Lucid Dream Methods: Auto-Suggestion Induced Lucid Dreams | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Lucid Dream Methods: Auto-Suggestion Induced Lucid Dreams
Lucid Dream Methods: Auto-Suggestion Induced Lucid Dreams
Auto-Suggestion Induced Lucid Dreams, or self hypnosis works on the idea that we are able to communicate directly with the subconscious and ask it directly to do what we want it to do. A few simple rules is all you need to do this method. This is best done when relaxed. Forcing the suggestion is not as effective, so relaxation is important here.

Hypnosis works with the mind being uncritical naturally. The critical function is offline, so it will accept just about anything you tell it.

There's a lot of ideas on this subject and some think it's shrouded in mystery and even fear, though rest assured that this is simple, effective, and easy to practice.

To get a good start, do breathing relaxation. Breathing is the key to relaxation, which is the key to suggestibility, which is the key to hypnosis.

You can do this during the day, before going to bed or any time during the night.

First you want to relax your mind by doing breathing meditation.

When you are completely relaxed, you can start giving your subconscious orders.

When talking to your subconscious, always speak in the present tense e.g. "When I dream, I am aware that I am dreaming."

Do not include negative language, as the subconscious can not process a negative e.g.

"I am not able to lucid dream." ... Wait, what did you just think of?!! Don't do that!!!!! Remove the word 'not!!'

Use visualisation when ever you can, as the subconscious can understand this even better than words.

Be excited and believe as much as possible that what you are saying is true.

Make sure you're realistic in your commands, for example "I am betting better at lucid dreaming more and more every night" will be better responded to than "I will have a lucid dream every night."

Repetition is the key – repeat the gesture a number of times to really focus the intention.

For dream induction, try this:

First have a past dream recalled.

When you are completely relaxed, say to yourself "I am becoming more aware in my dreams, My dreams are important to me, I can notice I am dreaming when I am dreaming." Try to actually feel the words.

Be sincere and positive as keep repeating this action for five minutes or repeat this five times

Firmly believe "The next time I'm dreaming I will remember to be aware that I'm dreaming."

This can be a great method to get lucid and it definitely makes a positive intention to become lucid. Include this with a habit of writing in your journal, and reality checks through out the day, and this can help you get lucid, especially if it's used with a Wake-Back-to-Bed method.

The use of Auto-Suggestion Induced Lucid Dreams to make an intention to remember your dreams when first starting out, on journal keeping can greatly help. Just doing a 10 minute session at night to intend on remembering your dreams can be a great help to put your mind on this subject.
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