Lucid Dream Methods: Visual Induced Lucid Dreams | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Lucid Dream Methods: Visual Induced Lucid Dreams
Lucid Dream Methods: Visual Induced Lucid Dreams
For Visual Induced Lucid Dreams, during the day.

Visualize what you want the lucid dream to be like

Spend time every day thinking of what you would do if you were having a lucid dream.

This exercise prepares your mind for the night experience.

If you don't have very many lucid dreams, this exercise is probably very important. You need to train your mind for the experience, and invite it.

Just like in waking life, what you focus on usually expand, what you spend time on practicing, you get more of.

If you want more lucid dreams, spend time imagining what you'll dream about.

During the night. (Works way better at wake-back-to-bed after six hours of sleep than when you first go to bed.)

First, get relaxed. You can sue depp breathing to get relaxed, or you can imagine your brain emptying out and getting sleepier. If you have trouble falling asleep fast, it can help if you read a book about lucid dreaming right before you go to sleep, until you feel very sleepy.

Next visualize a dream that you had earlier, or a prepared dream.

You want to know exactly what the dream would be like, like who's in the dream, what they say, and pick the reality checks you will do. Visualize the dream slowly three times, making sure you remember every detail. Next, start going full-on and keep visualizing the dream repeatedly.

Visualize the dream as if you're looking at it through your own eyes, not from a third-person. If you find your thoughts drifting, just ignore them and go back to visualizing the dream continuously. You need patience and practice for this, so don't give up if you think it doesn't work.

When you start to actually dream this, you might not notice the difference until you do those reality checks! Continue the dream as you imagined it (for example, remember to thank your friend!) before going through the door.

If you try to visualize the dream until you fall asleep, and just stay awake, this method probably is not the best method for you! You might want to try another method.
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