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Lucid Dreaming Books: The Master of Lucid Dreams
The Master of Lucid Dreams

Paperback: 240 pages

Why don't people heal and just stay wounded--some even driven to suicide by their pain-despite the best that organic and psychological medicine can offer? To find answers, Russian--born psychiatrist Olga Kharitidi traveled to the exotic Samarkand, a major cultural and spiritual crossroads, and ancient capital of Uzbekistan, in the heart of Central Asia.

No stranger to mystical and shamanic experiences, Dr. Kharitidi had already immersed herself in Siberian native traditions of seeing and healing. Now, at the invitation of an emissary from an ancient secret brotherhood, Dr. Kharitidi set out to learn firsthand the secrets of healing deep emotional wounds. As she quickly discovered, to master these methods she would first have to heal herself.

Under the tutelage of the mysterious and charismatic Michael, The Master of Lucid Dreams and protector of esoteric teachings first given millennia ago, Dr. Kharitidi entered another world altogether. There, she saw how our deepest emotional traumas are held in place by baleful spirits and can only be overcome by the technique of dreaming while awake.

The Master of Lucid Dreams does not actually teach you how to be conscious in our dreams. This is for those that can already become lucid.

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Lucid Dream Books The Master of Lucid Dreams

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