Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Visit Places | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Visit Places
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Visit Places
Go To Stonehedge, Meditate In The Center.
Go On A Trampoline, Fly Upward.
Go See The Best Psychologist.
Go Bowling In An Anti-gravity Bowling Alley.
Go Inside Your Favorite Video Game.
Travel To The Planet Of The Apes.
Go To A Tv, Change The Channel A Few Times And Enter It. Yes, Through The Screen.
Go To Lousiana And Eat Fried Chicken With Your Best Black Bud.
Go To The Center Of The Universe And See What's There.
Go To Sleep In Your Own Bed And See What Will Happen.
Travel In A Black Hole.
Go To The Island Pi Went To In The Movie Life Of Pi (Ofcourse With Your Mate Richard Parker).
Go To The Foot Of Mt. Everest And Jump To The Top.
Go In To A Black Hole.
Go Super Sayian And Destroy A Whole City!!
Visit A Alien Planet.
Go To School And Bang A Hot Teacher Infront Of The Class.
Go Into A Video Game World, And Touch The Floor To See What A Game World Floor Feels Like.
Go Underwater And Live In Atlantis.
Go To Wyrmroost.
Go Watch Atoms.
Go To Bar And Order A Drink That Doesn't Exist.
Visit Silent Hill.
Go To A Restaurant And Eat The Most Extravagant Thing On The Menu. The Flavors And Texture Of Lucid Dream Food Are Fantastic.
Go Through A Secret Temple Full Of Traps And Get Whatever Is In There.
Go Into A Cave, Find Gollum And Steal The One Ring.
Go Bungee Jumping At The Eiffel Tower.
Go Inside A Dream Character Without Him Knowing And See Where He Goes.
Go To The Future Or Past.
Travel Around Somewhere (E.g. By Flying Or Jumping) Then Say "Rewind!" And Start Going Backwards The Way You Came.
Go And Terrorize Your Cousin's House.
Go To Mars.
Visit Your Future Posterity.
Go Deeper.
Go To The Sun And Stand On It.
Go To A Theater In The 1920's And Watch A Silent Film.
Go Back Country Snowboarding.
Go To The Beach And Create A Tidal Wave Getting Everyone Wet On The Shore!
Go Inside A Bank And Steal All The Money.
Visit A Universe Made Of Antimatter.
Go To Space.
Go See A Nutritionist.
Go Back And Tell Your Young Self To Keep Up Lucid Dreaming.
Visit The Egyptians.
Go To Limbo.
Visit Past Lives Through Mirrors (See What You Looked Like, Jump In The Mirror To Go Into That Life).
Go To Everest.
Go To Medieval France And Do Witch-craft And Survive Multiple Beheadings And Burnings At The Stake.
Visit The World Of Minecraft!
Go To Some Library Off All Knowledge And Spend A Week There Where You Learn Everything You Looked Up Instantly.
Visit Thoreau At Walden Pond And Have A Conversation.
Travel To Another Dimension.
Visit Pandora, Become An Avatar.
Go In A Pie Eating Contest And Win.
Go To The Dark Tower.
Visit Your Favourite Movie, And Alter The Storyline To Somethintg Ridiculous.
Visit Beimeni, And Turn Everyone Into Old People, Laugh At Them.
Visit Other Planets.
Go To Your Friends With Two Hot Girls And Tell Them That They're Your Gilfriends.
Go To The Edge Of The Universe Question.
Go To An Ice Cream Shop With Gintoki That Has All Kinds Of New Flavors And Enjoy It With Gintoki.
Go Into The Land Of Ooo From Adventure Time!
Go To Heaven.
Go To An Alternate Reality Through A Mirror (Stargate Sg-1).
Go On An Adventure With Characters From Your Favorite Video Game, like Fire Emblem!
Go On The Longest Fastest Waterslide Ever.
Go To A Planet Full Of Predators.
Go To Medieval England And Do Long Multiplication And Survive Multiple Behaeadings And Burnings At The Stake.
Visit The Antarctic.
Go Through Glass.
Go To Jupiter And Try Not To Freeze.
Go Inside A Game Spore And Get Your Butt Kicked By The Grox.
Go To Nightmare City Based To All Nightmares Of Yours And Survive.
Go To Russia And Tell Dcs Grandma, It's Me Anastasia.
Visit An Alien Race And Explain To Them What You Are And Where You're From.
Go To A Futuristic Age And Make Cybernetics.
Go To Valhalla, Fight, Eat, And Visit The Goat Whose Udder Is Full Of Never-ending Ale.
Visit South Park.
Go Try To Interview Dream Characters And Find Out An Easy Way To Induce Lucid Dreams And Post Your Findings On The Forum.
Go Into A Museum. Make Everything Come To Life...including The Little Toy Prehistoric Beasts At The Gift Store.
Go To The Outside. (Outside The Universe).
Go To School In A Dream And Actually Learn New Awsome Things.
Go Inside The Animus (Assassin's Creed).
Go To Equestria And Have A Epic Battle Of Chaos With Discord.
Go Inside A Pre-made Igloo And Eat Your Way Out.
Travel To Pandora And Act Out The Movie Avatar(And Post Your Results!).
Visit A Scary Place.
Go To Nasa, And Say You Discovered Aliens. Tell Them To Go To War With Them.
Visit Bilbo And Frodo In The Bag End.
Go Into A Crowded Area, Shout You All Just Lost The Game! And See The Reactions.
Visit A Sacred Or Magical Site.
Go To Burning Man.
Visit Dead Celebrities.
Go To Idea Factory Of Your Brain And Make It Overload.
Go Hangliding Off A Cliff.
Visit Yourself In The Future And Ask Yourself About Your Past.
Go And Make Your Own Decoy.
Go To San Francisco In The 60s.
Go To Candy Land! Yummmm.
Go To A Jail And Release All The Prisoners.
Go To The Death Star, Have A Huge Rampage Inside, Kill Stormtroopers And Darth Vader, Then Blow The Death Star Up For A Finale!
Go To The Year 8000.
Visit The Garden Of Eden.
Travel To Other Planets.
Travel Through Cosmos With Carl Sagan.
Visit The Lucid Dreamer Castle.
Go To An Iron Maiden Or Ronnie James Dio Concert.
Go Inside A Computer Processor And Fight Viruses.
Go Into A Mario Game With.
Travel To The Creation Of The Universe And Watch It All Unfold.
Visit The Bolivian Salt Flats.
Travel To Atlantis.
Go To A Video Game And Play Around Inside It (E.g. Street Fighter, Midnight Club, Super Mario Etc.).
Go Into An RPG With Gintoki And His Friends, Just Like They Did In The Anime Gintama.
Go Into The Matrix.
Go Stand On The Edge Of A Cliff, And Ponder Whether Or Not To Jump Off.
Go To The North Pole And Go Into Santas Workshop!
Go Inside A Volcano.
Go See What Heaven Looks Like.
Go Down The Drain.
Go Into Some Random Persons House.
Go Through A Black Hole And See Where You End Up.
Visit The Other Side Of The Moon.
Travel A Long Distance Completely By Transferring Through The Bodies Of Dream Characters (Enter One Dc Body, Then Enter The Next From That One, And So On, Etc...).
Go To A Zeppelin Concert.
Go Shopping! (With Unlimited Amounts Of Money!)
Go To That World In "The Invention Of Lying" And Lie To People.
Go To Your Dream Control Room And Put A Virus In The Main Computer That Controls Your Dreams.
Go Inside The Nucleus Of An Atom Smile.
Go Swimming In Zero Gravity.
Go Surfing On The Surface Of The Sun.
Go Cliff Jumping.
Go To Easter Island.
Go To The Pokemon World.
Go Inside A Bird Nest And Crack One Of The Eggs And Pour It On Top Of The Other Eggs.
Go To Cocoon.
Go Around The World With A Zeppelin.
Go Into Another Lucid Dreamers Dream Who Has Little Experience And Say Your Their Dream Guide.
Go To A Dc And Say Call Me Duty And See If He And Slash Or She Does Infact Call You Duty.
Go In To A Really Huge Building, Hang On The Ceiling And Scare The Crap Out Of Any Dream Characters Walking By!
Go To The Places You've Always Wanted To Go.
Go To A Galaxy, 3452352348392784928739472364726357 Lightyears Away.
Go To An Old Western Shootout And Talk In A Western Accent .
Go Under A Rocket Before Blast Off.
Go To An Observatory.
Visit Florida.
Go Watch A Film, Then Go Inside It And Save The Day.
Go To Hell And Kick The Devil's But.
Go To Finn And Jakes House And Hang Out With Them For A While.
Go To A Jungle And Find Buried Treasure With Some New People Who You Meet And Fall In Love With.
Go Through A Difficult Obstacle Course.
Travel To Another Planet Or Galaxy.
Visit Valhalla From Ffxiii-2.
Travel To Japan And Eat Ramen.
Go In A Beutiful Forest And Make A Huge Crystal That Keeps World Peace. See What Happens When Someone Finds It.
Go Boxing Against Zombies.
Visit The Titanic As It's Going Down.
Go To Gotham, And See The Future, Then Stop It.
Go Into A Familiar Place, Like Your Bedroom, And Ransack It, Destroy Everything! Then Wake Up And Look At The Difference.
Visit Cool Little Planets Which Weird Stuff On Them.
Go Into Limbo But Somehow Get Out.
Travel To The Time Of Cavemen And Give Them The Gift Of Fire.
Go To Places You've Been In Your Past Lives And Like Recall Who You Used To Be.
Go For A Calm Walk In The Mountains.
Go In A World Where Everything Is Made Of Trampolines And Jump To The Moon.
Go To The Shrine Of Storms.
Go Into A Electronic Device.
Travel Like An Echo.
Visit Family You Haven't Seen In A Long Time!
Go Super Saiyan (Levels 1, 2, 3, And Maybe 4).
Go To The North Pole.
Travel To Center Of The Earth And Self Destruct, Resulting In A Planetary Explosion.
Visit Utopia.
Go Inside A Game And Play It.
Go On A Killing Spree. Then When Done Rewind The Dream To The Start (Or Manifest Everyone Back).
Travel To The End Of The World.
Go To The Bottom Of The Sea.
Go To The Stone Age And Show The Cave Men Your Moto-droid.
Go Around The World On A Hot Air Balloon.
Go To Boletaria Palace.
Visit Melty Molten Galaxy From Super Mario Galaxy.
Go On A Psychedelic Bus Trip With The Beatles.
Go To An Abandoned Place That Is Not Dirty And Explore.
Go To Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory And Lick The Flavor Wall. See How Snozberries Taste Like.
Go To The Dream You Had Last Night.
Go To Another Galaxy.
Go To Lotr Universe And Simply Swallow The Ring To Rule Them All Down Hole.
Go In The Walking Dead Show.
Go Into A TV Series. Change 1 Major Event, And Go Into A Future Episode And See How Dramatically It Changed.
Go Into Obama's Dream And Make Him Have A Nightmare.
Go To Your School And Burn Every Possible Teaching Tool Your Teachers Have.
Go To Italy.
Go To School And Bad Mouth The Teacher, And Be Like"You Aint The Boss Of Me".
Go To Hogwarts As A Witch.
Go To 2 Concerts At Once.
Visit Waldos House.
Go To An Important Government Meeting And Urinate On The Prime Minister (President).
Go To the Internet.
Go And Beat Shao Kahn From Mortal Kombat.
Visit A Pandora-like-planet.
Go To A Hospital And Tell Doctor To Fix You.
Go Into The Star Wars Universe And Become The Force, See What Happens, What Does It Feels.
Go Into Your Back Yard, Look At The Night Sky, Draw An Infinity Sign With Your Finger And Say To Infinity, And Beyond!
Go To The Future.
Visit Hogwarts.
Go To, Type In Your Name, And See What U Get.
Visit A Festival.
Go To Skyrim.
Go To A Guns N' Roses Show, Get Up On Stage, Steal Slash's Guitar And Amaze Him By Doing A Better Solo Razz.
Go Skydiving (No Parachute, Through The Atmosphere, Land On Ground Like Thor).
Go On Youtube, Watch A Video You Are Familiar With. Notice Any Differences That It May Have.
Visit The Amazon Rainforest.
Go To A Hot Spring Place.
Go Through A Solid Object, Such As A Wall.
Go Into Some Kind Of Room From Which You Can Enter Other Dreams.
Travel Through Mirrors To Other Dimensions/ Alternate Realities.
Go To Disney World.
Go Inside A Soap Bubble And See Where It Takes You.
Go To A Place Where Only Conciousness Exists.
Go Back And Watch The First Episode Of The Twilight Zone With Your Father And Family.
Travel The Pokemon World.
Go Into North Korea And Kick The Crap Out Of The Leader Forcing Him To Abolish The Concentration Camps.
Go Skateboardning.
Go Inside The Telly And Pretend Youre A Tv Star.
Go Ghost Hunting.
Go Exploring In Your Friends Room And Make Them Have All Kinds Of Dirty Secrets!
Go On An Order Of A Wizard To Destroy 7 Stars.
Go In To A Bank And Look At All The Stuff In The Safes.
Go To Your Home, And Travel In Time To See What Was There Before It Was Built.
Travel The Universe And Visit Other Planets.
Go To The Lucid Dream Academy.
Go To School As If Its A Normal School Day And See What You Learn.
Go To A Crowded Place And Constantly Shift Gravity.
Go To A Diner And Eat Someone Elses Food.
Go To Caspian Border.
Go To Awesome Universe.
Go Around Manipulating Temperature, Like Really Heavy. From 0 K To Infinity, See What Happens.
Visit An Art Museem (Soz Cant Spell Mew-see-um) And See Wat The Art Is Like.
Go-kart Around The World.
Visit A Haunted House And Scare Yourself Out Of The Dream!
Go To The Apple In The Sky.
Go To The Your Little Pony Universe.
Go Through A Portal With The Intention Of Visiting A Past Life.
Go In The Animus
Go To A Theater In The 1920's And Watch The Premiere Of A Silent Charlie Chaplin Film.
Go Hunting.
Go To Disneyland!!!
Visit Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.
Go To The World Between Life And Death.
Visit Planet Namek (In Dragonball Z).
Go Sideways In Time.
Go To The Tower Of Latria.
Go To The Center Of The Earth And Feel Yourself Get Pulled In All Directions.
Travel To The Year 12,000 and See The New Roman Empire.
Visit Limbo.
Go To The Gym And Have A Full Workout.
Go Into A Painting.
Go To One Of Andy Warhol's Parties.
Go To Look For A Treasure With India Jones!
Go To The Cemetery And Resurrect All The Dead.
Visit A Dream City.
Go To A Land Of Giants Where They Play A Game Of Marbles With You Inside The Marble.
Visit A New Planet.
Go To Holiday On Venus.
Go To A Random Planet, And Blast It Into Pieces.
Go To Circus As A Clown.
Go To The Center Of The Earth.
Go Inside An Active Volcano And See How High It Can Shoot You Out.
Visit An Alien Planet And Seek Out Intelligent Beings. How Different Is Their Reality? What Wisdom Do They Have To Offer You?.
Go To The Center Of The Universe.
Go Inside TV.
Visit Zeus, Hades And Poseidon.
Travel To Dinosaur Times And Save Them From The Comet.
Go Play With Some Cute Little Puppies Or Kittens!!!
Go Into The World Of One Of Your Favorite Games And Play Your Character.
Travel Throughout Higher Dimensions.
Visit the Garden Of Eden.
Travel To The Year 2312 And Watch The Sun Rise On Venus.
Go Windsurfing In The Clouds.
Go To The Time Before Time.
Go Inside A Computer.
Go Back And Visit Your Oldest Known Ancestors.
Go To A Planet And Make It Into Any Kind Of World You Want.
Go To The Year 4991.
Go Inside A Black & White Movie.
Go To The Sun With Icarus Wings.
Go Boxing.
Travel To A Planet, and Blow It Up While Standing On It.
Go Back And Meet Einstein.
Go Into A Mall Full Of People, Flood The Whole Place And Then Laugh (Underwater) At People Drowning Twisted Evil.
Go To Santa Clause At The Shopping Mall.
Go Bowling With Fred Flintstone.
Go To The Hospital And Say: I Need A Muffin Transplant!
Travel To The Center Of The Earth.
Go Skydiving Without A Parachute.
Go Sledging Down Mt. Everest.
Go On A Killing Spree With A Lightsaber.
Go To The Art Museum And Jump Into A Picture. Do The Same At The Library, Movie Theatre, Etc.
Travel Through The Multiverse.
Go To Your Favourite City.
Go On A Roller Coaster That Ends On A Different Planet.
Travel In The Tardis.
Go Watch A Frank Sinatra Concert And Smoke A Cigar.
Go Mammoth Hunting.
Go To The Center Of The Galaxy And See If Steve Is There (From Spore).
Go To The Distant Future And Explore.
Visit The Matrix.
Go On A Date With Your Favorite Model/celebrity And Slap Your Own Face Every 2 Mins.
Go Into Death.
Go On A Adventure With Gintoki By Your Side (Anime Character).
Go To Ancient Japan And See How It Was Like.
Go To The Earth Corp.
Go To The Earths Core And Say Pfft Its Not Even Hot Down Here.
Visit Donald Duck.
Go Into A Black Hole And See What Happens.
Travel To Limsa Lominsa From Ffxiv.
Visit The Moon Without A Spacesuit.
Go To The Bathroom.
Go Around Telling Dcs That You Are Dreaming And Count How Many Of Them Believe It.
Travel To The Sun.
Go Into School Or Work And Feed Your Teachers/co-workers Pot Brownies. See How They Act The Rest Of The Day.
Go Back And Tell Your Young Self To Never Compare A Girl To Another Girl To Their Face.
Visit The Beach From Inception.
Go To A Toy Shop And Bring All The Toys To Life And Then Have A Wild Partaaaaaay.
Go To A Beatles Concert.
Go To A Universe Reverse Of This One (The Dream Realm).
Go To 11th-15th Century England And Become King.
Go To A Different Universe.
Go To A Random House And Demand Rent.
Go Inside Your Own Pregnant Belly To See How The Baby Forms. Or Be The Baby Myself.
Go To Jurrasic Park. Experience The Technical Difficulties Of The Fences Breaking.
Go Back And Visit Your Grandparents And Great Grandparents On Each Side.
Go To The Year 3010 And Watch T.v.
Go On A Buffalo Hunt With Native Americans.
Go To The Edge Of The Universe And Step Out.
Go To An Art Gallery And Jump Into The Various Paintings. Where Do You End Up?.
Go To Hawaii.
Go Inside A Trash Can And Discover It Goes To A Secret Dancing Banana Civilization Deep Underground.
Go To Rarity's Boutique.
Go Show Your New Ferrari To Your Friends.
Go To "Half-blood Hill" From Percy And The Olympians.
Go To The Past And Punch Someone In The Face Then Go Back To The Present And See How It Changed The World.
Visit A Psychologist While In Your Dream And Attempt To Learn More About Your Mind.
Travel To A World Swallowed By Darkness And Explore.
Visit A Steampunk City.
Go Super Saiyan (First Level Only) And Take The Role Of Vegeta In The Series.
Travel To Countries I've Only Seen Pictures Of.
Go To The Past And Make President Clinton Black.
Go To Carneval.
Visit Leonardo Da Vinci And Tell Him To Paint You.
Go Read A Story On Creepypasta And Live It In Your Dream.
Go To School And Make The Teacher Do The Homework For You.
Go To Disneyland Or Six Flags.
Go For A Swim To The Deepest Part Of The Ocean.
Go Hunting For Massive Spiders In An Amazon Jungle.
Travel To A Foreign Country Besides Japan.
Visit The White Lodge.
Go Longboarding And Go Extremely Fast!
Go To The Grid.
Go To A Relay In The Origin System And Meet Some Tenno Or Even The Lotus.
Go Into Your Friend's Dream And Tell Them They're Dreaming.
Go Through A Randomly Created Dungeon.
Visit A Tourist Attraction Like The Eiffel Tower. Or The Great Wall Of China.
Go Swimming With Sharks.
Go To Nightmare City And Become It's Mayor.
Go To Rook Island And Become A Pirate Like Vaas In Far Cry Iii.
Go To The Valley Of Defilement.
Go On A Date With Your Fav Movie Character.
Go To The Cinema And Try To Watch A 4D Movie.
Go To Your Dream Land!
Go To Shadow Of The Colossus World And Fight All The Colossi.
Go To Time Before The Dinosaurs.
Travel Through Time.
Go On The Perfect Vacation.
Go Rock Surfing In The Upper Atmosphere.
Go Hang-gliding Over Isla Nublar, The Mysterious Fictional Island From Jurassic Park. Observe The Dinosaurs!
Go To The Vanquish Space Colony.
Visit The Depths Of The Oceans, Interact With All Animals, And Swim (I Love The Water.).
Go To Awesome City.
Go Try To Win The Election For U.s President!
Go To A Classical Performance.
Go Mining And Eat Any Delicious Gems Or Crystals You Find.
Go To Medieval Scotland And... You Get The Idea.
Go To Lost Mesa.
Go Boxing With Boxing Gloves On Fire.
Go To Your School And Talk To Your Crush.
Go Into A Store And Knock Everything Off The Shelves. This Is Extra Fun If There's A Ton Of Glass.
Visit Artsy Fartsy, Moody Broody Places. For The Feels.
Go Around And Help People Like Phil Conor.
Go To A Gravediggaz Concert.
Go On A Shopping Spree!
Travel Through The Internet (Literally).
Visit The Fields In The Game 'flower'.
Visit The Arctic.
Go To Gran Pulse.
Go To A Busy City, Turn White People Black And Vice Versa, See Their Reactions.
Travel To The Highest Mountians And Train With Those Short Bald Skillezed Monks.
Visit A Zoo With Animals Who Only Exist In The Dreamworld.
Visit My Minecraft Server.
Travel To My Own Original Fictional World.
Travel To The New World (America) And Be A Conquistador.
Go To A Cave.
Go To Events Worldwide Where Dancing Takes Place.
Travel The World On A Cloud.
Go To Church.
Go Back And Live With A Native American Tribe Along A Beautiful River.
Go To Medieval Time And Fight A Dragon.
Visit An Alien Art Gallery.
Travel To The End Of The Universe And See What Is Beyond The Galaxies.
Go On A Golf Course And Hit A Hole In One.
Go On A Date With Scarlett Johansson.
Go Water-skiing, Without Any Skis, Or A Boat. Very Happy.
Go Into One Of Salvador Dali's Paintings.
Go Trick-or-treating In The Year 1666.
Go To A Library And View Your Family History.
Go To Football Stadium And Cause A Riot.
Travel Through A Forest Of Mile High Trees.
Go Up To A Random Dc, And Tell Them To Teleport You Somewere Awsome, See Were You Go.
Go On Facebook.
Go Inside A Lava Lamp.
Go To The Gym, Find A Dc And Beat Him In Every Lift.

Go Through Your Mind/discover Past Memories (Again, Heard Of Some Guy Going Through His Dream Cabinet).
Go To A Basketball Game And Make The Ball Bigger Than The Hoop And Watch Them Try To Slam Dunk It! Cool.
Go To Spider Web As A Tiny.
Go To Pandora.
Travel At Superluminal Speed.
Go Back And See Yourself As A Newborn Baby.
Go Camping.
Go Into To Random House Like Ash Or Link.
Go To A Pink Floyd Concert While On Lsd.
Go Hang Gliding Off Mt. Everest.
Visit A Place Somewhere Over The Rainbow That You Heard In A Lullaby.
Go To Hades And Meet The Demon Headed Dog That Guards The Gate.
Go Out Into The Wilderness And Survive For A Week.
Go To Nasa, And Say You Discovered Aliens Don't Exist.
Go Inside A Mirror.
Go Through And Play Old Records On An Old Phonograph.
Go To Walmart And Pick Up Two Million Dollars Worth Of Food And See The Cashiers Response.
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