Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Walk | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Walk
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Walk
Walk Around In A City From A Video Game, I.e Stormwind Or Orgrimmar From Warcraft Smile.
Walk On The Sun (Dr Manhattan Style).
Walk With Gandalf To Moria.
Walk On The Never Ending Staircase.
Walk On The Rings Of Saturn.
Walk Into A Mirror, And See What's On The Other Side.
Walk Around With No Skin And See How Dcs React.
Walking Around With A Giant Pencil And Erase People From Existence, Or Draw Things Into It.
Walk In The Open While Dodging Pouring Rain.
Walk Through Mirrors To A Random Places And Simply Explore.
Walk On A Supernova While Eating Ice-cream.
Walk Into Your Own Bedroom And Punch Yourself.
Walk Through A Bolder Without Creating A Hole Through It.
Walk On Jupiter.
Walk Into Random Houses And Scream, Honey I'm Hoooome!
Walk Through Walls, Fly Through Ceilings.
Walk Through A Window. Or A Wall. Or The Earth.
Walk The Dinosaur.
Walk Normally Down A Street And Fall Through The Sidewalk, And Watch Dcs Reactions.
Walk On Walls And Shoot Web Like Spidey (Personal Favorite).
Walk Through A Mirror.
Walk Up Walls.
Walk Inside A Giant Clam To Get The Pearl.
Walk Into A Surgery Room. Knock Out The Surgeon And Sew Yourself Into Someone (Your Best Friend's?) Body.
Walk In The Shoes Of Another Person.
Walk On Water. Actually Feel Your Feet On It.
Walk Up The Side Of A Building.
Walk Through Walls.
Walk Into The Street And Throw Cars Around.
Walk Through A Wall.
Walk At The Very Bottom Of The Deepest Ocean Where No One Has Been.
Walk Up To The Edge Of The Earth And Dangle Your Feet Off Of It.
Walk Around A Forrest And Talk To The Animals.
Walk Down Your Street In Underwear Swinging A Flail Around And Watch The People's Reactions.
Walk On Water.
Walk Over A Cliff And Keep Walking, Like On Looney Tunes.
Walk Around My Neighborhood.
Walk Through Walls And Solid Objects. Breathe Underwater.
Walk Up To A Dalek, Pet It And Say Awwwwwwww! So Cute! (Well? It's True!).
Walk On Busy City Street And Stop Time.
Walk Around With Bare Feet Everywhere.
Walk Up To Some Random Dc And Say, I Own You, Now Come On.
Walk On Walls And Ceilings And See How It Feels.
Walk Up To Random People And Spit In Their Eyes And Faces And See Their Reaction!!
Walk Up To A Dc And Change Into A Lion And Tell The Dc To Ride You Into The Sun Or Walmart.
Walk Around In A Group Of People And Disappear, See The Reactions.
Walk On The Clouds And Meet A Sky-dwelling Society.
Walk On The Water.
Walk Through Your Closet And Into Narnia.
Walk Into Compton Or Oakland And See If Something Happens.
Walk Across The Pacific While Fending Off A School Of Giant Man Eating Sea Monsters.
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