Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: C | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: C
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: C
Camp Out In A Scary Forest.
Convince Dcs That They Are The Dreamer.
Chill Out With Dream Versions Of Your Real Life Friends.
Conquer The World.
Cook A Vegetatrian Meal For A Dragon.
Combine Family Guy, The Simpsons And The American Dad.
Control The World Around You With A Remote Control Or Kinetic Xbox 360.
Colonize Antarctica.
Cease To Exist.
Converse With Dream Characters. Ask Them Anything.
Convince A Dc They're In A Dream, Get High, Go Swimming.
Cause Global Warming.
Cure The Common Cold.
Convince Everyone This Is A Dream And Watch Their Reactions.
Cause An Avalanche.
Catch The Roadrunner (Loony Tunes).
Contact Subconsciousness. Ask It To Cure A Health Problem.
Call Forth Your Past Life And Have Him/her Do What You Will.
Check Your Weight On A Scale.
Concentrate On One Color An See How The Objects In Your Dream Are Affected By It.
Counger Up The Delorean And Go Back To 1955 And Get Stuck Then Act Out Back To The Future.
Cure Cancer.
Cause An Earthquake.
Catch Pokemon.
Carefully Observe The Pretty Flower.
Challenge The Devil To A Rock-off.
Crystalize Everyting.
Control A Zerg Army.
Control What A Dream Character Does Or Says.
Catch Something Heavy Falling To The Ground To Save People.
Complete The Jump Program From The Matrix.
Catch The Mexican Staring Frog Of Southern Sri Lanka.
Colonize A Planet With My Own Ideas And Government/social System.
Colonize A New Country.
Control Everything With A Super Computer.
Cut Off Your Own Arm.
Cut People To Bits With Swords.
Check What Colour Underwear Everyone Is Wearing.
Chop A Dc's Head Off With A Sword.
Confront Yourself With Your Fears.
Connect To The Internet In Your Dreams.
Catch Flies With Your Chopsticks!
Conduct An Orchestra That Provides Music For An Animated Scene [as In Fantasia.].
Crash A Space Shuttle Into Nasa.
Consume A Black Hole.
Conjure High-tech Glasses That Allow You To See Ultraviolet, And Wear Them Just To See What Happens (Mainly What Do You See Through Them).
Correct The Numbering Errors In This List.
Chuck Money At Dcs And Watch Their Reactions.
Call Together A Group Of Famous People And Have A Conversation, Talk About Anything.
Cry Tears Of Lava.
Catch The Loch Ness Monster.
Call Some One On A Land Line.
Challenge Your Friends To A Flying Race.
Close Your Eyes And Think Of The Afterlife - Then Open Them.
Crash A Plane And Survive.
Come Face To Face With A Squid.
Conquer The Inca With Gonzalo Pizarro.
Cut A Limb Off And Regrow It As A Weapon, E.g. A Claw, Tentacles.
Connect Yourself To The Internet And Download A Hot Dog.
Chew On A Piece Of Gum.
Combat Against Chuck Norris.
Contemplate If Nothing Is Truly Nothing.
Cast Your Own Sword.
Crush The Traffic On Rush Hour In A Monster Truck.
Commit Dream-suicide.
Catch Realistic Looking Pokemon. And Evolve Them.
Control All Elements.
Cause The Supermassive Black Hole Of The Milky Way To Collide With The Supermassive Black Hole Of Andromeda.
Cause Natural Disasters.
Clean A Room Fantasia-style.
Catch A Leprechaun.
Crack The Earth Like An Egg With An Intergalactic Butter Knife.
Control More Than One Body At Once (Mix It Up By Making One A Person And One A Bird).
Cause Galactic Colisions.
Control The Sky.
Control Time (Fast Forward, Reverse, Pause, Etc.).
Control The Weather.
Chainsaw Barney.
Customize Your Own Personal Apocalypse!
Cut Off Your Body Parts And Re Grow Them.
Completely Destroy A Grocery Store!
Call Spirits (If They Would Approve).
Command A Roman Legion Into Battle Against An Egyptian Army From The Back Of A Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Clean Up The Oil Spill.
Cuddle With A Hippo.
Control What Other Dream Characters Say And Do.
Converse With Dcs To Grow In Wisdom - Spiritual Guide, Dream Guide Included.
Cause Domino Effect With Skyscrapers.
Continue This Story On Your Own. Remember That You're The One Controlling Darkness And The Light Is What You Try To Destroy.
Cry Liquid Nitrogen.
Chill With Jimi Hendrix.
Call A Dc Not Real And See Their Reaction!
Cut Your Own Hair.
Command A Fleet Of Airships Into Combat, Then Watch The Battle From A Safe Distance.
Cross Eyes.
Cause Yourself To Feel The Most Euphoric Feelings You Can Imagine All Over Your Body.
Control Your Body And Someone Else's At The Same Time.
Combine A Computer Virus With A Parasite (A Robosite) That Can Control Machines And Robots.
Compose A Symphony.
Continuously Prank Dc's Around You.
Crush The Whole Universe In Your Hand.
Combine Pc And Mac.
Confront Nightmare Figures Directly And Ask Them What They Want, Or How You Can Help Them. Approach Them With Compassion.
Control Water and Make Massive Tsunami.
Cook The Greatest Meal Of All Time And Eat It In One Bite.
Cruise Down Main Street.
Collect All 7 Chaos Emeralds.
Come Face To Face With A T-rex.
Crash The Nebuchadnezzar (From Matrix) Into A Huge Building..... And Survive...
Cheat On An Exam.
Combat Armies Of Ultron-bots As Your Favorite Avenger.
Catch A Butterfly.
Confront Your Nightmares Or Biggest Fear.
Conquer The Galaxies.
Check Your E-mail.
Come Up With The Next Million Dollar Idea For When You Wake Up.
Cause Several Tornadoes.
Convince A Dc That He Doesn't Exist.
Convince A Dream Character That They Are Dreaming.
Call Down Thor And Blow Up A City.
Cause An Avalanche, And See It Erupt Below You.
Commit Suicide.
Crush An Eye-mounted Energy Detection Device With My Bare Hand While Yelling Out A Large Number.
Cook Up The Best Food Ever Made, And Eat It To Taste Everything.
Capture Dcs In A Pokeball.
Compose Your Own Great Symphony Soundtrack Etc.. And See What Your Dream Gives You.. Smile.
Carry The World.
Convert All Homophobes Into Heterophobes.
Capture A Human And Shrink Them Until They Fit In A Jar And Keep Them As A Pet.
Clean Your Room.
Control People As Though They Were Your Puppets, Have Them Do Your Bidding.
Communicate With Aliens.
Carry All Previous Dream Adventures Over Into Each New Dream And Have An Ongoing Story Night-by-night.
Convince Two Dcs Who Aren't Your Dream Guide That They Are And Then Make Them Fight To The Death For The Privilege.
Convince Dream Characters Around You Of What They Are.
Control Everything Physical.
Compose A Great Song (Try To Play It When You Are Awake).
Catch This Little Girl!
Call Together A Group Of Famous People And Have A Paintball War, Create Terrain, Teams, Rules And Such.
Chop Off Your Enemy's Head.
Collect Buildings And Repurpose Them.
Convince A Dc That They Are A Cat.
Compose Poetry About The Dreamscape, Therein.
Cause A Nuclear Apocalypse And Live.
Craft A Weapon And Test It Out In Battle.
Commit Suicide And Drift Around As A Spirit.
Convince A Dc That they're Dreaming.
Chainsaw Your Head Off.
Command Everything In The World To Be Made Out Of Play-doh (Including Yourself).
Call Doc Brown For The Delorean And Take It Back To The Future.
Critize All Your Dream Characters.
Colide The Sun Into The Earth.
Compose A Piece, And Remember It Upon Awakening.
Communicate With Your Subconscious About The Most Optimal Way For You To Have More Lucid Dreams.
Conduct An Orchestra Of Specially Trained Singing Monkeys.
Compete In A Telekinesis Championship.
Conquer The Aztecs With Hernan Cortez (But Not Before Exploring The Beautiful Aztec Civilization First).
Compete In The Olympics And Win 10000000 Gold Medals.
Come To This Website While Dreaming.
Chop Down A Forest. With Your Fist.
Clean The Earth.
Count To Infinite. Seven Times.
Chill Out With Your Friends On Uranus.
Cause Confusion.
Chat With Yourself About Hobbies.
Catch Insects Or Animals.
Convert Myself To A Different Race.
Celebrate Christmas With A Criminal Dc.
Continue Being Batman.
Choke On Somthing.
Control The Fabrics Of Gravity.
Check Out What The Kitchens Of Certain Restaurants In My Hometown Really Look Like.
Call Your Own Cell Phone And Ask Yourself Something.
Carry A Gun And See If Any Dcs Notice.
Cause Total Annihilation With Your Very Own Set Of Alien Weaponry.
Choose The Blue Pill.
Call People From Very Far Away Places.
Cuddle With A Tiger.
Control Everything Transcendental.
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