Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Run | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Run
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Run
Run Right Through A Skyscraper.
Run So Fast That The World Blurs Around You. Much More Fun Than Flying Razz.
Run Tests On Zombies. (Give Them Wings, Change Their Color/size, Etc.).
Run Super Fast Through Fields And Towns Until You Reach The Sea.
Run Against A Bunny!
Run Around The World Not Stopping.
Run Around In A Favorite Anime Show And Talk/interact With The Characters
Run Against A Wall As Fast As You Can.
Run Out Of A Random House And Run Up To And Kiss Every Dc You See. See How They React.
Run At Sounds Speed.
Run Around The World In Less Than 10 Seconds.
Run Around The World So Fast You Can Punch Yourself In The Back Of Your Head.
Run At Super Speed Through The Desert, Bouncing And Rolling Over Towering Sand Dunes, Knowing That Nothing Can Cause You Harm.
Run Up To Someone Who Really Annoys You, Compress Them Into A Small Ball And Throw Them Out Of The Galaxy.
Run Around In A Hamster Ball That Floats On Water.
Run Really Fast.
Run Through A Huge Breathtaking Field Of Red Poppies And Let Hummingbirds And Butterflies Fly With You. (Or Some More Masculine Things).
Run Around Performing Brutalities On Every Person You See.
Run From Unkillabe People.
Run Around The World In 10 Seconds And See How Much Of It You Can Recall.
Run Around A Big City, Grab Peoples Shoulders Randomly, Scream "Why??", And Shake Them As If To Make Them Understand.
Run So Fast That You Run Around The World And Punch Yourself In The Back Of Your Head.
Run Along And Climb Walls.
Run With It.
Run A Scene From The Wrath Of Kahn And Yell Kahn!! Then Proceed To Destroy Him.
Run Up Walls.
Run On All Fours By Making Your Legs Shorter And Your Arms Longer.
Run On A Freeway And Pass Everybody Else.
Run Or Fly Up A Mountain Dodging Boulders, Cars, Etc.
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