Lucid Dream Methods: Twin Bodies Induced Lucid Dreams | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Lucid Dream Methods: Twin Bodies Induced Lucid Dreams
Lucid Dream Methods: Twin Bodies Induced Lucid Dreams
1. After a dream, lay on your back with your eyes closed. Tighten and relax. Let go of any muscular and mental tension, and breathe slowly and calmly. Enjoy the feeling of relaxation and affirm that you intend to consciously go into a dream; try not to have any other thoughts, worries, or concerns.
2. Then focus your attention on your physical body. Do the 61-point relaxation exercise to move your attention from one part of your body to another part, going through all points multiple times. As you do this, notice how your body feels at each point. You should get signs of strange sensations, vibrations, and distortions of your body image. These are from REM sleep paralysis coming on. Eventually you'll get sensations like these which quickly change into sleep paralysis. Here it's time to leave your paralyzed body behind and start a lucid dream.

3. When you feel like your physical body is in sleep paralysis, it's time to go. Remember, that your paralyzed physical body has a movable twin, your dream body, and you can just as easily experience yourself as being in one body as in the other body. Except when you have lucid dreams, you rarely ever notice that nightly your dream body plays a role of being your physical body. Now visualize yourself in your dream body and visualize what it would feel like to float or rollout of your earthbound twin. Let yourself go free from the immobile physical body. Jump, fall, or crawl out of bed. Sit up or sink through the floor. Fly through the ceiling, or simply get up. Now you're lucid dreaming.

As soon as you "get out of bed", you should quickly notice that you're in a lucid dream. Remember that you're in a dream body and everything is part of the dream, and yes including the bed you were just in. And that "sleeping body" you were just in, while you were thinking of it as a physical body; now it's just a dream body. Everything you see is now part of your dream. Do some reality checks. Read the same passage from a book twice, then look at a digital watch, look away, and look back at it again. Each time, you should see something different. And look at your hands!
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