Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Jump | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Jump
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Jump
Jump Off Of The Tallest Object In Your Dreamscape.
Jump Of A Cliff, But Then Fly Before You Hit The Ground. The Feeling Of Falling That Far Is Strangely Exhilarating.
Jump On Stage At Moulin Rouge And Give A Big Kiss To The Prettiest Ladies And Impress All With My Flying.
Jump In Santa's Sack And Be A Present To Someone Random.
Jump Off Someone's Roof And Bounce Back Up Like A Super Ball.
Jump Into The Ocean And Float On Your Back.
Jump Off Mount Everest.
Jump Into A Vat Of Acid Or Lava.
Jump Off The Largest Mountain.
Jump Off A Cloud With A Parachute.
Jump In A Barrel That Is Heading Down The River Towards A Waterfall.
Jump Off A Cloud Without A Parachute.
Jump In A Spaceship.
Jump Off A Building And Land In A Snowdrift.
Jump Over A Little Kid In A Public Place By His And / Or Her Parents While Their Watching.
Jump Off Empire State Building, Die, And See What Happens Next.
Jump Into The Boiling Vulcano.
Jump Into A Tornado.
Jump Into Your Favorite Book/Video Game And Live The Story!
Jump Into A Bin And See Where You Come Out.
Jump Off A Building.
Jump Rope With Rope Made Of Hair.
Jump Into A Book As A Background Character.
Jump From The Highest Canyon.
Jump Headfirst Off The Effiel Tower And End Up In Northern Spain.
Jump Into A Bottomless Trench, Falling At 2000 Miles Per Hour.
Jump Off The Artic Shelf Into The Freezing Black Ocean.
Jump In Front Of An Oncoming Freight Train.
Jump In A Mailbox And Ship Yourself Somewhere Random.
Jump & Get Stuck.
Jump To Volcano And End Up In Other Side Of The World.
Jump 100 Meters To Air.
Jump Off That Tree!
Jump Off Of A Building And Stop Right Before You Hit The Floor.
Jump Off A Cliff And Think That There A Trampoline At The Bottom And Hope For The Best!
Jump In A Huge Pile Of The Softest Blankets You Have Ever Felt.
Jump Into A Trashcan As If It's A Portal.
Jump Of The Empire State Building And Dive Into The Concrete As Deep As You Can.
Jump Into The World Of Faeries By Using A Magic Dream Box Or Magic Dust Razz.
Jump Thru A Window Of A Tall Building.
Jump Through A Picture Frame/window With Closed Curtains.
Jump Into The River That Was Frozen Than Melted With Fire.
Jump Into The Grand Canyon.
Jump From A Cliff With A Wingsuit.
Jump In The Water.
Jump Inside Your Computer Screen Or Tv.
Jump Into A Volcano.
Jump Off A Skyscraper.
Jump From The Empire State Building In New York, Dive Through The Earth And Comeout On The Other Side.
Jump Off A Cliff.... But Better.
Jump From Outerspace,then Land In The Sea And Travel To The Center Of The Earth.
Jump Off Of High Places.
Jump High Into The Air, Allow Yourself To Fall, And Feel A Wonderful Burst Of Endorphins When You Land Perfectly The Ground.
Jump And Fall Down Straight Through Earth.
Jump To Acid Pool.
Jump Off And Land On A Fat Panda! Shocked Cool Very Happy.
Jump Into A Never Ending Hole.
Jump Through A Window Without Breaking It.
Jump Into A Unexpected Continent.
Jump Into A Toilet And Come Out In Another Toilet Somewhere Completely Different.
Jump Off The Tallest Building And Try And Stop Before I Hit The Ground.
Jump Off The Empire State Building.
Jump Of A Building And Have Every One Upset Like Your Commiting Suicide, But When You Fall, Stand Back Up And Pretend Like Nothing Happened.
Jump Off Of The Cliff.
Jump Into Your Own Paintings Or Interesting Art Worlds Of Others.
Jump Into The Sea From 100 Meters.
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