Lucid Dream Methods: Thirst Induced Lucid Dreams (TILD) | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Lucid Dream Methods: Thirst Induced Lucid Dreams (TILD)
Lucid Dream Methods: Thirst Induced Lucid Dreams (TILD)
Have you ever gone to sleep so thirsty that you could only dream about drinking something? This is the idea here. Thirst Induced Lucid Dreams is both a motivator and an excellent way to remember to do a reality check when you're in the dream.

The motivation starts since you are basically dehydrating yourself before you go to bed. You don't drink anything for several hours before going to bed, so you then go to bed very thirsty. Another thing to do is eat spicy items before going to bed, like chili peppers, or salty crackers which can make you feel even thirstier.

Don't drink anything when you go to bed. Then sleep for six hours and make yourself wake up. Now fill a glass with nice cold water and put it beside your bed. Look at it for a few minutes, but don't drink any of it, just think about how much you want it, and how good it would taste to drink the water.

Since you are not drinking anything in waking life, you then want to do a reality check when you find yourself drinking anything. Most likely this will be one of your next dreams. Now do a reality check when you're dreaming of drinking water to see if you are dreaming, and you can then become lucid during your dream.

Thirst Induced Lucid Dreams provides you more motivation to get lucid, particularly if you tell yourself that you'll have to repeat this method again if you do not succeed at becoming lucid in your dream. It makes for a great reality check, as you're almost guaranteed to dream about drinking when you're really thirsty.

Concerns with Thirst Induced Lucid Dreams

Thirst Induced Lucid Dreams can be a really good technique for **healthy** people who can handle trying more extreme lucid dreaming techniques. If you have trouble getting lucid, this can be even more effective than Reward Induced or Punishment Induced Lucid Dreaming.

Not every one should try Thirst Induced Lucid Dreams. People with some health conditions should NOT do the Thirst Induced Lucid Dreams technique. Pregnant women, for example, always NEED to stay hydrated for the sake of their babies, so they should NEVER intentionally dehydrate themselves, and they should definitely NOT try this method. If you have certain other health conditions, you might also need to try other methods besides this one. There are a lot of methods to try, so you can easily find a method that can suit your needs.
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