Lucid Dreaming Methods: Clock Induced Lucid Dreams – CILD Technique | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Lucid Dreaming Methods: Clock Induced Lucid Dreams – CILD Technique
Lucid Dreaming Methods: Clock Induced Lucid Dreams – CILD Technique
Clock Induced Lucid Dreams involves using a clock or watch to generate a lucid experience. It works like this. In a lucid dream, things like digital clocks and watches, behave erratically. You look at the time, and then if you look away for a second and then look back at it, the time's changed.

Clock Induced Lucid Dream technique for lucid dreaming

You can use this to induce lucid dreams when ever you look at a clock when you to do a reality check. During waking like, do a reality check when ever you see a clock any where. Or look at your digital watch every hour.

By doing this you will match the 'trigger' of seeing a clock to a reality check. Now, every time you then see a clock in a dream, you should then remember to do a reality check. Another thing you can do is use clocks as your dream sign.

Any time you see a clock anywhere, use the clock as the reality check. This looks the same as the instructions above, but it's a tiny bit different. With the first method you just using a clock to REMIND you to do any reality check. But here, you actually use the clock AS your reality check.

Look at the clock or watch. As you doing this, be aware of yourself and you're surroundings. Look at the EXACT time, to the minute and second. (This is easier when using a digital clock, since you notice the numbers have changed).

Next look away from the clock or watch for a few seconds and then look back at it to see if the time is the same. If you're looking at a digital clock, in the dream, the time should always be different, which should hopefully make you become Lucid. If the time isn't the same, then you can just do a normal reality check making sure, and then continue on with your day.

This can be done with mobile phones as well, although it's harder because mobile phones are easier to mis-read. With a normal digital clock, it's easy to notice if the numbers have changed when you look back at it, though with phones, it's harder to tell sometimes because the clock numbers are smaller.

Each phone is different, though you can make a custom phone screen background to ask yourself if you're dreaming. Then you can easily remember to do a reality check each time you look at it, which is probably frequently.

Clock Induced Lucid Dreams is not to be confused with the Wake Back To Bed method, where you use an alarm. Instead of using an alarm with the Clock Induced Lucid Dream, you are using the changing of time to test you reality.
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