Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: E | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: E
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: E
Electrify Myself.
Enter A World That Is In 4D!!! (Is That Possible!?)
Exist As Multiple Things/have More Than One Consciousness (If Possible).
Enter A Gunfight, And Purposefully Get Shot.
Enter The Scene Of My Favorite Paintings At The Louvre.
Enter Limbo.
Explode Into A Million Pieces And Reconstruct Yourself Like Majin Boo.
Enter A Random House To See What It Is Like.
Exolore The World As A Nanoparticle.
Enter The Bermuda Triangle.
Escape A Jail Cell By Melting The Metal Bars With Heat From Your Hands (Ghost Rider? Xd).
Enter The Gates Of Heaven.
Enter A Tim Burton Film.
Enter a Trance.
Enter The World And See If The Gatekeeper Lets You In.
Experience A New Smell Or New Colours.
Evolve From Single Cell To Human In 2 Minutes.
Enter World Of Warcraft.
Enter A Black Hole.
Endure A Brave New World As You Venture Through A Post-apocalyptic Wasteland, Like In Fallout.
Enter A Television.
Elevator Towards Deeper Levels Of "The Unconscious".
Experience Death.
Exist In The World Were There Is Little Gravity.
Endure As Much Pain As Possible Without Waking Up.
Enter The Gates Of Hell.
Enter The Mind Of David Lynch.
Everything, Everything You Want To Do!!!
Experience Famous Events E.g. Titanic, Wwii Etc.
Experience 360 Degree Vision.
Enter The Books Eragon Or "The Circle Of Magic".
Escape From Earth While It's Being Swallowed By Darkness, And Then Return To See The Remains.
Escape From A Prison.
Exit The Universe.
Enter Into A Zombie Apocalypse And Kill All The Zombies.
Email Yourself And Go Check If The Email Arrived After Waking Up.
Epic Gangdam Style In A Public Place, With Back-up Dancers.
Enjoy (If You Can) Being Famous (For Whatever Reason You Want).
Experience What It's Like To Be A Tree.
Experience What It's Like To Die.
Erase A Movie From Your Memory So You Can Watch It Again For The First Time.
Extreme Adventure Sports.
Eventually Defeat Your Arch-nemesis.
Experience The Beginning Of The Universe.
Embark On A Journey Of Some Sort.
Enter A Painting.
Enter "The Grid" From Tron.
Escape From Your Own Mind/thoughts.
Enjoy A Scorching Death As I Send Our Planet Hurling Towards The Sun.
Experience Color Blindness.
Extend The Length Of Your Arm As Far As You Can.
Enter A Never-ending Dungeon That Constantly Expands And Changes. Can You Escape It?
Erase All Dream Imagery, But Stay Asleep And Enjoy The Void. Hint: There Are Two Types: Bright Light Void And Dark Void.
Epic Super-saiyan Fight To The Death.
Enter In A Book/movie And Replace The Main Character With Yourself.
Extreme Feckin' Parkour!!
Experience Synesthesia, (Hear Colors, See Sound, Feel Sweetness, Etc.).
Escape The Castle Before It Completely Disappears.
Explode Mars.
Enlarge A Part Of Your Body.
Enter Some 1s Dream!!
Even If You're Superman.... Be Batman.
Enter The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnaussus.
Experience Trench Warfare.
Engage In Negotiations With The Aliens From Beyond The Beyond Of The Universe That Have Obtained Your Super-weapon.
Enter The Mind Of A Wild Animal And Experience Its Life For A While.
Enter In Your Previous Dream's Pictures.
Erase Television From World History.
Enter A Dystopian Future, One That Would Be At Home In Speculative Fiction.
Experiment With Political Regimes Under Different Scenarios. Find The Ideal Government, And Cleave To It Vehemently In Your Waking Life.
Enter People's Dreams Dream-walker Style And Tell Them That It's A Dream.
Edit Variables In The Dsource Code Of The Dream And See What Happens.
Evolve From Single Cell To Intelligent Being Which Travels Around The Galaxy.
Experience What It's Like To Be An Electron.
Exercise Martial Arts.
Equip Flamethrower From Year.......2042837439.
Enter A Fictional Universe Of Your Choice, Make A Few Characters Act Extremely Out-of-character, And Watch How The Others React.
Exist As A Plant.
Experiment With Different Combinations Of Super Powers To See Which Powers Work Best Together.
Experience Life As Water.
Escape The Curse Of The Grudge.
Expand Your Size And Become A Giant.
Experience The World In "Negetive" Color.
Enter The Plot Of Your Favourite Book.
Enter An Art Gallery.
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