Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: G | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: G
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: G
Go To A Toy Store And Repeatedly Hit Someone With A Rubber Duck.
Give Yourself (Or Your Partner) Ridiculously Over-sized Junk.
Give Yourself Laser Eyes Then Try To Make A Picture By Burning Something.
Give The President Of Your Country A Punch In His Or Her Face And See What Your Local Security Agencies Does.
Give Your Teacher Detention For Coming To Class Late.
Give Yourself Cyborg Features.
Give A Detention To Your Principal.
Give A Random Dc Control Over What You Look Like And See What They Do To You.
Give Yourself So Much Happiness That You Literally Explode From It.
Give Birth.
Give Yourself The Power To Summon And Befriend Animals E.g. You Whistle And All Birds Nearby Come And Perch On Your Shoulders.
Give Yourself One Superhuman Power. Then Use This Power To Fight The Biggest, Scariest Monster You Can Imagine.
Give Objects Flavors And Taste Them.
Give Inanimate Objects Personality.
Give Dream Characters Absolution.
Give Others Foot Rubs And Right In The Middle Of It, Rip Their Foot Off.
Gallop On A Horse Bareback At Incredible Speed Without Falling Off.
Glide Along Mountians And Cliffs Like An Eagle With Wings.
Give It To Somebody Else To Try.
Give Plastic Surgery To Someone Who Asked For It, But The Wrong Kind!
Gain The Ability To Telepathically Talk To All People And Animals.
Give The World Minecraft Physics.
Gain Weight.
Gamble In Vegas And Win A lot Of Money.
Give Everyone The Power To Realize Something Upon Thinking It And See How The Goverment Collapse Having No Control Over People Anymore.
Give Yourself Synesthesia.
Grab A Balloon And Float Up Into The Sky!
Grab Planets With Telekenisis, Combine Them Into One, And Go Back Onto It!
Go Inside Your Body.
Gallop On A White Stallion Through The Breathtaking Scenery Of Middle Earth.
Give Your Girlfriend An Isty-bitsy-tieny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot Bikini, That She Will Then Wear For The First Time.
Give It Back To Him.
Give Everyone Helium Voice! Very Happy.
Giant, Crowd-sized Orgy.
Give Myself Animal-like Senses And Spend Some Time In The Wilderness, Exploring.
Give A Dc A Sword And See What He Does With It.
Gather An Army Of Minions (Or Bunnies. Or Guinea-pigs) That Do Everything For You.
Give A Monkey A Shower.
Give A Person A Package With "There Is A Bomb Inside This" And See If They Open It.
Give Slendy A Hug.
Generate A Thought Out Of My Head Which Detonates A Huge Emp 1000 Miles Above The Earth Which Destroys All The Electronic Devices, Circutry, Computers, And Telephone Systems Of All The Telemarketing/call Centre Scum Who Cannot Be Traced By Using Normal Methods, And Waste Your Time, And Who Think They Are Above The Law.
Give A Mouse A Muffin.
Gain A Bunch Of Super Powers And Own The World.
Give Yourself Photoshop Abilities For The World Around You (Change The Colors And Distort The World Around You).
Giant Food Fight.
Glide At Super Speed Over Mountains, No Wings Or Flapping.
Give Shakespeare A High-five.
Give Yourself A Really, Really Big Package.
Grab The 9-11 Hijackers Days Before They Board Their Planes And Drop Them One After The Other From The Top Of The Wtc.
Gather A Bunch Of People And Make Them Laugh To A Really, Then I Mean A Really Bad Joke.
Genderbend People.
Goto A Rock Concert.
Give Birth To A Dinosaur Egg And Hatch It.
Give Yourself Glasses If You Don't Have Them.
Guide A Meteor With Your Mind.
Give Up Any Controll And Enjoy The Flow.
Give Yourself A Gun And Make Life A Game Where You Mist Destroy Monsteres.
Grab Your Towel And Watch The Earth Explode.
Give Ed Sheeran The Love He Says He So Desires.
Give Your Hands And Feet Minds Of Their Own.
Give Jack Some Food For Once.
Give Your Freind A Exlax Laced Brownie And Watch Him Explode With Poop.
Gravity Does Not Affect You. Casually Walk Up Your Bedroom Wall And Onto The Ceiling, Then Wake Up Your Partner To See Their Reaction.
Give Earth Weapons Beyond Our Current Technology To The Wrong People.
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