Lucid Dream Methods: The Cycle Adjustment Technique: Lucid Dreams with Cycle Adjustment Technique | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Lucid Dream Methods: The Cycle Adjustment Technique: Lucid Dreams with Cycle Adjustment Technique
Lucid Dream Methods: The Cycle Adjustment Technique: Lucid Dreams with Cycle Adjustment Technique
The Cycle Adjustment Technique, or CAT, is a way to learn how to lucid dream by simply influencing your body's chemistry. You have to adjust your sleep cycles which raise your conscious awareness during the early morning REM sleep cycles.

When used the right way, it works to generate up to four lucid dreams each week, and it can be really effective for beginners. In one study involving 10 students, the Cycle Adjustment Technique taught eight of them how to lucid dream in the first two weeks of trying this out, and they got an average of two lucid dreams during the trial.

The Cycle Adjustment Technique method was created by Daniel Love, an expert lucid dreamer from the UK. He created an in-depth book about lucid dreaming, called Are You Dreaming? The book includes a detailed write-up of Cycle Adjustment Technique (the short version is below) along with variations and other techniques that he created.


First set your alarm clock to 90 minutes before your wake-up time. Get up early every day for one week to reset your body clock. be cause of this, this method will not give you any lucid dreams during the first week.


Starting on day eight, switch your wake-up time by 90 minutes each day. For example, Monday 7 AM, Tuesday, 5:30 AM, Wednesday, 7 AM, Thursday, 5:30 AM and so on. The better you are at going to bed and waking up at the set times, the more likely it is that you'll have lucid dreams.

When you go to bed, repeatedly think "I will awake at the earlier time and do lots of reality checks." Even if you will be waking up at the later time, mentally prepare your mind for an early start.

When you get up, do whatever you want to, as long as you DO NOT GO BACK TO BED! You can also perform reality checks during the next 90 minutes when ever you can. Then have a normal day. Having more reality checks through out the day will help you have spontaneous lucid dreams

If you naturally wake up early on a sleep in day, lie still and tell yourself to do a lot of reality checks next time you're dreaming. Practice the Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreams or Wake Induced Lucid Dream methods.

If you ever sleep in late, only do it on a "normal" waking day, not on an early waking day. Try to keep it to a minimum so that you don't mess up your new sleep cycle.

If this generates regular lucid dreams, you can keep doing this as long as you want to. Daniel Love suggests that every few months you repeat step one (getting up 90 minutes early each day for a week) to refresh the cycle.


On the normal days, your body expects you to get up early. So your mind becomes become stimulated and more likely to end up conscious while you're still dreaming. This greatly increases the odds of having many lucid dreams each week - hopefully every other day giving you four lucid dreams a week.

Give it a shot. Beginners can learn how to lucid dream in just a few weeks with the Cycle Adjustment Technique.
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