Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Become Things | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Become Things
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Become Things
Become A Volcano/make One Erupt!
Become A Skeleton.
Become A Kirby!
Become A Gas.
Become A Flying Monkey For The Wicked Witch Of The West.
Become A Ninja.
Become A Giant Death Rock Of Doom And Destroy Manhattan.
Become A Mermaid.
Become A Member Of Your Favorite Band And Play A Massive Concert.
Become A Light Particle.
Become A Revolutionary In The Future (Basically Hover-boarding, But With Ray Guns And Derring-do).
Become A Telepath.
Become A Penguin.
Become A Character From Mythology.
Become A Squirrel.
Become A Cannibal.
Become A Buddhist Monk And Meditate On A High Mountain.
Become A Paper In The Wind And See Where It Takes You.
Become A Super-hero That Has The Ability To Tun His/her Tongue Into Anything.
Become A Jedi / Sith Lord And Fight With A Light Sabre.
Become A Kittycat.
Become A Jumper Like The Movie "Jumper".
Become A Hero And Save Someone.
Become A Dragon Ball Z Character.
Become A Pathogen; Slowly Tear Apart A Dream Character's Immune System And Combat The Armies Of Antibodies.
Become A Firefighter In The 1960's Shooting Witches With Hoses.
Become A Voice In The Head Of Someone You Know; Grant Them Wishes For Obeying Your Crazy Suggestions.
Become A Fish A Talk With Other Fish.
Become A Scarecrow And Chase Crows Away From A Pumpkin Patch.
Become A Guitar And Make A Famous Guitarist Play You!
Become A Sand Dune, And Experience Every Part Of Yourself Being Drifted Away When The Wind Comes Around.
Become A Space Shuttle Mechanic.
Become A Lego And Move Around.
Become A Black Hole. And Swallow The Universe.
Become A Doll/toy.
Become A Pokemon Master.
Become A Orge.
Become A Tree.
Become A Leaf And See How Far You Go.
Become A Galactic Overlord! Create Your Own Solar System And Populate The Planets With Complex Civilizations.
Become A Jedi Master.
Become A Dragon.
Become A Rain Drop, Fall From A Cloud Into The Ocean, Become One With The Ocean.
Become A Dictator, And Take Over The World.
Become A Dream Character In Someone Else's Dream.
Become A Colour.
Become A Hermit And Live In An Igloo In Antarctica.
Become A Famous Skater And Go Around Skating In The City.
Become A Character In Your Favorite Movie Or Game.
Become A Ghost.
Become A Monster And Bite People's Heads Off.
Become A Famous Youtuber/celebrity.
Become A Transformer From Each Of The Different Continuities And Experience What Its Like To Go From Robot To Vehicle.
Become A Dark Wizard And Cause Havoc.
Become A Shapeshifter.
Become A Sorcerer And Kill A Dragon That Is Ravaging A Small Medieval Town.
Become A Personification Of A Country.
Become A Famous Rapper.
Become A Dragon And Ravage A Small Medieval Town.
Become A Giant And Crush Everything In Sight!
Become A Fairy And Have Fairy Friends In A Mystical Forest.
Become A Zombie And Turn Dream Character's Into Zombies.
Become A Talking Dog And See Reactions From Other Dream Character's.
Become A Doorknob With A Face.
Become A Vampire.
Become A Old Man/woman.
Become A Liquid.
Become A Fairy And Visit With Tinker Bell.
Become A Shadow.
Become A Necromancer, Terrorize A City.
Become A Human Transformer And Be Able To Instantly Change Into An Autobot.
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