Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: D | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: D
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: D
Decide That Your House Tastes Like Your Favourite Food. Eat The Whole House.
Do Kamehameha Attack.
Do A Stage Dive Into A Huuuge Adience!
Do A Web Search.
Die, And See What Happens.
Disappear And Re-appear And See A Dc's Reaction.
Do A Double Jump Like In The Video Games.
Do 1000 Backflips While Floating Very Happy.
Die And Come Back To Life.
Drill Down To The Center Of The Earth And See Whats Really At The Center.
Do Dream Experiments.
Defeat Yourself.
Drop An Apple On Isaac Newton's Head.
Develop Super Strength And Crush Buildings That Get In Your Way.
Die Because Of Boredom.
Dive Into A Volcano And Swim In The Lava.
Divide An Atom With Your Mind... Kaboom.
Disguise As An Everyday Object,and Play A Prank On Your Friends/spy On People.
Daydreaming In A Lucid Dream?
Dye The President's / Primeminister's Hair Bright Pink.
Develop Your Powers Of Lucid Dream Telekinesis With Increasingly Bigger Objects, Starting With A Pen And Building Up To An Elephant.
Dive Into A Pool Of Coffee.
Dare Dc's To Do Stuff And, Give Them Presents If They Do It Correct.
Deploy A Little Robot And Control It Through A Monitor And Controller.
Drop To The Floor And Start Screaming And Hitting Like A Small Child Would.
Duplicate Your Pets Over And Over.
Dream In Your Dream.
Dig To China From The Beach.
Dive Into A Black Hole And See Where It Leads You.
Do Gymnastics Stuff You Are To Scared To Do Irl (Like A Triple Backflip).
Do The "Like A Good Neighbor, State Farm Is There! With A [insert Anything Here]!".
Defeat Air Man.
Distrupt Satellite Transmissions With A Harmonica-riff.
Discover A New Type Of Mushroom That Sends You Back In Time.
Do 10 Backflips Of The Empire State Building.
Defeat Xemnas.
Do Other Things With Scarlet Johanssen Wink.
Do Farts That Generate Random Explosions Around The Place.
Dream Of A Gintama Episode As A Character (Same Anime).
Defy All Laws Of Physics.
Dive In A Pool Of Coca-cola.
Defeat Sephirot.
Disassemble Yourself.
Dodge Bullets/danmaku Battle.
Devour Books.
Drop A Baby And See It Spout Wings And Fly Off As A Bird.
Develop The Ability To Shot Spiderweb Like Spiderman And Start Swing Your Way Around A City.
Discover A Planet With Life On It.
Dive Into A Volcano.
Deconstruct Society And Rebuild It.
Direct A Movie (With A Very Big Budget).
Do Some Sick Kung Fu Moves.
Detach A Limb, Regrow It And Use Your Severed Limb To Beat People Up.
Die And See If You Wake Up Or Go Somewhere.
Dig To The Center Of The Earth.
Do Experiments On Infinity, If You're Fluent In Mathy Things.
Dominate The World.
Do The Fusion Dance From Dragonball With A Dc.
Defy The Laws Of Physics In Front Of Isaac Newton And Watch His Reaction.
Defeat A Guerilla Army.... With A gorilla Army!
Disappear And Then Erase Everyones Memories About You, And See What The World Would Be Like If You Never Existed.
Degrees Vision.
Do A Scottish Dance On A Skyscraper While Playing The Bag Pipes Razz.
Dine Out At A Fancy Restaurant With Whomever You Choose.
Do A Back Flip On A Pile Bones And Fall Through On A Bed And Then Makeout With Your Grandma.
Direct A Movie About Lucid Dreaming.
Dive Through The Sun.
Discover Dreamsigns.
Duel A Dream Character To Death (Use Anything Laughing , Swords Axes...).
Defend Or Attack A Tower With Seemingly Unending Waves Of Enemies.
Discover Something That Doesn't Exist.
Dress Up In A Costume And Become Whatever You Dressed Up As.
Do The Above And Replace Kissing With Doing Various Perverted Things... Why The Heck Did I Just Say That...
Discover Your Telekinetic Power To Shape And Manipulate Water. Create Magnificent Water Sculptures Or Invent Elaborate Water Sports.
Do A Full 360 Degree Flip On A Swing (Or Even Multiple Flips).
Dream That You're Lucid Dreaming In Your Lucid Dream.
Do A Naruto-styled Justu.
Die Every Single Possible Way That Exists In Less Then A Minute.
Decapitate Yourself, Have A False Awakening, And Find That You Have No Body In Your Bed.
Dig Into The Ground And Find Diamonds In A Cave!
Do The Grandfather Paradox.
Defeat The Zanarkand Abes In Blitzball.
Dig A Hole To The Centre Of The Earth...
Deploy Light Hawk Wings.
Dive Into The TV/Computer And Ruin The Program/game.
Dream That Your Dreaming Inside A Dream.
Do Everything Fun In One Dream In The Entire World Wake Up And Commit Suicide Out Of Sheer Boredom.
Direct The Construction Of Your Own Private Palace, Installing State-of-the-art Gadgetry And Luxurious Furnishings.
Do Something U Would Never Do Infront Of Someone U Know.
Do The Harlem Shake.
Defend Your House From The Zombies.
Defeat Lord Soul Bed Of Chaos.
Do Astral Projection.
Deconstruct The Environment Into Nothingness To Experience Self? I'd Like To Try.
Diy Magic Potions.
Dive In Lava.
Digitize Yourself And Literally "Surf" The Internet.
Dirtbike Around A Post-apocalyptic New York.
Do The Weirdest Noice With Your Mouth.
Dial A Random Phone Number.
Do A Plastic Surgery.
Dabble At Surgery.
Drill To The Center Of The Earth And See What You Find.
Do Something You Want Do To Do In Real Life But Haven't.
Dig A Hole To The Center Of The Earth And Out To The Other Side.
Do Certain Things With Certain Celeberties Wink.
Do An Atomic Fart That Destroys Everything Around You.
Dream In The Universe Of A Fantasy Book Or Movie.
Do The Peanut Butter Dance.
Do A Extremely Impossible Magic Trick Razz.
Dream The Lives Of Dead People. Like Your Gahndi And You Experience Every Waking Moment Of His Life In His Eyes.
Drop It Like It's Hawwwt.
Dreams Within Dreams Within Dreams Within Dreams Within Dreams Within...
Dissolve The Dream State (A Task Found In Dream Yoga) And Experience The Purest Form Of Consciousness Without Distraction.
Do Stand Up Comedy.
Destroy Facebook! Now Watch The World Crumble In Pain And Agony At The Loss Of It's Beloved Social-networking Monster. What Would The World Do Now?
Do A Pokemon Fight, Where You're The Trainer / Pokemon.
Do A Mega Quintuple Backflip!!!!!!!!!
Dig Up Your Heart, And Sew It Back Into Ones Chest. It's A Metaphor. You're Not Deep And Moody Enough To Get It!
Do Math That Doesen't Make Sense.
Drain The Entire Ocean, And Run Across The Now Empty Sea Bed With Super Speed.
Defeat That Being.
Defend Your Neighborhood (Requires Some Imagination).
Dj A Rave With A Million People.
Drag Your Reflection Out Of A Mirror And Question It.
Dig A Hole To China.
Do A Reality Check.
Defend Your School Or Any Other Place From A Tf2 Robot Invasion And Get Your Best Friends Playing Different Classes.
Do What's In Your Goal List.
Do Something Impossible And Watch Peoples Reaction.
Do Some Parkour In A City (Jumping And Climbing Around).
Dangerous Things Like Sports I Can't Really Do, Things I'd Be Afraid Of. Surf, Exploring Underwater Caves, Wakeboarding, High Motocross Jumps, Globetrotter Tricks, Obstacle Course With Ease.
Disturbing Neighbours Privacy.
Dream Share With Some Dc's In A Deeper Dream Level.
Dress Up Like Marilyn Manson.
Dissolve Everything Until You Are In Complete Nothingness.
Do Synchronized Roundhouse Kicks With Chuck Norris.
Dual Wield Double Bladed Lightsabers.
Do Certain Things With Your Crush Wink.
Do A Rasengan (From Naruto) And A Kamehameha Wave (From Dbz).
Dive Underwater And Breathe Normally Without Oxygen. Think Of The Water As Being Like Air; It's Ok To Fill Your Lungs With It.
Dip A Bubble Blower In A Deadly Poison Liquid And Blow Some Mean Bubbles.
Dream In Minecraft. Be Able To Create An Entire Dreamscape Of Blocks Like Minecraft...
Donate Money To Good Will !!!!
Do A Star Run Like In Gta.
Dress Up As Big Foot Or Another Creature Of Folklore And Make Tourists Paranoid.
Do Everything You Always Wanted To Do..real Things Such As Sky Diving, Base Jump..
Discover Some Space Ship Or Alien Device With Some Friends Somewhere And Histerically Use It To Your Advantage!
Dig A Hole To The Otherside Of The World.
Dubstep Gun. 'nuff Said.
Do A Backflip!
Dive Off Of The Wing Of A Plane While In Flight.
Do Homework.
Do The Moonwalk On The Bottom Of The Oceans Floor.
Direct Workflow.
Dive Head First Off A Cliff And Just Before You Hit The Bottom Start Flying.
Dreamshare With Obama And Tell Him How To Fix The Economey.
Duplicate Yourselves And Hangout With Them In Ibiza.
Duplicate Yourself Hundred Times.
Discover I'm A Long-lost Something To Somebody.
Divide By Zero.
Dress Grown Men In Ridiculous Costumes.
Decapitate Hundreds Of People All At The Same Time... Evil Or Very Mad.
Discover The Where-abouts Of Area 51 And Exploit It To The Public.
Die And Get Reborn On A Cylon Resurrection Ship.
Do Backflips, Front Flips And All Those Types Of Tricks.
Did U Watch A Film U Didn't Like The Ending? Change It, Make Your Own Movie Or Anime. Or Be An Actor Or Actress.
Delete All The Code And See What Happens To The Dream.
Dive Deep Underwater And Discover New Species.
D-day With Clone Troopers Lasers And Such Star Fighters And Such.
Do A Somersault (It Feels Slower In A Dream Than In Real Life).
Do A Shield Bash With Your Back.
Defend Yourselves From The Zombie Apocalypse.
Detach Your Finger, Multiply It, Make A Finger Gun And Fire Them All.
Do Stuff You Wouldn't Or Couldn't Do While Awake Shocked.
Design Your Own Superhero In The Real World, And Become The Superhero In The Dream.
Dive To The Bottom Of The Sea.
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