Lucid Dreaming Tips – 5 Easy Steps to Lucid Dreaming and Actually Controlling It | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Lucid Dreaming Tips – 5 Easy Steps to Lucid Dreaming and Actually Controlling It
Lucid Dreaming Tips – 5 Easy Steps to Lucid Dreaming and Actually Controlling It
Becoming "lucid" is becoming "aware" in your dream that you're dreaming. The best thing is staying asleep and doing whatever you want to do; since you can then control EVERYTHING that goes on. Here's a list of things to start doing to help you have lucid dreams.

1. Start a dream journal!

Keep a pad and pen right next to your bed and every time you wake up, write down your dreams. We all dream every night, and this is a must do and the FIRST step for generating lucid dreams. You could already be lucid dreaming each night and then not ever remembering them. When you "dream" you usually only remember the last part of the last dream.

2. Start Meditating!

Meditation helps you stay asleep. Meditation will help you become lucid, keep you from geting too excited once you finally have a lucid dream, and it helps you remember that you're dreaming, as forgetting is normal.

3. Start "Reality Checking" REGULARLY.

Each hour or so, think to yourself, I can be dreaming right now and not even know it. Then, look at either a clock or some words, then look away, and then look back. If the clock/words have changed, you're dreaming. Tf not, then you're awake. Make this a habit and soon it'll carry over to your dreams giving you lucid dreams.

4. Spin To Stay Lucid.

It might sound weird, but if meditation doesn't work and you still end up getting over-excited, (especially when you have your first lucid dream) start spinning in a circle, when you're first lucid. Also rub your hands together. You might or might not come out of it still in the dream, but in a different scenario. The meditation will help you remember you're dreaming when you change scenarios. Each dream scenario or scene through your dream tries to lock you in. Either you end up part of the "play" and just play your part, or you "wake up" in the dream and become lucid.

5. WBTB (Wake-Back-to-Bed).

If you're getting frustrated with the above, try a night where it's OK if you lose some sleep and set your alarm to six hours after you go to sleep. Go to sleep and then wake up to the alarm. Get up and walk around your house thinking about lucid dreaming. You can even read this article again. After reading, go back to bed, think about lucid dreaming, and you might enter the dream world as a lucid dream. If not, it will eventually come. This is one of the better methods. If you end up too awake after trying this and you can't go back to sleep, try just setting the alarm, wake up, go to the bathroom, and then as you fall asleep repeat in your head "When I dream, I am aware that I am dreaming". Also, if you were dreaming dream when you woke up, try to visualize that same dream scenario. You might jump back into the dream as a lucid dream.

Remember, you need to keep practicing. You won't lucid dream if you don't practice this regularly, unless of course you are already lucid dreaming naturally; as some people do this their entire lives without even knowing it. Just keep at it, have fun, and dream away!
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