Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: A | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: A
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: A
Arrange A Meeting With A Dc For Another Dream And Go Meet Him.
Approve Memos.
Appear On Your Fav Tv Show.
Act Like A Dog (Fire Hydrant And All).
Attach A Reactor To Your Bike.
Autotune Everything You Hear In Your Lucid Dream.
Abduct An Alien.
Alter Your Own Consciousness To The Point Of Holding Opinions You Would Not Normally Hold.
Acquire Body Of An Animal. Or Mythological Creature.
Absorb A Dc's Soul.
Assassinate Yourself In The Past.
Accidentally Purchase A Magic Carpet.
Attend Winnie The Pooh's Funeral.
Absorb All The Information On The Internet.
Accelerate Past The Speed Of Light In 10 Seconds.
Answer All Paradoxes.
Act Out A Sitcom Maybe.
Alter The Dream By Editing The Source Code.
Act Out Inception.
Act Like A Dc And Join A Group Of Dc's To Find Out Who The Dreamer Is.
Act Like You Normally Would, Then 'accidentally' Walk Knee-deep Through The Earth.
Act In A Movie And Then Go To Watch It.
Abduct Your Chosen Celebrity And Dump Them Half Way Up Mount Everest In Their Pjs.
Appear In A City Made Of Jelly, Then Start To Bounce Your Way Around The City With A Group Of Tourist Dc's.
Attain Enlightenment.
After Finishing The Story, Play It Again. This Time, Use The Powers Of The Light And Try To Eliminate Darkness.
Attack A Dc With The Ferocity Of A Chiuwawa.
Attach Loud Speakers To The Robot Spy And Scare People With Sudden Loud Noises.
Announce On Live Tv That This Is Your Dream And Watch As Mass Hysteria Breaks Out As Everyone In The World Realizes They're Not Real. Show Off Some Awesome Dream Powers As Proof.
Allow The Dream To Create Your Perfect Mate Right In Front Of You.
Acquire The Ability To Grow Any Plant Instantaneously With My Finger.
Attach A Reactor To Your Car.
Anthropomorphise Everything In Immediate Environment.
Assassinate Yourself Then Assassinate Yourself Before You Could Assassinate Yourself.
Alter Your Appearance.
Arrest A Police Officer.
Address The Underlying Cause Of Irrational Fears. Make A Pact With Your Unconscious That You Will No Longer Suffer Them In Waking Life.
Assemble A Classroom Of Novice Superheroes And Teach Them How To Use Their Powers.
Acess Your E-mail And Answer The Mails.
Age Yourself Forwards And Then Backwards All The Way Into The Womb And Then Be Born Again!
Announce That You Now Wish To Go To The Next Level And See What Happens.
Allow The Dream To Take You On An Adventure, Without Attempting To Control Any Aspect Of It Whatsoever. Simply Remain Lucid And Open.
Astral Project.
Adopt A Dinosaur.
Act Like The People From "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon".
Attempt To Cause A War Between Planets.
Abolish All Currencies And See What Happens To The World.
As An Entrance, Smash Through A Wall Like The Kool-aid Man.
Amaze People By Saying: "Watch This." Then Fly Up.
Absorb Someone Like In Prototype - Which Would Suck In Their Dna And Their Memories, Also Giving You The Ability To Morph Into Them.
Animate Some Statues At The Louvre.
Arrange A Huge Concert With A Band And Make Yourself The Lead Singer. Then Start To Play Air Guitar.
Attend Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.
Accomplish The Meaning Of Life, And See What Happens Next.
Absorb Water Like A Sponge.
Abduct Random People And See What The Aliens Do To Them.
Attend And/or Perform At A Poetry Slam.
Add A 51st State, And Start An Empire.
Arm Wrestle Chuck Norris.
Attend Famous Events.
Actually Purge The World Of Evil And Wars.
Absorb Ghosts To Gain Power.
Auto-suicide Yourself.
Admit That You've Been Hiding Things From Your Doctor.
Act Out Shutter Island.
Appriciate Love.
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