Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Eat Things | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Eat Things
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Eat Things
Eat Steel.
Eat Cucumber With Sugar And Mustard.
Eat A Dozen Of The Best Donuts.
Eat Random Things To See What They Taste Like (Cardboard, paper, whatever).
Eat A Cheeseburger With Your Foot.
Eat Glass.
Eat A Sledgehammer, Just For Fun.
Eat Metal.
Eat Spaghetti.
Eat Your House.
Eat Ramen.
Eat A Pencil.
Eat A Giant Pizza.
Eat A Large Amount Of Plastic Items.
Eat The Universe And See What Happens.
Eat Everything In Sight!
Eat A Porcupine And Have It Taste And Feel Like Marshmallows.
Eat The Food You Don't Want To Give Your Real Body.
Eat Yourself And See What Happens.
Eat The Most Delicious Piece Of Pizza Ever.
Eat The TV.
Eat A Cake.
Eat Dog Food.
Eat Bacon With Bacon With Bacon With Bacon.
Eat My Shorts.
Eat Delicious S'mores.
Eat Green Eggs And Ham.
Eat Furniture.
Eat All Your Favorite Foods Without Gaining A Pound!
Eat Fruit Salads And Pizza With Fruit On It.
Eat A Krabby Patty.
Eat Your Boogers And Make Them Taste Like Gummi Bears.
Eat A Meteor.
Eat Donuts.
Eat As Much Food As You Can Until You Explode.
Eat A Plate Full Of Ghost Peppers.
Eat Lava.
Eat Pie.
Eat A Muffin.
Eat Just One Lays Potato Chip.
Eat Fatty Sugary Foods.
Eat Something That Makes You Go Berserk.
Eat A Whole Pan Of Weed Brownies.
Eat A Live Mouse.
Eat All The Pepperoni Pizzas In The World.
Eat Until You Explode.
Eat At 1,000 Times Speed.
Eat Someone.
Eat Your Favorite Food.
Eat A Tasty Thick Pizza.
Eat A Huge Bagel Covered In Bread.
Eat Junk Food Without Getting Full Or Gaining A Weight.
Eat A Raw Egg!
Eat Bark Off A Tree.
Eat Cereal That Doesn't Get Soggy.
Eat Live Animals And Make Them Taste Like Good Food.
Eat That Space Cake With Your Favorite Musician.
Eat Some Chocolate Cake.
Eat A Glue Stick.
Eat Ice Cream!!!
Eat A Mushroom And See If You Grow Bigger Like Mario!
Eat Papa John's Pizza.
Eat A Cactus Or Something What Is Spiky And See What It Feels Like.
Eat Magic Mushroomiez.
Eat All The Possible Candy In The World Withough Gaining Weight, or Feeling That Your Stomach Is Full.
Eat Jupiter.
Eat A Couch.
Eat Hemlock.
Eat, Sleep, Love.
Eat Anything You Want!! You Can't Get Fat, It's A Dream!!
Eat The Moon, and Discover If It Is Really Made Of Cheese!
Eat The Water With A Fork And Knife.
Eat All The Donuts In A Donut Store.
Eat A Cookie.
Eat Your Entire Body From Your Feet Up!
Eat Solid Gold And See What It Tastes Like.
Eat The Best Cordon Bleu.
Eat Your Head Off?
Eat Dragon Meat.
Eat Something From Epic Meal Time.
Eat A Cloud.
Eat Food You Have Never Had In Real Life.
Eat A 5-star Gourmet Meal. Can You Really Taste It?.
Eat A Suspicious Looking Mushroom.
Eat Something Non-edible.
Eat Galactus.
Eat Watermelon.
Eat Wood.
Eat Stars.
Eat A Lot Of Food And See If You Get Full.
Eat The Box From Papa John's.
Eat Barbed Wire And See How It Feels.
Eat Hamburger, Then Critique How Lame It Was To Shopkeeper.
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