Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Fly | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Fly
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Fly
Fly To Heaven And Back To Earth.
Fly In An Airplane.
Fly A Jet!
Fly Up High, Then Plummet Down, Smashing Through The Earth And Going To The Molten Core.
Fly A Baloon And Later Parachute From It.
Fly On A Butterfly.
Fly A Sky Bison.
Fly From The Top Of The Eiffel Tower.
Fly Around The Coasts Of The North And South Islands Of New Zealand.
Fly Along The Mediterranean Coast.
Fly A Plane And Crash In The Ocean, Killing All On Board Except Yourself.
Fly Without Legs Or Arms.
Fly With Santa On Christmas Eve!
Fly To A Conflict Area And Disarm All Of The Soldiers On Both Sides.
Fly Through Space And Meet An Alien Civilization, Spend The Dream Learning Their Way Of Life.
Fly A Military Jet And Once Again Blow Stuff Up.
Fly To The Top Of Your High-school, Get Attention From Every Kid There Then Create A Tidal Wave Of Lava To Wipe Everything Out From Under You.
Fly Up To Cloud Level And Observe The World Below. This Is The Land Of Your Unconscious Mind - What Is It Like? Is It Peaceful, Surreal, Overpopulated?.
Fly Through The Sky As Fireworks Are Exploding Around You.
Fly So Fast You Can't See Where Your Going.
Fly' To The Edge Of The Universe...
Fly Through A Canyon, Powered By A Jet Pack, Chasing An Enemy Spy Plane.
Fly Up To The Sun As Fast As You Can And Kick It, See How Far You Can Get It!
Fly In A Plane.
Fly Through The Time Vortex.
Fly Through A Building.
Fly On A Griffin.
Fly Before You Hit The Ground Of The Mountain You Just Jumped Of.
Fly Around The World Until You End Up Back Where You Started.
Fly Faster Than The Speed Of Light.
Fly Through An Epic Landscape With Completely Natural Obstacles At High Speeds.
Fly Around The World With The Speed Of Light.
Fly A Plane.
Fly Over New York City At Night. When You're Done, Select A Window At Random And Float Right In. - Who's Inside? What Are They Doing?.
Fly Along The Fjords Of Norway.
Fly As Fast As Possible Out In Space, And See If I Hit The End.
Fly On A Gryphon.
Fly Into Space, Look Back Down At Earth, And Land Back On The Planet In A Different Location.
Fly Into Space, Then Freefall And Punch A Massive Hole In The Earth!
Fly A Magic Carpet And Snipe People From It.
Fly On A Robotic Dragon.
Fly Along With It And If It Reachted Appropriate Hight Then Poke It With A Needle.
Fly Around The World.
Fly And Make It Snow.
Fly To A Cafe By The Seine In Paris, Order A Cup Of Coffee And A Pastry, And Summon Frank Sinatra To Play...... Anything.
Fly Or Float.
Fly Through Space So Fast That You End Up In A Room With Elvis And John Lennon And Create Heavenly Music.
Fly A Plane Or A Helicopter.
Fly With A ATV.
Fly Really Really High Into A Place.
Fly And Catch Offending Homophobes At The Russian Winter Olympics And Drop Them Into Places They Can't Easily Get Out Of.
Fly Or Run Faster Than Light.
Fly To Moon.
Fly With A Bunch Of Rainbow Jellyfish Over San Diego.
Fly Into The Super Bowl Pre-game As The Jets Fly Over.
Fly A Remote-controlled Plane And See If It Behaves According To How You Control It.
Fly Through The Trench Of The Death Star While Being Chased By The Boulder From Raiders Of The Lost Ark.
Fly To A Parlell Universe.
Fly Faster Then The Sound, Hear The Sonic Boom, Touch The White Sphere Around You.
Fly A Boeing 747 (As A Pilot).
Fly To Outer Space.
Fly Through Space At Light Speed Into A Black Hole.
Fly Around The Universe.
Fly Into A Black Hole.
Fly Up To A Comet And See What It Looks Like Up Close.
Fly Close Above The Oceon, And See The Creations You Made In The Water Swimming.
Fly Over The Earth.
Fly Cars While Moving Stuff With Your Mind.
Fly To Jupiter.
Fly Into The Sun.
Fly To The Moon And Imagine That There Is A Waterslide Back To The Earth. Then Go For A Ride!
Fly The Jet To Saturn's Rings!
Fly An Airplane.
Fly On A Pterodactyl.
Fly Into The Sky And Put A Cloud In Your Pocket.
Fly Up To The Clouds, Grab Some, Come Back Down To Earth And Put Them On Sticks And Sell Them As A New Type Of Fairy Floss.
Fly Up Into The Night Sky And Keep Going Till You Reach The Moon. Feel A Wonderful Sense Of Cosmic Peace As You Distance Yourself From Planet Earth.
Fly Through Space. Pretty Obvious.
Fly From A High Drop-off, Like The Grand Canyon Or Something I Can Jump From Rather Than Just Flying At Home.
Fly Over Water.
Fly All The Way Around The World.
Fly Along The Western Coast Of The US/Canada And Across The Bering Straight To Russia And Down Their Eastern Coast To Asia.
Fly Along Side Various Roller Coaster And See The Riders Reactions.
Fly Through The Astral Plane And Play Nortec Collective As Background Music.
Fly To A Utopian World, Bring Back A Being To Our World, And Watch Them Faint In Horror.
Fly Through A Wormhole.
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