Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Throw Things | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Throw Things
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Throw Things
Throw Someonething Into The Sun.
Throw A Building.
Throw Tribbles At Captain Kirk.
Throw Your Computer To The Sun.
Throw Your Perfect Birthday Party.
Throw Yourself Into A Never Ending Hole And See How Much Time Your Patience Allows You To Stay In There.
Throw Bbq At A Random Dc.
Throw A Basketball All The Way Around The World So It Lands In The Hoop In Front Of You.
Throw A Really Expensive Party That's Free Because You're Dreaming.
Throw A Boomerang And Try To Control Its Direction.
Throw A Baseball Around The Earth And Catch It On The Return.
Throw Vehicles Using Telekinetic Powers.
Throw A Dice And Observe What You'll Get.
Throw Someone Off The Moon.
Throw Yourself From A Plane With No Parachute.
Throw Molotov Cocktails At Random People.
Throw A Rock So Hard It Travels Around The World And Hits You In The Back Of The Head.
Throw A Time Travelers Club Reunion Meeting.
Throw Towels At Dcs.
Throw The Moon At The Earth.
Throw An Awesome Party!
Throw A Glass Jar At The Ground. When It Breaks, What Comes Out?
Throw Something At Someone.
Throw A Pancake At The Back Of My Dad's Face.
Throw Balls Of Fire At People/objects.
Throw The Sun Itself.
Throw A Fireball At A Dc And Watch Them Explode.
Throw A Party Have Everyone Dance To Michael Jackson's 'if You Wanna Be Starting Something'.
Throw Giant Donuts At Buildings.
Throw A Party.
Throw Things Into The Exosphere And Watch It Float Up Into Orbit!
Throw A Hammer At A Car.
Throw Up.
Throw Pies In People's Faces Since It's Not A Waste Of Money In A Dream.
Throw All The Wii's Out On Top Of The Empire State Building, Watch Them Crash Then Burn What's Left.
Throw Someone Through A Skyscraper.
Throw People Around Using Your Mind.
Throw A Crazy House Party.
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