Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Shrink | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Shrink
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: Shrink
Shrink Yourself, then Jump Into A Lava Lamp.
Shrink To The Size Of An Ant, And Do What Ever.
Shrink Down Onto A Dog Like And Roam Like A Flea.
Shrink Down To Dust Mite Scale And Watch Them Take Off Like Birds.
Shrink Yourself And Flush Yourself Down The Toilet.
Shrink Down And Live In An Ant Colony.
Shrink Down, Fly Up Someone's Nose, & Explore The Inside Of Their Body.
Shrink To The Size Of A Bacteria, And Explore Your Cardiovascular System.
Shrink Yourself, Then Enter Somebody's Ear And Explore.
Shrink And Explore Your House.
Shrink And Explore The Inside Of An Ant Hill.
Shrink People You Hate, Add Toothpicks To Their Heads, And Play Darts With Them.
Shrink Yourself And Go Into An Atom Or Experience Any Level Of Molecular Size.
Shrink Down To The Size Of A Ant And Go Into A Ant Hole.
Shrink Yourselves And Go Into Their Brain.
Shrink All Dcs To The Size Of A Small Puppy.
Shrink Into One Of Your Cells And Find A Whole New World (A Whole Neewww Wwwooorrrlllddd.........).
Shrink Down Into Someones Cherrios And Get Eaten (Honey I Shrunk The Kids).
Shrink Yourself To Microscopic Size, Go Inside Someones Bloodstream And Battle Bacteria As The Whiteblood Cell Captain.
Shrink To Below Planck Length To Observe Quantum Foam.
Shrink Yourself And Dance On A Keyboard.
Shrink So Small That You Can Interact With Cells.
Shrink Yourself To The Size Of An Ant.
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