Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: B | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: B
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: B
Bring Down An Airship/Zeppelin.
Being A Successful And Famous Singer And Get On Stage And Sing And Everybody Is Just Mind Blown.
Back Flip Off Of A Building.
Break Out Into A Song You Know By Heart And See If Anyone Sings Along.
Bake A Cake. Eat It To See What It Tastes Like.
Bend Iron With Your Hands. Iron Doors Or Iron Cage Etc.
Burn All The Evils Of This World By The Power Of The Light!
Beat The Big Angry Man And Take His Precious Red Stone.
Break A Television.
Brainstorm About Various Subjects.
Bring A Butter Knife To A Gun Fight.
Break Into A Mad Scientist's Lab.
Bungee Jump.
Battle A Mutant.
Break Dance.
Bomb That Lego City.
Beat The Last Level Of Mortal Kombat.
Beat Darth Vader In A Duel And Ask Him, Whose, Your Daddy?
Breathe Uncontaminated Air.
Battle Lord Voldermort.
Beat Luigi, Then Mario.
Burn Holes In Reality And See What's Underneath.
Browse Youtube., And Hear Some Not Yet Invented Music.
Breath Fire.
Backflip Into Skinny Jeans And Not Hurt Yourself.
Beat World Records.
Break Jhon Gosslin's Arm.
Bend Space And Time.
Befriend Enemies And See How Life Goes With Them As Friends.
Battle Beatboxing With Albert Einstein.
Brutally Murder An Ant.
Breast Feed A Baby Siberian Tiger...
Befriend An Enemy, Even If It Takes An Epic Fight To Prove Your Worth.
Bring Cartoon Characters In And Get Up To No Good With Them (Aka. Stewie Griffin From Family Guy!).
Break Out Of Jail.
Beat Ultron Prime In A Fistfight.
Battle Arrow_of_eros's Dragon, Thor.
Befriend Your Heros.
Breath In And Out And Concentrate. Than Breath Out With All You Got. Make A Huge Fire That Comes Out Of Your Mouth.
Beat Sauron, The Lich King And Hulk With One Hand Only.
Block, Deflect, Or Absorb The Death Star's Giant Lazor.
Base Jump Into The Grand Canyon.
Bring Mona Lisa. Out Of Her Painting.
Bend A Spoon With My Mind.
Beat Chuck Norris In Somthing.
Breathe In A Ghost.
Battle A Black Witch And Win.
Beat Up An Uber Strong Character From Fiction As It If Were A Walk In The Park.
Base Jump.
Break Up Nato.
Bet With A Dc That Something Really Weird Will Happen, Then Make It Happen.
Brighten The Stars.
Beat Micheal Jackson In A Dance Contest.
Bend A Spoon With Telekinesis.
Beat Sonic In A Race.
Bite Someone's Head Off And Make Their Neck Spew Candy.
Break The Furniture In Your House Or Where Ever You Happen To Be
Breathe Underwater.
Break Into Somewhere Important.
Breed A Dog With A Fish.
Burn Down The Eiffel Tower.
Break A Leg.
Burn Down A Building.
Bomb People In Mordor With Rageface Bombs On Nyan Cat.
Become The Most Awesome Death Knight Ever With Awesome Hair.
Breed Vampires And Dragons To Make Vampyragons.
Beat Your Subconcious (Or A Clone Of Yourself) In An Epic Game Of Chess.
Breath Underwater And Swim With The Most Beautiful Mairmaid.
Bury A Fish In The Ground And See What Happens.
Break Out Of Sleep Paralysis And Sleepwalk.
Beat Up Chuck Norris!
Battle Snowboy.
Board A Steamship Headed For Disaster.
Beat Napoleon In A Game Of Chess.
Break Avalanches Vanquish Disc.
Bring Back Mj And Show Him The World Without Him.
Bring A Six Foot Long Centipede Back From The Past.
Break Lil Boosie Out Of Jail.
Blast Some Loud Music.
Battle The Hellkite Dragon In The Undead Burg Bridge.
Bring Pepper Spray To School And Spray The Resource Officer.
Battle Final Form Cooler With Vegeta And Goku.
Bring Carl Sagan Back To Life And Show Him How Far We Have Come.
Behead Yourself, And Observe...
Break The Pipes Of The City And Watch Some Cool Fountains.
Burn Down Your School.
Bring The Teletubies Back To Life And Torture Them All, Then Kill Them Again.
Behave Like A Child.
But Just Before Have A Swat Team Drag You Away And Leave The Doctor Confused.
Black Out In A Sewer (Like A Boss).
Box Muhammad Ali At Madison Square Garden And Show Him Who's The Man.
Break Through The Third Dimension.
Bend Light At Will.
Beat The Iron Chef.
Befriend Your Worst Enemy.
Break Said Window With Only Your Voice.
Beat Up Old Bully's!
Beat Up A Dc So Bad, That You Get Arrested By The Police Like In Gta Games.
Bury An Epmty Box (In Real Life) Then Find It In Your Dream And Open It.
Bench Press A Bus.
Beat All Video Games, Three Million Times.
Befriend An Elephant.
Bungee Jump Off Of The Golden Gate Bridge.
Blend Two Video Games Into Each Other (I.e Dishonored And One Of The Elder Scrolls) And Start A Huge War.
Bullet Time.
Battle With A Giant 6 Snaked 3 Headed Acid Breathing Panther.
Break Into Area 51!!
Burn Your Neighbors House.
Boop A Dc On The Nose.
Break Into The Pentagon And Obtain All Classified Info On Cover Ups And Aliens And Ufos And Publish All The Info To The World.
Bite A T Rex.
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