Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Socialize | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Socialize
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Socialize
Ask Your Subconscious Why You See So Many Nightmares/why You Never See Nightmares.
Ask For Emotional/psychological Itches To Be Cut.
Ask People Really Awkward Questions Then Turn Invisible, Like "Hey, Are You Pregnant?" *vanish*.
Ask Somebody What The Meaning Of Life Is.
Ask The Dream To Give You A Random Weapon.
Ask The Dream To Give You A Random Vehicle.
Ask Your Dream Guide Character, "What's The Biggest Mystery In The World?".
Ask The Dream, Surprise Me!
Ask The Divine Mother To Show You What You Need To Be Shown.
Ask Your Dream Out Loud: "Why Am I Here?" Then Wait.
Ask Your True Love To Appear And Let Him/her Introduce Him/her Self (If You Have Not Find Him/her Yet.)
Ask Your Subconscious How To Lucid Dream Every Night Without Fail.
Ask Your Dream To Show You What Love Looks Like.
Ask Your Dream Character's To Let You Know When You're Dreaming Every Night.
Ask A Random Question About Your Waking Life Like "Why Do I Bite My Fingernails" And See What Happens.
Ask Other Dream Characters Questions That Are Playing On Your Mind. Is It Time For A Career Change? What Should You Name Your Unborn Child?.
Ask Myself To Retrieve Certain Memories And Then Watch Them.
Ask Your Subconscious To Create A Perfect You, And Get Tips From Yourself.
Ask About What My Dream-nickname Is.
Ask A Fox What Does The Fox Say?
Ask The Dream To Send Forward A Representative Of Your Inner Self. Ask Them If They Have Anything To Tell You, Or Pose Burning Life Questions.
Ask Someone About What You Should Do In A Lucid Dream.
Ask To Have The Worst Nightmare And Confront It.
Ask Anything, Like Your Dna, Your Forgotten Memories Etc.
Ask Myself Questions Only The Deepest Parts Of Myself Can Answer.
Ask For The Translation Of A Foreign Word Which You Don't Know Consciously But Have Likely Been Told The Meaning Of At Some Point In The Past. See If The Subconscious Can Get It Right.
Ask You Subconscious Your Future. If It Doesn't Tell You, Beat It Up.
Ask One Of Your Dream Characters What They Have Always Wanted, And Give It To Them.
Ask Your Subconsciousness How To Lucid Dream.
Ask For Directions.
Ask The Girl You Like Out And See How She Reacts To That.
Ask Your Unconscious Dreaming Mind To Help You Recognize The Dream State More Often, So You May Interact More Frequently.
Ask Your Dream For A New Dream Goal To Accomplish, Or A List Of Them To Post Here! You Aren't Limited Creatively In The Dream Realm.
Ask People What The Date Is, Then Wake Up And Check.
Ask Your Subconscious Some Meaningful Questions About Yourself: What's My One Fear, What's My Dream Job, Etc.
Ask My Subconscious To Show Me Some Dreams From Childhood.
Ask Your Dream To Assemble A Mixtape Of All Your Favorite Songs. If You Start Catching On Fire, Don't Worry, It's Only Because You Listened To The Mixtape.
Ask Your Subconscious About Anything You're Unsure Of Or Want To Know.
Ask The Dream To Show You Something Important.
Ask The Dream To Show You Bullet-time And Warp The Matrix Like Neo. In This Virtual World, You Are In Command Of The Laws Of Physics.
Ask Your Brain How To Do His Tasks.
Ask The Dream To Give You Insight About A Personal Conflict In Your Life.
Ask The Dream To Help You See Music As You Hear It. What Form Does It Take? Is It Fluid? Does It Float? Can You Touch The Notes?
Ask How To Be Able To Lucid Dream Every Night.
Ask For Something And See What You Get.
Ask Your Dream Character's About People In Real Life And What They Think About Them.
Ask Your Dream "What Are This Week's Winning Lottery Numbers?" (If Anyone Ever Pulls This Off, Post In The Comments Below!!)
Ask Your Sub-conscience How To Stay Lucid.
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