Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: L | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: L
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: L
Literally Punch Reality And See What Bizarre Events Happen After The Punch Like Revivals, Retcons In History Etc.
Land In A Place Where People Are Genuinely Happy And Kind To One Another.
Look Into A Window And Find Yourself Looking Inside The Window Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Style.
Lick Your Elbow (Apparently 98.6% Of People Can't Do Waking Life).
Let The Robosite Control The Robot (From 1592).
Look Up And Smile Like In The End Of A Movie When It Turns Out Ok. (Who Do They Smile At?)
Lose The Game.
Leap And Bound Over Skyscraper Rooftops On A Dazzling Sunny Day.
Launch Nuclear Missile To Sun.
Let Yourself Caught By Darkness And See What Will Happen.
Lead An Army Into An Epic Battle.
Look At Me In Parallel Mirrors, Then Think To My Mind, My Soul.
Look Into The Ultraviolet Spectrum.
Light Something On Fire And Put It Out With A Fire Extinguisher.
Line Up Every Corrupt Politician That Exists, Get A Running Start And Punch Them All In The Face In One Giant Swoop.
Lift Up Your Neighborhood In The Sky As If It Were A Floating Island. (Or Your House.).
Light A Tennis Ball On Fire And Throw It At Stuff.
Let Plants Grow From Your Skin.
Look In The Mirror And See Your Reflection.
Lead An Army Of Ants To Battle Against Spiders.
Laugh Histerically.
Locate Frankenstein's Brain.
Look At The Scenery, Take A 'copy' Of It And Hand It To A Dc To Use As Sheet Music.
Laugh A Lot.
Lead A Swarm Of Bees.
Lay Down In Your Bed, Eat A Bunch Of Junk Food, And Watch T.v.
Launch Elemental Fireworks.
Lay On A White Sand Beach With Nothing But Beauty Surrounding Me.
Listen To Your Ipod And See How Much Music You Can Actually Play With Accuracy.
Look At Your Hands.
Look At A Watch Or Clock.
Life With The Simpsons.
Look Into The Operating End Of The Apeture Science Handheld Portal Device.
Light People On Fire With A Match.
Leave Earth And Then Use The Power Of Darkness To Create A World Of Your Own, And Then Fill It With Dark Beings As You Like.
Listen To Ipod In School Laughing.
Look At The Universe From The Outside.
Lead Specially Trained Soldier Monkeys Into Battle Against Chimps.
Let Your Kids Become Your Parents.
Let It Go, Elsa Style. A.k.a: Create A Huge Snow Ice Mountain Paradise.
Launch Missiles From Your Shoulders.
Launch Missiles From Your Ears And Nose.
Let A Girl Ride Your Sea Serpent.
Launch Nuclear Missile To Space And See If It Appears In Another Dream Later On.
Look Through A Wormhole And Observe The Amazing Evolution Of The Earth Over The Last 4 Billion Years. What Happens Next?
Land On The Earth With Your Meteor.
Laugh Uncontrollably For No Reason At All.
Lift Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps.
Lock A Dc In A Port-a-potty And Roll It Down A Hill. Later Go And Open It See How It Ends Up.
Look At The Mirror And Draw Ur Self.
Lay Down And Have A WILD.
Lift A 1000000 Pound Weight 10 Times.
Lasso A Horse With Your Long Thingamajig.
Lit Your Head On Fire And Run To Lit The Olympic Fire.
Look Life Through An Other Persons Eyes.
Listen To Music (It's Incredibly Real Very Happy).
Listen To In The Band Pallbearer While Flying Towards A Distant Planet Or Galaxy.
Lay Down, Then Roll Off Of A Tall Building.
Listen To Music.
Look Into A Crystal Ball.
Let Giant Magic Mushrooms Come Out Of The Air, Destroying Asphalt And Buildings In Its Way To The Top.
Load Your Backback With Spiders, Go Take A Walk On The Streets And Throw Spiders At Random People.
Look Into A Mirror, If You Get A Horrifying Beast Thing Staring Back At You, Destroy It.
Laugh Manically And Watch The World Crumble Around You.
Look For Bigfoot And Become Friends.
Look At Yourself In The Future.
Lift Up Mount Everest With Your Mind And Throw It!
Lead The Revolution.
Let Yourself Explode.
Launch A Dc Into Space With The Phys Gun.
Look In A Mirror. What Do You See?
Light Yourself On Fire And Go Around Screaming.
Look At A Picture And See If The Characters In It Move.
Launch Moon To Another Galaxy.
Launch Your Fingers As Homing Missiles.
Listen To A Song On Your iPod That Your Sc Made.
Lift A Building With Your Mind, Put It Somewhere Inconvenient.
Light The Oceans On Fire And View From Space.
Laugh Myself To Dead.
Leave The Door Open When You Leave The House.
Let The Suckish Players Win A Game And Say "I Let You Win, In Your Face! Rematch Right Now, I Won't Let You Win".
Lay On A Cloud.
Load The Universe Into A Cannon. Aim It At Your Brain. Fire.
Light A Dc's Pants On Fire.
Lose Your Head.
Lightsaber Battle.
Lay An Egg And See What Kind Of Creature That Will Hatch Out Of It. Then Ask A Dc If The Dc Could Watch Your Newly Found Pokemon Creature For A While.
Look For A Treasure Chest And A Key And Find What's In It.
Light Yourself On Fire With A Fart.
Lead The Colony To World Domination.
Learn The Last Digit Of Pi.
Lick Your Back.
Let The World Become A White Space And Start Creating Objects One By One.
Light A Gas Station On Fire.
Look In A Mirror.
Listen To The Rhythm Of Life.
Lead A Workshop.
Look Into The Mirror Of Erised.
Lick A Rainbow.
Literally Dine In Hell.
Loop A Wormhole Path Back Over Itself.
Load Up An Online Game On Your Computer And Jump Into It.
Listen To A Binural Beats In A Dream.
Look At Your Phone's Apps And See How Accurate They Are To Real Life.
Lift 1000 Pounds.
Let Your Subconshenes Take Over Your Form With Raped Evolution With Preset Guidelines Shocked.
Look At Megan Fox's Toe Thumbs.
Lead England To Victory In The World Cup.
Leave Phil Phish Alone!
Look At This List And See If The List Is The Same.
Lift The 2014 Fifa Trophy As Disguise As A German Soccer Player.
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