Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: M | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: M
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: M
Manifest A Gun And Kill Bad Guys.
Meditate Inside A Lucid Dream.
Materialize A Giant Mecca And Enter Subspace With It.
Master The Art Of Camouflage. It Would Be Neat To Be Able To Transform Into A Written Word Or Phrase And Back At Will.
Move The Seas, Command The Winds, Make The Earth Tremble!
Move Something Without Touching It.
Marry A Dream Character.
Mess With Sasquatch.
Master All Of The Harry Potter Spells.
Move With Wheels Instead Of Feet.
Map Your Dream World.
Marry A Dragon Have Kids And Read Them Bedtime Stories Of The Evil Dragons Of The East.
Mold Your Face To Look Like Something Weird. Ex: A Doughnut.
Mourn Deeply With Someone Broken In Spirit.
Move The Moon And See The Affects On Earth.
Move Objects With Your Thoughts.
Minimize All Skyscrapers (To About Domino-size) And Make A Domino Thingey From Them (You Know, Those Stones Which Fall After Eachother).
Mix My Being With The Sun's Flames.
Mind Control Dcs So That Everything That They Say In Played In Reverse.
Moan A Bit After That Realization.
Move To Your Old Country Or Something.
Meditate In Mid Air Or Space.
Melt Someone.
Melt Into Lava.
Minecarting To Heaven With Hostiles Flying Around And Shooting Them.
Morpheus, Give Me The Red Pill.
Master All Elements And Make A Show With Them.
Manifest Particle Beam Weaponry.
Microwave Soup While It's Still In The Can.
Milk A Bear.
Met Your Soulmate (Which You Hav Not Met Before).
Mutate And Morph People!
Manifest Superhero Powers And Travel At Super Speeds Round The Planet, Diving Into Deep Oceans And Flying To The Top Of Mountains.
Manifest A Perfect Sword.
Merge With Psychedelic Paintings In The Sky.
Manipulate Space Between Ones Hands, Maybe A Little Background Knowledge In Relativity Is Needed.
Magnetize Someone To You At Sound Speed And Have Them Hit An Invisible Wall In Front Of You And Watch Them Explode.
Modify The Pattern Of Your Own DNA.
Marry An Alien.
Manipulate Time.
Mind Meld With A Dc.
Mix Yourself With Somebody Else So That You Are Half You And Half Another Person.
Minimize Yourself And Go Into Ant Nest.
Melt Yourself To Floor And Re-shape.
Mimick All Powers On Bioshock 2.
Mine Gold.
Make An Awesome Thriller Video With Michael Jackson's Corpse (Not Meaning To Be Insensitive).
Marry Someone.
Meditate In The Mountains With A Lot Of Trees Near Monks Temple In The White Bright Winter Day On A Big Rock.
Move The Stars.
Master Any And/or Every Distinguishable Language Overnight.
Multiply Yourself, Until There Are Thousands Of You.
Melt Your House Into Goo.
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