Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Play Things | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Play Things
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Play Things
Play The Piano Amazingly In Front Of George Baines, Smack Him Silly If He Tries Anything.
Play Golf.
Play A Guitar By Looking At It.
Play An Rts (Real Time Strategy) Game With Real People And Cities.
Play First-person Video Games Like Just Cause And Left 4 Dead To Experience Them More Vividly Than Ever Before.
Play An Instrument Masterfully That You've Never Touched In Real Life.
Play An Instrument You Can't Play In Real Life.
Play Spin The Bottle, But This Bottle Blasts Away Anyone It Stops On.
Play Background Music In Your Dreams Much Like A Movie.
Play The Video Game Tron In An Arcade.
Play Onstage With *insert Band Name Here*.
Play Chess With Chuck Norris Shocked.
Play A Game With Your Subconscious.
Play Fallout 3 From The Main Guy's Perspective And Stab Your Father In The Throat When He Takes You Out Of The Womb.
Play Pokemon Go.
Play Twisted Metal Xd As The Driver.
Play Your Favorite Song On You Own Vocal Cords.
Play Quitar Which Is Made Of Water And Ice.
Play Out The Entire Story For A Fantasy Novel You Would Like To Write. (Tried To Write Several, Dang Writers' Block).
Play Billiards With The Planets.
Play With Legos.
Play A Relaxing Round Of Golf With Tiger Woods On The World's Most Exotic And Adventurous Golf Course.
Play Wizard's Chess.
Play Soccer With Famous Dead People.
Play With Firework.
Play Planet Tennis And Accidentally Destroy Earth.
Play Marbles But Lite Them On Fire.
Play The Intro Riff To Wanted Dead Or Alive.
Play "Dude Looks Like A Lady" With Aerosmith.
Play For Barcelona.
Play The Character In Your Favorite Video Game.
Play The Most Epic 80's Hair Metal Concert Ever.
Play Your Song In A Concert With Thousands Of People .
Play Tennis.
Play Blitzbal.
Play The Sburb Beta.
Play Some Battle Card Game With Real Monsters.
Play With Barcelona Against The Great Teams Of Europe And Win The Champions League By Scoring The Winning Goal.
Play Chess With Ninjas As Your Chess Pieces.
Play Polar Panic.
Play Billiards. Except Planets Are The Billiard Balls!
Play Horse With Kobe, Mj, And Wilt Chamberlain.
Play A Few Rounds Of Frog Chugging.
Play A Video Game That You Have Played In Real Life, But Be The Character Instead Of Controling The Character.
Play With Physics.
Play In The Super Bowl.
Play Chess With Your True Self.
Play/practise Playing Darts.
Play Out Scenarios Where Everybody Almost Dies, Like An Asteroid Hits Earth.
Play In The World Cup Final.
Play Tetris.
Play Any Instrument To Perfection In A Orchestra, Me Violin, And Electric Guitar.
Play Quitar Which Is Made Of Molten Lava.
Play Golf With Queen Of England.
Play With Play-doh.
Play A Board Game With A Dc.
Play Candyland And Stargate Into The Game.
Play Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Play Golf With The Planets.
Play Call Of Duty.
Play A Video Game With A Devil.
Play An Electric Guitar With A 2km High Speaker.
Play Out Multiple Parts Of Pulp Fiction.
Play Sports.
Play Around With Celestial Objects, Smash Them Into Eachother, Change Their Cores, Make Them More Massive.
Play My Xbox 360 In The Dream.
Play A Video Game You Cant Play In The Real World.
Play The Skyrim Trailer Song On The Piano Flawlessly.
Play A Song On The Intrument Of Your Choice That You Have Never Heard Before.
Play Cards.
Play Donut Massacre 64 (Check Out Food Battle 2009 By Smosh).
Play Balloon Fight On Your NES.
Play Golf With The Sun.
Play Balloon Fight With Real Falling Action!
Play Your Favorite Video Game As The Character.
Play The Role Of A Powerful Psychic Detective, Employed By The Miami Police Department To Solve Murders.
Play A Led Zeppelin Tribute In A Concert Hall During The The Victorian Era.
Play A Magical Flute That Allows You To Enchant Objects.
Play The Love Triangle.
Play A Game Of Dodgeball On The Moon.
Play A Live Concert With Your Favorite Band.
Play Meteor Tennis.
Play Hide And Seek With Dcs.
Play Dungeons and Dragons (Or Alternatively Your Favorite Video Game) With A Dc.
Play As A Character In Your Favorite Video Game And Screw Up The Story Line.
Play Hide And Seek With Playmates In The Playboy Mansion.
Play A Quick Game Of Baseball With The Earth, Then Visit To See The Effects You Had.
Play A Fps With Yourself. But For That You Must Separate Your Mind In Different Players And Make Them Unable To Read Another's Mind.
Play Real Life Pokemon.
Play Yu-gi-oh, Monsters Coming To Life.
Play With The Beatles.
Play A Real Game Of Tron.
Play That Game In A Dream On A Console.
Play Defend Your Castle For Realz, In Midieval Times.
Play Sucker Punch And Find A Map.
Play Poker Against Batman.
Play Piano, Bass Guitar Or Any Other Cool Instrument.
Play Quidditch With An Awesome Team.
Play Yourself In Chess.
Play Super Smash Bros Brawl From 1st Person Pov.
Play Strategy Games With Your Cat
Play An Instrument That Inflicts Spells.
Play The Inception Noise!
Play A Set With Them To The Whole World.
Play Baseball In The Astroid Belt With It.
Play Closer Attention To Smells, And Listen For Background Music.
Play Chess.
Play A Game Of Ultimate Frisbee On Top Of The Burj Khalifa, The Tallest Building In The World.
Play A Concert With All Of Your Favorite Songs In Front Of 1 000 000 People.
Play Football Underwater.
Play Cod Black Ops!!!!!
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