Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: H | How to Lucid Dream Tonight
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: H
Things to do in your Lucid Dreams: H
Have Your Life Be In The Dream World And Your Dreams Be In The Real World, Where You Fall Asleep There And Wake Up Here.
Heal As A Wow Druid.
Have A Tron Disk Fight.
Have A Death Note And Kill People With It.
Have A Epic Car Chase On The Highway!
Have A Soul Entity Enter My Brain But He's Like A Smooth Talking Black Guy That Always Knows What To Do.
Hatch From An Egg.
Have A Try At Shared Dreaming.
Have A Long Ld.
Have A Chocolate Parfait With Gintoki Woohoohoo Hell Yeah.
Have A Swordfight And Get Stabbed, But To Your Opponent's Disbelief The Sword Will Bend And Break On Contact With Your Body.
Have A Battle Of Wits With Your Subconscious.
Have A Flashback.
Help A Dc Find Out Who Their Father Is.
Have An Epic Naruto-style Battle With Madara Uchiha.
Have A Conversation With Your Pets.
Have Your Own House On The Moon And Invite Your Friends, Or Girlfriend...
Have A Shared Dream With Barack Obama And Have Him Fight Mitt Romney To The Death.
Have A Dream Within A Dream Within A Dream Within A Dream Within A Dream Within A Dream Within A Dream...
Have A Laugh With Some Hippies.
Have An Argument With Einstein About Quantam Physics.
Have Valve Release A Game On Time.
Hibernate For The Winter.
Hypnotize Dc's And Make Everyone To Do Anything You Tell Them To Do.
How Would You Tell The Difference If They Were Saying It?
Have A Dream Where You Hear Animal Collective In The Background.
Have An Arch-nemesis And Battle With Him Every Night.
Have A Romantic Date With That One Person From School You Had A Crush On.
Have A Dc Beat U Up For Fun.
Have An Awkward Hang Out With Michael Cera.
Have An Epic Lightsaber Battle Against Darth Vader In A Battle Dome In The Middle Of Space.
Have A Debate With Myself (A Dc Copy Of Myself).
Have A Bunny Farm.
Have A Conversation With My Great Grandfather About His Skills And Ideas.
Have King Ghidora By Your Side.
Have A Phone Conversation With A Freind.
Have A Concert With Mj.. And Your Fave Song. Do Exact Same Dance Moves And Singing Voice As Him.
Have Every Dream Character Be Pregnant And Have The Entire Dream Take Place In A Abortion Clinic.
Have A Fist Fight With The Kraken.
Have A Rocket Launcher That Shoots Shooting Stars.
Hunt For Pokemon.
Have Lucid Dream While In A Lucid Dream.
Have Neon Super Powers Like Delsin Rowe.
Have A Chat With Agent Smith.
Hunt Bigfoot.
Hit Someone With A Tennis Racquet On The Head And Slice Them Into Human Chips!!
Have A Philosophical Conversation With Carl Sagan.
Have The Perfect Set Up For An It's Over 9,000 Joke And Manage To Resist Causing Over 9,000 Time Paradoxes.
Have A Balanced Breakfast.
Have A Coffee With A Wiser Self.
Have A Tea Party With Old Grannies, Then Push Random Button On The Table.
Have A Baby.
Have Gerard Butler Sparta Kick You.
Have All My Real Time Memory.
Have A Fight That Decides The Outcome Of The Entire Universe.
Hang Out With My Subconscious.
Have A Lucid Dream In A Lucid Dream.
Hop From Telephone Pole To Telephone Pole.
Have A Video Chat Online On Chat Roulette.
Hug Your Enemy.
Have Silver-chariot Or Hierophant Green From Jojo.
Have A Campfire With Your Friends And Make The Campfire Different Colors.
Help Santa Claus To Send The Presents.
Have Fun Being Invisible.
Have A World I Can Keep Going Back To And Exploring. A Magical World Full Of Dragons And Mythical Beasts, Magicians And Warriors.
Hug And Kiss Every Dream Character In Sight.
Have A Pre-cognitive A Dream About The Following Day Everyday, Where You Find Out Exactly What To Say And When To Say It.
Have Irc Chat With Your Subconscious.
Have A Fight With Ken And Ryu.
Have A Spiritual Mystical Experience.
Have Deja Vu There.
Have That Giant Crowd Be All Female And Have Them Swoon Over Your Enhanced Self.
Have A Non-stop 144 Hour During Party With Everyone You Know.
Have A Heroin Session With Nico.
Have An Epic Fight.
Hit On A Gym Chick Or A Bro.
Have A Epic Live Action Super Smash Bros Battle And Have You And Your Friends Join In.
Hear The Sirenes Of Silenthill And See, What Will Happen To The Scene.
Have Jack Get Rid Of It In A Funny, Lol Cat-like Way.
Heal A Physical Condition You Have.
Have Time Control.
Have A Picnic With Your Favorite Characters, Possibly Followed By Naughtiness.
Have An Accident Competition With Mr Bump.
Have A Conversation With A Mrs. Buttersworth Bottle.
Have A Picnic.
Hangout With My Dad.
Have The Midas Touch.
Have All Your Dc's Be Invisible Because Of A Chemical In The Water Supply.
Have A Race With Light.
Have Colossal Strength To Wipe The Earth Clean Of Human Buildings.
Help Make Aids With Nickson To Release Upon The Black Populace(Just Kidding But I've Heard Of Somebody Say This Which Was So Funny ).
Host A Tournament Where Champion Gets The Key To Your Chastity Belt.
Harvest Multiple Dc's Souls.
Have A Massive Party.
Hurl The Moon At Earth Like A Ball.
Have A Heart To Heart With Your Doctor.
Have A 3d Animated Dream (Megamind).
Hitchhike Without Fear.
Help A Chef Dc.
Have A Thanksgiving Feast With Characters From Your Favorite Tv Series/movies/games/anime/etc.
Have A 6th Spidey Sense!
Have Alot Of Fun.
Have The Gautama Buddha And The Laughing Buddha Battle Against Each Other. Grant Them Special Powers.
Have Everything Magnetise Towards You.
Have An Mma Fight With Anderson Silva.
Hit A Speeding Train With Your Fists.
Have A Baroque Orchestra Play A Song You've Never Hear Before. (For Us Music Geeks).
Have An Epic Battle With A Superhero (Done This One Before).
Have A Hardcore Match Me And Mick Foley Vs Some Other Guys.
Host A Party At A Planetarium. And Some Other Iums.
Have Conversations With Myself, Or Spy On Myself At A Party To See How I Act From An Outside Perspective.
Have Angel Wings And Fly.
Hack Your Own Computer.
Have Dragon Skin.
Have Demon Wings.
Has Sex As The Opposite Gender Confused.
Have An Epic Battle Against Yourself.
Have Batman Teach You Everything He Knows.
Have The Cop Slap You Back.
Headbutt Someone's Head Off And Apologise.
Have A Lucid Dream.
Hang On The Blade Of A Ceiling Fan And Make It Spin Really Fast.
Hug Your Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandparents.
Have A Lucid Dream On Halloween And See If Dc's Are Wearing Costumes.
Hug Any Dc You Meet.
Have A Click Controller Where You Can Stop Time, Go Into The Future...etc.
Have A Shared Dream! Try To Meet A Person, I Mean The Real Person In Your Dream, By Thinking Of His/her Personality, Or Shouting Out His/her Name, Or Both At The Same Time.
Have A Blow Job Shocked.
Have A Staring Contest.
Have An Upsidedown House.
Have Jack Lead You Out Of The Cave.
Hey Nightspy 2.
Have Any Product You Want, If You Are Materialistic.
Have Rap Battle With Big E.
Have An Astronaut Party On Saturn.
Have A More Vivid Than Real Life Dream, Have A Very Vivid Recall Of That Dream, Record A Lot Of Awsome Porn, Watch It Whenever.
Have A Date With Jessica Alba.
Have One Anyway. Doesn't Have To Be With Them.
Have Appropriate Music Playing Whilst You Do Something (Like A Film).
Have An Epic Fight Against All Your Nightmare Creatures You Have Seen (More Epic If You Have Many Nightmares, For Me It Would Be Me Vs. Army).
Have A Wild Demonic Beast As A Comrade.
Have A Discussion With A Dream Character.
Have The Math Talent Like Rain Man Has.
Hunt A Wild Mouse And Eat It Raw!
Haunt A House.
Hang Out With All The Characters From Harry Potter.
Hang Out With Day9.
Hack The Us Defense System, Let Them Attack You With An Atom Bomb. Wait To See What Happens.
Have An Epic Boxing Match With A Kangaroo.
Have Morgan Freeman Narrate Your Lucid Dream.
Have A Swarm Mind With A Bunch Of People.
Hurl A Neutron Star At Earth At Faster Than Light Speeds.
Have A Perfect Wedding.
Have A Dream Within A Dream; Like In The Movie Inception.
Have An Idea, An Idea So Smart Your Head Would Explode If Yu Even Began To Know What You're Talking About.(Peter, Family Guy).
Have Your Own Magic Remote Control. (Shoots Lazers, Telekenese Things, Whatever You Want It To Do.).
Have A Remote Control With The Ability To Freeze Time, Fast Forward and Rewind.
Have An Epic Fight Against Sasuke As Naruto.
Hide Under The Boogeyman's Bed, Wait Until He Goes To Bed, Then Jump Out And Scare Him.
Have A Threesome With Miley Cirus And Hannah Montana! Very Happy.
Hand A Dc All Of Your Power And See What They Do With It.
Hold Miniatures Suns.
Help People Emotionally, And See If It Actually Will Help In Rl.
Have A Insanely Epic, Adventurous Lucid Dream That Lasts For At Least 6 Months.
Have A Conversation With Golem From Lord Of The Rings As Yoda From Star Wars.
Have A Nightmare On Christmas Eve And It's Exactly Like The Movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Have A Slow Motion Gun Fight With A Bunch Of Other Guys.
Host Olympic Games With The New Event Synchronised Flying.
Have An Animal Deamon Like In The Golden Compass.
Hug People And Suicide Bomb... But Come Out Alive.
Have Albert Einstein As A Teacher In A Room Alone With Him (So You Get All His Attention).
Have Everyone Think You're Awesome.
Have A Conversation With Bruce Lee, Watch Him Train And Fight.
Have A Conversation With A Dragon Smarter Than Einstein.
Have Flashy, Explosive Magical Powers.
Have A Baby Dragon.
Have A Conversation With Schopenhauer Or Nietzsche Or Other Great Minds.
Hang Out With Abraham Lincoln.
Have A Magic Chalk, You Can Draw Anything With It In The Air And It'll Become The Thing You Draw.
Heavily Inspired By Portal/portal 2.
Have A Swat and Kill All Other Dc's On Sight.
Have A Freestyle Rap Battle...
Have A Computer That Can Do Anything.
Hit A Floating Question Block And Grab Whatever Pops Out Of It: Mushroom. Star, Etc...
Hear That Somthing Is Smooth.
Hunt Birds, Then Hunt Dcs.
Have Fire And Lighting In The Palms Of Yo Handzz.
Have Superman's Powers, And Then Fight Him. Who Will Win?
Have Dragon Teeth And Scare Children.
Have A Society Populated Caucasians, And Dragons Have Interacial Marrige Be A Problem.
Have A Peaceful Stroll Through The Galaxy In A Universal Sail Boat For The Calm Nights...
Have An Epic Fight With Huge Signs.
Have Pre-cognitive Dreams About Upcoming Movies Years Before There Even Come Out, Tell Everybody About The Movie Freak Everyone Out.
Have It Raining Blood.
Have My Language Arts Teacher Burned At The Stake.
Hide Under A Bridge And Attack Everyone That Crosses It.
Have Eyes On Your Back (100x).
Have The Most Intense Makeout Session Ever.
Have Kids.
Have Robotic Arms That Can Fly Off Like Missiles (Then They Re-assemble).
Hijack The Microsoft Server And Make Every Link Lead To Linux.
Have A Shared Lucid Dream.
Hijack A Ufo At Area 51.
Have A Bleach Fight.
High Speed Chase.
Have Superpowers - Terrakinesis, Telekinesis, Super Speed, Etc.
Have Fun With Some Minions From ''despicable Me''.
Have A Sing Off In The Middle Of Nyc's Times Square With Michael Bublé.
Have A Wallet That Has Never Ending $$ In It.
Hatch A Dragon.
Have An Epic Sword Fight With Dual Swords.
Have A Series Of Dreams In Hawii Where Your At Some High Class Resort Having The Best Time... Ever.
Have A Yu-gi-oh And Pokemon Duel (For Childhood Sake).
Have A Camera You Can Take Pictures With In Your Dreams With And Check Out The Pictures When Ever You Want In Your Future Dreams.
Have A Multi-layered Dream.
Hi-jack A Ufo.
Have A Look And See What Actually Is In The Briefcase In Pulp Fiction.
Have A Midas Touch That Turns Things Invisible.
Have All The Top Star Wars Peeps In One Big Good Vs. Evil Battle To The Death!
Have A Book With Every Dream You Have Ever Had And The Pages Are Videos. Focusing On A Page Will Suck You Into That Dream.
Have Conversations With Dc's Improve Social Skills.
Have An Insane Battle With Superheroes.
Having An Infinitely Long/tall Corridor/room, And Get Lost In Hilbert's Grand Hotel Of Paradox!
Hunt Down Bigfoot.
Hangout With Spongebob.
Host A World Meeting With Other Personified Countries.
Hand Out Endless Amounts Of Smiles, Presents, And Laughter Like Johnny Appleseed.
Hold A Robbery In Mcdonalds And Steal One Small Drink.
Have A Twin Brother/sister if You Don't Already Have One Laughing.
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