Lucid Dream tips: Dream Journals | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Lucid Dream tips: Dream Journals
Lucid Dream tips: Dream Journals
How often should you write in your dream journal?

When ever you wake up and remember your last dream, write away, even if it's just a few times a week. That's better than never! Of course, the more you remember, the better.

How can I improve my awareness of dreams?

If you don't remember very many of your dreams, your journal might look a little empty. First start out by writing down just little snippets - anything at all is good enough - and then watch your dream recall improve. Listen to self hypnosis recordings which remind you to remember your dreams. It might help to sleep in for an extra half hour on the weekends. Just before you wake up, you're right on the borders of consciousness and REM sleep. This is one of the best times for remembering dreams...and having lucid dreams!

How can dream themes help me become lucid?

Work on finding common themes and symbols in your dreams. They will help you create lucid dream triggers. Over time, look in your journal for any recurring themes, like as running away from something. Then remind yourself to become lucid every time your dream trigger happens. Next time, for example, when you are running away from something in a dream, you might be surprised by becoming aware that you're dreaming! Just don't get too excited in the dream. You'll wake yourself up.

Your Lucid Dream Journal

Of course the biggest reason for even having a dream journal is to have lucid dreams! Lucid dreams can be recorded the same way as a normal dream, in your dream journal.

Mark them as lucid dreams and describe when and how you became lucid (if it was a Wake Induced Lucid Dream, Dream Induced Lucid Dream, or some other method). Try to remember and write in your journal, what it was that made you realize you were dreaming. This can be a useful trigger for having more lucid dreams in the future.

Now go on and describe your lucid dreams in as much detail as possible. How did you feel, how did you achieved greater clarity if needed, and how long you think the dream lasted for in waking time.
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