Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Be Things | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Be Things
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Be Things
Be Your Favorite Superhero.
Be Harry Potter And Defeat Voldormort.
Be In A Fight Scene And Have Cool Music Going While Fighting.
Be Nyan Cat.
Be The Avatar.
Be Super Mario And Save Princess Peach.
Be Eaten Alive By Cotton Candy.
Be King Solomon.
Be Your Dream Guide.
Be In This Video Game Where Your Oj Simpson.
Be The Human Torch.
Be The Last Man On The Planet Full Of Women.
Be Lady Gaga For A Day.
Be The President.
Be Really Young.
Be King Of The World And Execute People You Hate For Doing Various Things.
Be Invisible And Try To Talk To A Dream Character.
Be Bored.
Be Caught By Police And Escape From Jail.
Be Darth Vader's Apprentice.
Be Invisible (Duh).
Be The Sun.
Be Santa And Give Everybody Super Powers As Presents.
Be Grox From Spore And Conquer Center Of The Galaxy.
Be Stranded In The Middle Of The Pacific Ocean.
Be Mentored By A Superhero (Batman, Superman, Etc).
Be Part Of A Top-secret Mission To Discover The Source Of The World's Joy.
Be In A Plane Crash.
Be Indiana Jones.
Be The Facebook Wall For A Day Just To See What It Feels Like Being Written On All The Time.
Be Inside The Stomach Of A Whale.
Be The First To Discover Electricity.
Be In Two Places At Once.
Be The Lead In Some Epic Battle (300, Lord Of The Rings, Etc.).
Be On Your Favorite Tv Show.
Be Helpful To Someone Somehow.
Be Resurrected After Being Eaten By a Shark.
Be On The Sinking Of The Titanic....sad Music/leonardo Dicaprio/annoying Fiancee And Old Lady All Included!
Be The Dictator Of The World.
Be The Dragon Bronze Saint Or Capricorn Gold Saint From Saint Seiya.
Be Gandolf And Defeat That Dragon Thing On The Bridge In Lotr2 Or 3.
Be With The Wind.
Be The Alien In Alien.
Be Pacman.
Be Spiderman And Swing Around The City.
Be Made Of Bbq.
Be Completely Weightless Up In A Space Shuttle.
Be Chased By The Paparazzi And Hand Out Autographs.
Be The Ultimate Lord Of Pogo Racing.
Be Batman.
Be Your iPod.
Be Raz Al Ghul And Have Hundreds Of Asasins At My Desposel.
Be Spock.
Be Part Of A Special Team Of Commandos Sent Into Berlin To Assassinate Hitler.
Be Mosquito And Drink Someone's Blood.
Be Harry Potter And Cast Magic Spells.
Be In A Zombie Apocalyspe And Not Be Infected (One Of My Most Desired Personnal Goal).
Be One Of The Navy Seals That Killed Osama Bin Laden.
Be Bambi As A 8 Year Old Kid And Watch Your Life Spiral Down As Your Mom Becomes Addicted To Drugs.
Be Devil.
Be The King Of The Universe.
Be Tarzan And Rescue Jane. Then Do Naughty Things.
Be Part Of Your Favorite Book.
Be The Mozilla Firefox.
Be Inigo Montoya In The Princess Bride.
Be Nothing And Everything At The Same Time.
Be Terminator.
Be The Heroic Defender Of A Group Of Survivors In The Great Zombie Apocalypse.
Be The Most Wanted Person In The Universe.
Be Somebody Elses "Tyler Durden" (Fight Club).
Be Invincible And Start Trolling Dc's.
Be The Last Man Standing To Save The Humanity.
Be Happy.
Be Water My Friend.
Be The Main Character In A Video Game. For A Truly Unique Experience, Try Being In Spore.
Be Like Survivorman And Survive In The Wild For A Week!
Be Multiple People At One Time, Experiencing Multiple Perspectives.
Be Coraline In Coraline.
Be Harry Potter Fly On His Broomstick.
Be Kratos.
Be The Place Of Your Father.
Be Elected As Leader Of Your Country.
Be Killed By Death.
Be Forrest Gump.
Be Made Of Blood.
Be Mario And Go Around Jumping On People.
Be Repetitive.
Be The Boss Of A Factory Better Than Willly Wonkas.
Be Awesome.
Be The Head Architect For The Stonehenge.
Be Uri Geller And Bend Everything In Your Way.
Be In A Gravity Spaceship (Like In Dbz) Untill I Reach Namek.
Be The Strongest In Your Dream.
Be Santa Clause And Fly Around The World!
Be In Nick Swardsons Dream On Nick Swardsons Pretend Time.
Be Yourself At The Same Time You Explore Your Interior.
Be Avatar Aang And Control Water, Earth Fire And Air.
Be The Sun And Make Everyone On Earth Melt.
Be Jedi-knight And Feel The Force.
Be Fire My Friend.
Be On Stan Lee's Superhuman Show And Like Totally Suprise Everybody(Its On The History Channel).
Be In An 8-bit NES World.
Be Part Of Your Favorite Tv Show.
Be Joker And Get Revenge On Batman And Robin.
Be The Last Man On Earth.
Be Chicken In The Slaughterhouse.
Be In The Worlds Greatest Metal Band.
Be Crucified.
Be The Best Guitar Player In The World And Perform In Front Of 'em All!
Be The Sobe Lifewater Lizard.
Be Born.
Be Spider-man.
Be Inside A Computer.
Be Stranded In The Middle Of New Jersey.
Be President Obama.
Be In A Really Crazed Fun House.
Be Really Old.
Be Obama.
Be With The Love Of Your Life.
Be Naruto And Beat Pain With Rasen Shuriken.
Be Killed Being One Of The Pieces In The Chess Game.
Be On The Moon Holding A Detanator To Blow Up The Earth Then Press The Button To Watch The Destruction.
Be The Best Navy Seal, You Only Use Knifes And Stay Underwater For 2weeks At A Time, No Oxygen Required.
Be The Character Of Your Favorite Video Game.
Be Oj Simpons Wife.
Be In The Hunger Games And Change The Story.
Be That Monster Under Your Bed.
Be Santa And Make Orphans Happy.
Be In Minecraft And Mess With Those Damned Creepers Minds.
Be Ultraman And Step All The Buildings.
Be In Waking Life With That Guy Going Through The Dream Togerther.
Be Gandalf And Cast Awesome Spells.
Be The Main Character In An Anime Like Fairy Tail.
Be Yoshi.
Be The Wind.
Be In A War (Have Super Powers) And Totally Destroy The Enemy!!!
Be The Villain Of Every Horror Movie Ever Made.
Be In A Dota Game.
Be Your Pet.
Be Capable Of Playing With My Dna.
Be Small As An Ant And Explore The Yard Like Honey I Shrunk The Kids.
Be Two People At Once.
Be Toan And Defeat The Dark Genie.
Be Donald Duck.
Be Eaten By A Whale.
Be Everything And Everyone At The Same Time.
Be Famous.
Be Fred.
Be Everything At The Same Time.
Be One Of Santa's Reindeer.
Be Someone's Imaginary Friend In An Alternate Universe.
Be One With Nature.
Be Blind.
Be Part Of A Very Stealth, Behind The Enemy Lines-mission.
Be Chased By Undead-hulk.
Be The Only Human On Earth.
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