Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Summon Things | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Summon Things
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Summon Things
Summon A Random Video Game And Try It.
Summon David Copperfield And Make Fun Of Him Too.
Summon Your Ego As A Dc And Kill Him.
Summon Discord/loki/some Other Insane Creature Of Chaos And Allow Chaos And Hilarity To Ensue.
Summon Crocodiles.
Summon A Mountain.
Summon A Duplicate Of Yourself, Ask Questions, Why Am I Here? What Is My Meaning?
Summon A Music Box, Listen To It.
Summon A Giant Monster To Eat The World. Then, Kick A Mountain In To It.
Summon A Council Of "Parts" Of Your Mind And Try To Figure Out Things From Real Life To See If You Can.
Summon Zombies To Kill.
Summon Nightmare.
Summon A Balrogg In The Middle Of A Big City And Watch As Police. And The Army Try To Take It Out.
Summon A Dream Radio And Activate It, Then Listen To What It Plays.
Summon A Giant Spider And Ride It To Battle Against A Beenest.
Summon A Giant Mountain To Eat The World. Then, Kick A Monster In To It.
Summon Your Dream Guide.
Summon Up Extraterrestrials And Climb Abord Their Ship.
Summon Stalin And Hitler And Make Them Wrestle Each Other.
Summon A Dragon Of Your Liking From Another Dimension.
Summon Some Mario Power-ups (Fire Flower, Mushroom, Etc.) And See Their Effects On You.
Summon A Giant Orchestra To Play An Intricate Hymn Of War As You March Into Battle Against A Powerful Enemy Or Army.
Summon A Storm. Put Your Fingers Up Into The Air, And When Lightning Hits Them, Channel The Energy. It Feels Amazing, Doesn't It?.
Summon The Omni Key, A Key That Can Make A Door Lead To Any Other Form Of Door In The World.
Summon Mickey & Friends And Make Them Battle Against The Looney Tunes Squad.
Summon A Dc In The Middle Of A Dangerous War.
Summon Up A Wise Dream Character And Ask Them "What Is Reality?" Keep Asking For Clarification Until You Get An Answer That Blows Your Mind.
Summon A Dream Character.
Summon A Dc, Give Him/her A Flower. See What He/she Does With It. (Make Sure The Flower Is Extra-snazzy.)
Summon A Being More Powerful Than You.
Summon Tim And Ask Him To Give You Some Ld Tips.
Summon A Meteor Shower For Your Own Enjoyment.
Summon A Ghost, Spirit, Or Demon And Hunt It.
Summon Your Subconcious And See If It Remembers Everything That Has Ever Happened To You.
Summon A Device That Transcends Dimensions, And Gather Your Alternate Selves To Take Over The World.
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