Lucid Dream Methods: Gadgets Initiated Lucid Dream | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Lucid Dream Methods: Gadgets Initiated Lucid Dream
Lucid Dream Methods: Gadgets Initiated Lucid Dream
There are quite a few electronic products that you can use to try to become lucid easily. They try to detect when you're in the REM state and then give you a light and/or sound signal. It needs to be adjusted so you don't wake up, but then enter your dream instead, where you recognize it as alerting you that you are dreaming, making you become lucid.

One of the most popular devices is the NovaDreamer from the Lucidity Institute. However, this is no longer produced, so you might need to try eBay to find this.

DreamMaker is another option, and it's currently being produced. This works almost the same way as the NovaDreamer though without the Dream Alarm feature, that tries to wake the dreamer in the middle of the REM state. It comes with a mask, circuit board with adjustable controls, batteries needed to operate it, an owner's manual, lucid dreaming workbook, and Stephen LaBerge's very popular book Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming The circuit board comes supplied and ready to use, though you need to insert the batteries and put the circuit board into the mask yourself.

Another choice is the Kvasar, if you got the skill to create it yourself. For the Kvasar, you need about $20 in raw materials. This is not sold commercially, and it can be hard to operate.

Finally, if you have a cell phone, you can simply use a free alarm app that plays an mp3 file at certain times, for a few seconds and then stops, with no snooze, and during the day, train yourself to do reality checks when you hear the audio.
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