Dc Older.
Make A Visit To The Wizard Of Oz.
Make Your Own Smilie.
Make A Gun That Shoots Bbq.
Make Your Worst Enemy Appear And Beat Him Senseless.
Make Dc's Headbutt Each Other To Death.
Make A Dream Character Do A Reality Check.
Make 5 - Dimension Things.
Make It Rain That Was Hard Buttons.
Make A Pact With The Unconscious.
Make A Doorknob Appear And Open Door Everywhere (See Whats' Behind Them).
Make Yourself Into Some Wierd Creature By Making Each Of Your Body Parts From A Different Animal.
Make All Clocks Go Crazy (More Than They Usually Are).
Make Every Zelda Mask That Is Posible And More.
Make A Machine That Transforms Everything Into Bbq.
Make A Dream Character Tell You A Story And Rewrite It In Waking Life.
Make And/or Drink A Potion That Makes You Better In Every Way (Taller, Stronger, Faster, Smarter, More Attractive, Better Size Butt And Bewbs If You're A Girl, Or Give It To Your Girlfriend Too If You're A Guy).
Make A Lamp The Size Of Mt. Everest.
Make A Real Catdog And See If They Will Attack Each Other.â .
Make A Snow Angel.
Make A Snake Eat Itself.
Make It Rain Cats And Dogs.
Make Pluto Lava Planet (Isn't Really A Planet Anymore But Who Cares).
Make An Engine Out Of A Paperclip, Sponge, Water, And Monopoly Money.
Make The Earth Suddenly Stop Spinning....just Try Not To Be On The Earth Unless U Want To Die.
Make Gun Which Caliber Is Over Nine Thousaaaannnd!!!!
Make A Better Video For 'misery Business'.
Make Your Self Crippled And Have More Appreciation For Our Troops.
Make An Eternity Code.
Make Your Friends Do Embarrassing Things!
Make Rain And Snow Taste Like Honey Or Chocolate Or Something Equally Tasty.
Make Directtv Commercials.
Make It Rain Food.
Make Your Dream More Realistic Than Real Life.
Make Solid Light (What Would That Look Like?).
Make Your Own Dream Dreamjournal.
Make A Gigantic Stained Glass Window.
Make Unfunny Jokes As A Stand Up Comedian And Have The Audience Love It.
Make The Most Awesome Band Ever With Rob Zombie, David Mustang, And Anyone Else You Can Think Of.
Make A The Walking Dead Style Zombie Apocalypse Happen And Try To Survive.
Make Things Go In Super Slow-mo.
Make Other Worlds.
Make A Dream Last As Long As Possible.
Make Everyone Outrageously Synesthetic, If They Aren't Already.
Make Cartoon Characters Real!
Make An Acid Cake.
Make Plants Grow When You Walk.
Make A Fight With A Dream Character And Then Beat Him By Pointing Your Finger At Him So He Shrinks To The Size Of A Pea.
Make A Huge Mountain If You Are Experienced Enough. (Try It, Its Not As Easy As You Think It Is).
Make A Cool House In Outer Space.
Make Your Own Movie.
Make It So You Cry Your Favourite Beverage And Drink It.
Make The Earth Stop Spinning.
Make A Cannon That Shoots Bananas.
Make Dcs Levitate Or Do Stupid And Amusing Things For Your Personal Entertainment.
Make Your Own Game And Go Inside It.
Make The Universe Big Crunch.
Make An Island With Lots Of People And Do Whatever You Want.
Make Brownies And Give Them Away.
Make A Hoverboard And Do Mad Tricks.
Make Every Dc In Your Dream Look Exactly Like You.
Make Gravity Disappear.
Make The Perfect Moment And Freeze It Exactly As It Is.
Make Water Burst Into Flames.
Make An Experiment In Bringing The Dream Things To The Real World.
Make Everyone Smart.
Make It Rain Easy Buttons.
Make A Skrillex/dubstep Song.
Make Hell.
Make A Really Big Pancake!
Make A Gym On Neptune.
Make A Human Being Inside Your Dream And Send It Into The Mind Of A Child, Have The Child To Grow Up Looking Like That Person.
Make Some Sweet Piece Of Technology And Use It In Common Places.
Make A Dream Like If Was Real Life, And Do Something Really Weird And See How People React.
Make Time Go Faster.
Make Scrambled Eggs On The Foot Path Outside.
Make A New Os.
Make A Youtube Video And Get A Trillion Views.
Make Your Own Planet.
Make Someone Do The Moonwalk On The Moon.
Make Simon Cowell Eat The Teletubies.
Make Dream Characters That Are Representing The Different Sides Of Your Inner Personality.
Make Something That Looks Like A Banana Appear In Your Hand.
Make The Moon A Spacecraft That Uses Magnetoplasmadynamic Thrusters.
Make A Building Fly And Put It On Top Of Another Building.
Make It Rain Coffee.
Make A Peanut Butter Jelly Face!
Make Someone Turn Inside Out.
Make Other People Switch Bodies And See What They Do/how They React.
Make All Of Your Dream Characters Have Animal Ears To See Their Reaction.
Make It Rain Pasta/pizzas Or Hamburgers. Or Why Not All At Once. Then Tell Dc's What A Nice Whether It Is Today.
Make It Christmas And Get All The Best Presents You've Ever Wanted.
Make Your Own Card Game.
Make A Big Sandwich For Yourself. And Watch Some Tv.
Make A Black Hole Near Earth.
Make Your Own Roller Coaster And Ride It.
Make A Dc Start A Dream Journal.
Make Someone Tell You All His Secrets.
Make A Gamma Burst Happen And Watch The Earth Get Cooked In Seconds.
Make An Alien Sky - Multiple Moons Or Suns In The Sky, Or Permanent Twilight, See How That Affect The Enviroment.
Make Firework Show On The Sea.
Make Your Own Clothes.
Make Time Slow Down And Dream Time Continuing As Normal.
Make Yourself Move With Telekinesis/levitation.
Make Decisions You Didn't Make In The Past And Are A Little Regretful You Didn't.
Make Africa Rich And America Poor.
Make A Guy Kiss A Beautiful Girl And Then Turn Her Into A Man, See The Guys Reaction And Laugh.
Make A Big Wall Of Earth.
Make A Round Flame.
Make Pokemon Come To Life.
Make Your Own Language.
Make Your Own Weapon And Cause Havoc With It.
Make Heaven.
Make A Dc Really Mad,then Run Away.
Make A Super computer.
Make A Star Explode.
Make Everyone's Thoughts Register As Thought Bubbles And Jump Into Someone's Thought Bubble.
Make The World's Best Hamburger And Savour The Delicious Flavors Of Beef, Cheese, Bacon, Gherkin, Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato, Bbq Sauce...
Make Your Dream A Third-person-view Dream, Look At Yourself (The Screen) Grab The Camera And Throw It On A Wall Till It Breaks/shatters/explodes/vaporizes (Whatever You Prefer), Them Go To Dreamviews And Post About What You Saw.
Make Popcorn.
Make Your Enemy's Ugly.
Make A Burger By Your Ayes.
Make The Sun's Fire Go Out.
Make Your Hand A Light Saber.
Make It Rain Min-vans.
Make Robot Versions Of Everyone( Famous People,dc,really Everyone).
Make Objects/ Buildings Come Alive And Ask Them Questions.
Make A Star.
Make It Night Time (When The Sun Goes Down In A Lucid Dream Theres Nothing Quite Like It).
Make A Dc Younger.
Make Your Own Lucid Dream Drug.
Make It Miku Miku.
Make A Musical Named Nightmares Are Gone (My Ultimate Goal Maybe).
Make A School Bus, Or Any Other Vehicle You're On, Fly, But Without Being The Driver!
Make Stuff Float With My Mind.
Make Everything In The World 2d Like Early Mario Games.
Make A Cool House Underwater.
Make Photographs Move.
Make A Video Real!! (Call Of Duty Dream!).
Make A Minecraft/lego World.
Make An Elf Army.
Make A Poem Of Epic Awesomeness.
Make The Robosite Smart And Listen To You.
Make A Movie Starring Your Favorite Actors.
Make A People Zoo Where Everyone Is Naked And People Can Come Look And Laugh At Them.
Make It Rain.
Make A Compass That Tells You How Good Someone Is And Use It On Yourself.
Make Louai's Glass Sword Melt With My Fire Sword.
Make Osama Bin Laden President Instead Of Obama, And Look At America.
Make A Planet Out Of Chairs!
Make Your Clock Say 11:60.
Make A Spike Pit.
Make A Game, And Be Famous..
Make Dc's Ask You For Good Techniques To Master Ld.
Make Dream Characters Into Cartoons.
Make A Planet.
Make Darkness Swallow Earth.
Make Life Born On Mars.
Make Thought Bubbles Appear Above Peoples Heads, So You Can See What They're Thinking.
Make Your Own Computer.
Make People Build A Tall Building And Blow It Down.
Make A Door Appear In Front Of You And Use It To Travel To Another Dimension.
Make The World Into Hentai Anime.
Make Your Own Starsystem.
Make A Perfect World, And A Gatekeeper Who Decides Who Can Enter Mentioned World.
Make Some Space Cake.
Make A Gun That Shoots Brickwalls.
Make Photo Of Ur Self And See It.
Make A Sandwich From Plastic.
Make A Copy Of Yourself Programmed To Build (What You Proceive As) The Perfect System.
Make It Rain Moments Of Joyful Wonder.
Make A Gun That Shoots Houses.
Make A Big Shoot-out Between You And A Bunch Of Cops.
Make Your Own Plant.
Make A Hole In Your Bedroom Wall And See What Happens.
Make Your Own Wand/staff And Be Able To Cast Anything You Want With It. (Including Dragon Shouts!).
Make The Sun Explode And Protect The World.
Make Music!
Make Random People Puke, Then Catch Their Vomit In A Bucket. Once The Bucket Is Full, Drink It All.
Make A Town/city.
Make A Fort Made Of Money.
Make An Impossible Sculpture.
Make Yourself Sneeze In Real Life.
Make The Continents Retract Back Into Pangaea.
Make A Better Mousetrap.
Make Storm Clouds Appear In Unnecessary Locations.
Make An Origami.
Make Everyone Around You Get Random Emotions.
Make Your Own Candy.
Make Prisms Of Light And Sound. Just Made That Up, But It's Sounds Cool, And You're Dreaming Anyway.
Make A Big Rainbow Firework Appear In The Sky.
Make A Giant Piano And Dance On It.
Make The Highest Building In The World.
Make A Dome Around Your Town (Like The Show).
Make All The Animals In The World Perform A Broadway Musical.
Make Everything Super Colourful/ Odd Couours.
Make Doing Good Things A Bad Thing And Doing Bad Things A Good Thing.
Make A Dc's Body Part Bigger Than The Rest Of Their Body, See How They Manage. Lol Quadruple The Size Of Their Head Watch Them Fail.
Make A Cure For AIDS But Have A Bad Recall And Not Remember It.
Make A Free Throw From The Other Side Of The Court.
Make A Cloud Castle Which Tastes Like Candy.
Make The Moon And Planets Very Big.
Make Your Own World.
Make Every Thing Go Back (Cars Go Back People Walk Backward).
Make Your Tongue Really Looooong.
Make Yourself Unable To Feel Any Emotions.
Make Sound Or Light Pass Around You.
Make Everyone In The World Look Like You.
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