Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Use Things | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Use Things
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Use Things
Use The Nanosuit 2.0 From Crysis 2.
Use The Declairation Of Independence As Toilet Paper.
Use Allomancy.
Use The Gun From Portal.
Use The Force On Air.
Use Mind Control On Another Dream Character.
Use Weapons From Video Games (Like Oblivion, Skyrim, Call Of Duty, Fallout, Etc.).
Use Sharingan In A Dream To See What It Feels Like.
Use Fus Ro Dah.
Use The Device To Mess With People's Heads, Or Screw Their Lives Over.
Use The Enchanted Objects To Build A Massive Weaponry, Preparing To Wage War Against The Evil Alter-egos! Shocked.
Use A 'machine Gun' App On The Iphone To Take Out Zombies, Then Say Something Cheesy Like 'zombie Culling? There's An App For That.'
Use Genjutsu.
Use Time Control.
Use Kage Bunshin No Jutsu.
Use A Sonic Screwdriver.
Use Moon As A Football.
Use The Robot Spy To Spy On People.
Use The Force On Dc's and Lifting Them Up and Down Very Fast.
Use Karma Powers From Sims 3.
Use Your Powers To Lead Your Team To Victory! Very Happy.
Use A Paintbrush To Draw Things Onto Thin Air [and To Help The World Smear Itself].
Use Your Dream As A Practicing Tool For Real Life. Say You Want To Approach A Girl At A Bar. Pick A Scenario, Practice. Don't Like How It Turned Out? Reset And Try Again, Or Maybe Ask Various Dream Characters At The Bar For Advice.
Use The Sharingan.
Use A Bow And Arrow. Except The Arrows Are Buildings.
Use Magic To Defeat Your Alter-ego.
Use An Ironman Suit.
Use Telekinesis To Kill Something Or Someone With Something Bizarre (E.g. Flinging A Pizza And Decapitating Someone).
Use Hyperdimensional Teleportation.
Use Thought Powered Musical Instruments.
Use Magic.
Use X-ray Vision To See Through Walls And Other People's Clothing.
Use Lazer Vision To Beat A Dc In A Staring Contest.
Use The Moon As A Spaceship/planetarium.
Use A Computer And See What Happens.
Use A Massive Fart To Rocket You To The Moon!
Use As Many Powers As You Can In 15 Seconds.
Use A Portal Gun.
Use A Bow And Arrows.
Use These To Fight Iron Man.
Use Your Hand As A Club.
Use Telekinesis To Move Things With Your Mind.
Use Skyrim Shouts On Your Enemies.
Use A Cloud As Transportation By Attaching A Steering Wheel To It.
Use Google... With Your Mind.
Use Your Imagination To The Limit.
Use Wily Coyotes' Acme Equipment For Fun Stuff (Don't Smash Into A Cliff).
Use A Portal Gun (Not Like The Portal Portal Gun Though... Just A Gun That Shoots Portals).
Use Black Hole As A Teleport.
Use Two Swords To Have An Epic Battle On A Tall Mountain With A Disguised Ninja.
Use Mirrors As Teleportation Devices.
Use All The Spells On Dcs In A City, Hehe Voldemort Style.
Use The Earth As A Rubiks Sphere.
Use The Cement As A Trampoline And Laugh When You Land On Your Face.
Use A Tissue.
Use The One Ring From Lord Of The Rings.
Use Arcane Magics.
Use A Jutsu.
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