Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Talk | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Talk
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Talk
Tell A Dc That They're The Dreamer, And That You're A Dc.
Tell A Dc 'I'll See You On The Dark Side Of The Moon'.
Tell Them That The Very Large Trophy You Recieve Isn't Big Enough For The Work You Did And Make Them Add A Lot More Gold And Detail On It. Make Sure They Fill It With Edible Delicious.
Talk To The Ghosts Of Dead Famous People Or Your Family.
Talk To Your Dead Pet Or Talk To Your Dead Relative.
Talk With People From The Woken World Differently Than You Usually Would.
Tell Lady Gaga She Is Insane.
Talk To Dead Relatives/friends/etc.
Talk To Your Cat/s.
Talk To A Dragon.
Talk To Smaug.
Talk Down To Your Boss, Teacher, Principal.
Talk To You Evil Side Twisted Evil.
Talk To Ostriches In Clucks.
Tell The Truth In Court, Then Talk Down To The Judge If They Get Visibly Upset, And Then Fly Off Like Iron Man.
Talk To People You'd Like To Meet. (Albert Einstein Or Tim For Instance).
Talk To Little Sister.
Talk To Cartoon Characters.
Tell A Friend To Do A Reality Check, Watch Thier Expression Cool.
Talk To Animals.
Talk To Someone You Miss.
Tell Your Subconscious To Show You Your Greatest Fear.
Tell Some Politicians Exactly What I Think Of Them Without Fear Of Consequences.
Tell Your Dream That Peaceful Intelligent Aliens Have Made First Contact With Earth, And You Would Like To Be The First To Meet Them.
Talk To Dc's Over Other People's Dreams And Have Them Tell You Stuff About That Person, And Knowledge He Know's.
Talk To Your Subconsciousness.
Talk To Yourself (Except Face-to-face.).
Talk To Your Pets, See How They Feel About Living With You.
Talk To Yourself In A Mirror.
Tell People That They Don't Exist And Only Exist In Your Dream, You Could Get Some Crazy Reactions.
Talk With Dream Characters About Who You Are And Ask Them Questions About Yourself In An Attempt To Learn More About Yourself.
Tell A Dream Character That You Are In A Dream.
Tell Everyone In Your Dream, "I Lost The Game".
Talk To As Many Dcs As You Can.
Tell Your Secret Love How You Really Feel About Them.
Talk The Tv Networks Into Bringing Back Bugs Bunny.
Tell Someone You Love Them. And Mean It.
Tell Kurt Cobain Not To Kill Himself, See What Happens.
Tell Yuppie That It Was Completely Necessary.
Tell Santa What You Want For Christmas.
Talk To Dc's About Birds and The Bee's.
Talk In A Big Circle With All These Comedians Around You Discussing All The Funniest Jokes In The World.
Talk To Your Ostrich About How He Felt About Winning The Race.
Tell The Dc That He/she Is Dreaming Right Now.
Talk To The Younger Version Of You.
Talk Gibberish.
Talk To Your Consiousness!
Talk To Your Subconcious.
Talk To Corporate.
Talk To The Moon (Stars, Planets Etc).
Tell Alex That Laberge Is Sewing Dv.
Tell Characters In Your Dream That They Are Dreaming, See What They Do.
Talk With My Pets.
Talk To Dream Guide About The Meaning Of Life.
Talk To A Mad Scientist And Have Him Show You Some Device That Showed You What I Guess Atoms Of The Dream State Look Like.
Tell Someone The Unadulterated, Uncensored Truth.
Tell Miley Cyrus She's Ugly.
Talk To An Angry Bird.
Tell Albert Einstein About The New Stuff In Physics And See His Reaction
Tell A Dream Character That You Control Their World Twisted Evil.
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