Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: F | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: F
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: F
Fix Machines.
Find and Kiss Riku From Kingdom Hearts.
Figure Out Who Indeed Took The Cookies From The Cookie Jar.
Face Your Fears.
Freeze Time.
Fire Bubbles From Your Mouth.
Force Everyone To Watch The 4kids Dub Of Onepiece.
For A More Melodramatic Version, Make Plants Die When You Walk By Them.
Forge A Master Key From A Magical Furnace & Go Have Fun Unlocking Doors Twisted Evil.
Feed A Starving Dc.
Face Your Nightmares.
Fart On Your Prisoners Faces With Really, Really Long Farts.
Fire Your Lazooooor At Yourself.
Feel That Sothing Is Yelow.
Find Out What The Meaning Of Life Is.
Fall Down A Waterfall While Tied Down On A Wooden Raft After A Wild Ride Bouncing Against The Rocks.
Fart In A Coffee Pot Put The Lid On It, Then Open It Releasing A Stream Of Fire.
Fall Through A Mirror.
Find Out How Bowser Was Hired.
Forge The Most Awesome Weapon Ever.
Find Out Where My Ex Boyfriend Disappeared.
Fluxuate Space, Experienced In A Telescopic Manner.
Float In Space And Allow Your Physical Body To Dissolve Before Entering Hyperspace. Travel Beyond The Known Edge Of The Universe.
Fart Out A Missile. Razz.
Focus All Sensation And All Senses In The Back Of Your Head So You Hear, See, Smell Etc In What Feels Like The Back Of Your Mind.
Fall In Love.
Fire Nuclear Missile To Jupiter, See What Happens.
Fart Fireworks.
Follow A Rabbit Down Its Hole.
Follow Along With The Pre-meditated Plot Of Your Dream (Aka Go With The Flow).
Fart With Your Armpit.
Figure What To Do With Whatever Is Inside.
Follow Cthulhu And See Where He Goes When He's Not Being Summoned On Earth.
Find Out In A Dream How Many Licks It Takes To Get To The Center Of A Tootise Pop.
Follow A Dc Around His/her Life.
Fire Nuclear Missiles Randomly All Around Galaxy.
Falcon Punch A Person.
Find Out Why The Scream, van Gough,was Screaming.
Fart Fire, Ice, Water.
Flee From Angry Yemenis Protestors.
Focus Is Like A Dream.
Find Out What Would Happen If You Fly Up And Don't Stop.
Force A Rubiks Cube To Solve Itself.
Fall Backward (Something Interesting Happens.).
Freeze A River Than Melt The Ice With Fire.
Find Out What Religion Is Right.
Fire Nuclear Bombs From Jupiter To Earth And Then Save Earth.
Fire Nuclear On Some Random People And See Their Reaction.
Fire Your Lazer!!!!!!
Find One Piece (Pirate King's Treasure).
Fart So Loud That The Windows Of Sky Scrappers Combust.
Fulfill My Childhood Dream, Become A Star! Be And Feel The Light And Energy Pour Out In All Directions From Said Star!
Figure Out 1800 Uses For Whatever Was Inside.
Falcon Punch Someone.
Form A Castle Out Of Clouds Until It Is Solid, Then Explore It's Passageways.
Find Morpheus And His Crew. Ask Them To Upload An Ability You Do Not Have To Your Brain Exactly Like In Matrix. Then See If You Can Do It.
Fall Down An Endless Staircase.
Fail The Jump Program.
Freeze Then Entire World And Try To Survive In It.
Find 2 People And Make Them Fight Each Other.
Finish Him!!
Find Noah's Ark.
Force Two Universes To Collide.
Find Osama Bin' Laden.
Freeze Time For Everybody But You.
Finding Out Who Really You Are.
Find Out Who Keeps Leaving Acid On My Desk In 2nd Period.
Form A Super Suit Around You And Fight Something Big.
Freeze Time For Only You.
Fall Through All He Gas Giants Of The Solar System.
Figure Out How To Win... It's Pretty Hard (Or At Least My Subconscious Won't Let Me Win :p).
Freeze Time With A Friend And Walk Around In A City Together.
Formulate Inspiring Words But Images Too.
Fart Nuclear Missiles.
Follow Some Randoman Around And See What Your Subconscious Makes Them Do.
Fus Ro Dah Someone.
Follow A Dc In The Street And See Where He Takes You.
Feel What It's Like To Be Born.
Fall Down From Heaven To Hell.
Find Out If Egg Or Chichen Came First.
Fall Through The Earth.
Feel What It's Like To Be A Prism.
Falcon Paunwwwwch Yourself.
Flashback: Delve Into Childhood Moments As A Ghost.
Flirt With A Mushroom Shocked.
Frame The Enron-like Executives Of The World With A Crime That Will Actually Give Them Jail Time.
Float Around In Space.
Forge The World's Most Magnificent Sword From A Fallen Meteorite.
Fire A Portal On The Ground And Fire Another Onto The Moon. Watch The Chaos.
Fall Asleep.
Force Your Hair To Grow Rapidly And Whip People With It!
Find Out What Is That Thing In The Dark Room.
Fire Goo From Your Nose.
Freeze The Sun.
Float Rocks In Front Of You And Shoot It To Bad Guys.
Fire A Lazer Inside A Room Full Of Mirrors.
Fake Your Death Sherlock Style And See The Dc's Reaction.
Finding Out What Is The Best Job/Career For You.
Forge Your Own Dreamscape.
Fire Energy Waves From Swords.
Flip An Agressive Dc And Make It Fall On It's Head.
Fart A Devastating Giant Death Laser And Destroy The Whole Universe.
Free Run In A Futuristic City.
Figure Out Problems That You Couldent Figure Out In Real Life (Because You Use More Of Your Braim While Asleep, Much More!).
Follow A Road That Leads Deep Into A Forest.
Freeze Yourself, Literally.
Force Two Galaxies To Collide.
Focus On An Object And Notice The Details.
Fart Flames And Fly To Neverland.
Finish The Mayan Calender.
Fend Off A Zombie Apocalypse From The Ramparts Of A Medieval Castle With Medieval Knights (No Guns!!!).
Find Out What All Is Deep In The Ocean.
Fighting A Monster Whose Size Is 100 Times Bigger Than Me.
Freeze Somebody And Kick Them Into Peices.
Find Out How To Jtag The Slim.
Fry Chicken.
Force A Dc To Make You A Cheeseburger.
Fall Off A High Cliff With A Failing Jetpack, Then Make It Work At The Last Moment Before Impact.
Fall Up The Stairs.
Find My Soulmate.
Face The End Of The World And Become A Hero.
Fold A City On Top Of Itself.
Falcon Punch Capt'n Falcon.
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