Lucid Dreaming Guide – Simple Techniques To Help You Have Lucid Dreams | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Lucid Dreaming Guide – Simple Techniques To Help You Have Lucid Dreams
Lucid Dreaming Guide – Simple Techniques To Help You Have Lucid Dreams
Getting conscious awareness while you are dreaming is not as hard as it sounds, though it does require practice to have lucid dreams on a regular basis. The great thing about lucid dreaming methods is their simplicity. They are easy to learn, they are easy to practice on your own, they don't cost anything, you don't need any high-tech equipment, and they don't take a lot of time each day.

You need to make sure you are consistent about your daily practice. Inconsistent practice is guaranteed to cause failure in achieving lucid dreams. Practicing one or more of these techniques every day will help you have lucid dreams in your dreams. It probably won't happen the first night, but if you stay consistent with your training, it can happen in a few short weeks.

Start out by just doing one method a day. After a few days, add another method and do both methods each day for a few days. Then add another method and perform all three methods for the next few days, and keep adding a new method every few days. Even if you practice every one of these methods in the same day, it won't require you to set aside hours and hours of practice time. Most of the methods take only a few minutes a day, and a lot of them of them can be done when you go to sleep.

Pre-Sleep Visualization

Before you go to asleep, use visualization to set your intent on having a lucid dream. Visualize yourself going to sleep and entering a dream. Make the visualization as detailed as you can with vivid imagery. Look around and observe your dream surroundings. As you visualize yourself dreaming, visualize yourself doing a reality check and realizing that you are dreaming. Visualize yourself become consciously aware within your dream. Visualize yourself staying calm and lucid, and then picture yourself getting control over your dream.

Lucid Dream Affirmations

Use one of the below affirmations at bedtime while you fall to sleep. You can say the affirmation out loud, though that might interfere with you falling asleep. Repeating it mentally would probably be better for you. You can also record the affirmations in your own voice and listen to the recording while you fall to sleep.

I am a lucid dreamer.

When I dream, I am aware that I am dreaming.

I will have a lucid dream tonight.

I will awaken within my dream tonight and realize I am dreaming.

Keep your mind on the intent to become lucid in your dreams, and if your mind goes to another topic, just bring it back to the affirmations.

When saying the affirmations out loud, you can choose to use a firm voice or you can use a more soothing and relaxing voice. Some people respond better to gentle reassurances spoken in a soft voice, while other people respond better to instructions given in a strong, commanding voice. Test out both methods to find out which kind of voice generates a stronger response in you.

Putting Your Intent on Paper

Before you go to bed, write down your intent to have a lucid dream. It can be either just on a piece of paper or in your dream journal. Handwrite each of the lucid dreaming affirmations. While you write the affirmations, focus not only on the words but also on the intent behind the affirmation. Think of the full meaning of each statement. Put some emotion into it. Say each affirmation silently or out loud as you write it on paper, repeatedly.

Visual Patterns

While you fall to sleep, some times you might remain conscious enough to notice patterns showing up in your visual range as if they are being shown on the inside of your eyelids, called hypnagogic imagery. These patterns might turn into forms and shapes that can become become your first dream of the night, and these can help you have a lucid dream.

As you fall to sleep, keep your conscious awareness by focusing on the visual patterns being projected on the inside of your eyelids. First, the patterns might seem geometric or even abstract. Then they gradually take on the form of meaningful images. As you start to notice these images, gently direct your conscious mind to go into the dream scene that's being generated.
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